Savannah Music Festival

savannah music festivalThe Savannah Music Festival will be a hit with the whole family - with more than 100 southern/jazz/blues bands and other activities and entertainment, there's no such thing as getting bored during the springtime in Savannah.


Founded in 1988, the Savannah Music Festival focused on all kinds of art forms – from dance to film. However, in 2002 music took most of the spotlight. The Savannah Music Festival’s annual lineup features southern and international artistes; genres of music you’ll hear at the Savannah Music Festival, however, include everything from big band to bluegrass to modern jazz. Past musicians featured at the festival include the likes of Emmylou Harris, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Buddy Guy, and even the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The Savannah Music Festival is Georgia’s largest music and arts festival.

While in town, make sure to enjoy all the local history! From the architecture to the museums, there’s a lot of exploring to do in Savannah.

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Savannah, Georgia

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The Savanna Music Festival lasts for 18 consecutive days in the springtime (March and April). For 2010, the dates are March 24th through April 3rd.