Sand Castle Days

sand castle daysHave fun in the sun on South Padre Island as you watch artists create stunning sculptures out of sand.


Sand Castle Days is an event that celebrates sand sculptures. Welcoming everyone from amateurs to professional, it's both a good-natured competition and a block party on the beach. There's something for everyone, whether it be the "Unlitter Campaign" Trash Art Competition or kite flying along the beach. With so much to do, you won't want to miss this year's Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island. There are plenty of affordable and luxurious vacation rentals on the island, along with a variety of restaurants and sights to see when you want a break from the beach.

The Sand Castle Days competition attracts sand castle aficionados from all over the world, including Wilfred Stijger and Edith Van Wetering of Holland. They won the 2009 "Masters of Sand Duo" award for their sculpture "Who is Dreaming Who."

Amateurs can have a good time by participating in their own age appropriate categories. There are also classes in sand art offered along the beach. You'll find plenty of delicious food to enjoy and fun souvenirs to bring home as a memory of your days at the beach.

Sand Castle Days is a non-profit event. Organizers donate proceeds to agencies like Sea Turtle Inc., which rescues, rehabilitates, and then releases sea turtles. This group also works for environmental protection in general, and helps educate people about these issues.

So, grab your sand shovels and pails, and head south for the annual Sand Castle Days, a family vacation in the sun like no other.


Isla Blanca Park on the southern edge of South Padre Island, Texas hosts Sand Castle Days.


Sand Castle Days are every year in mid-October. For 2010, the dates are October 21st through 24th