Santa Barbara Beer Festival

beerEvery year, Santa Barbara's oldest beer festival features the best microbrews from the west coast.


Join the fun at the annual Santa Barbara Beer Festival, held at Elings Park, for great music and great fun as breweries from across California put their best on tap. For just one reasonable all-day price, participants get a glass and an incredible afternoon of beer tasting.


The lovely Elings Park is home to the Santa Barbara Beer Festival. Located in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, Elings Park is a 230-acre private, non-profit park boasting incredible views of the city and ocean. Santa Barbara is not only beautiful and situated on the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, but it is also a city of entertainment and many activities.

Directions coming from North of Santa Barbara

  • 101 Southbound
  • Exit Las Positas Road (off ramp #100)
  • Turn right onto Las Positas Road
  • Pass two stoplights
  • Turn left into the Park on Jerry Harwin Parkway

Directions coming from South of Santa Barbara

  • 101 Northbound
  • Exit Las Positas Road (off ramp #100)
  • Turn left onto Las Positas Road
  • Pass two stoplights
  • Turn left into Elings Park on Jerry Harwin Parkway


While as of yet there is no information on how to obtain advance tickets, you can definitely find inexpensive lodging for the Santa Barbara Beer Festival with our selection of great Santa Barbara rentals. This can assure you a great time on a tasty beer budget!


On Saturday, October 16th, 2010, from 12:00 to 4:00 PM.

There will be multiple breweries represented, such as micro-breweries and home-brewed beer clubs. Also featured are a selection of fine cigars, delicious food, and live music. Additionally, designated drivers will be allowed free entry to the event. No one under 21 will be allowed entrance.