Savannah Weddings

Savannah WeddingsSo you’re thinking of getting married in Savannah, Georgia. That is an excellent choice, because Savannah weddings have so much to offer you in terms of variety, venues, and lodging.

The first thing to do is find a wedding coordinator who knows the ins and outs of Savannah weddings. A good coordinator can let you know all the wonderful options available.

Savannah weddings can be held in many historic mansions. Do you want a fairy-tale wedding in a lovely southern plantation, with hoopskirts and Cinderella’s carriage? Go to Savannah! You could have a wedding on the beach, with a rented pavilion, music and lights. Perhaps you’d rather have a reception hall or a banquet room. Savannah weddings can provide all of these options and more. You could have your wedding in a park with a large fountain in the background. It might be fun to hold it at the Ships of the Maritime Museum, or in the Telfair Museum of Art.

One of the main things to consider with a destination wedding is lodging. Where will you, your wedding party, and your guests stay? Savannah weddings can be expensive if you have to put everyone up in a hotel and eat all your meals out. Vacation rentals are a nice option. Rent a home or condo, or several, and people can buy food and eat it there. With the comforts of home away from home, vacation rentals provide a nice gathering place for friends and family. For the latest listings, go to

Do you want a bridal shower or bachelor party? These are easy to do with Savannah weddings. Olde Pink House Restaurant and Garibaldi’s Café have banquet halls which would be nice for bridal showers. The ceremony itself can be held at Garibaldi’s if you like. An Italian restaurant housed in an antique firehouse, it has a unique Old World atmosphere. It would also be a good place for a bachelor party, or look into Pirates’ House Restaurant or a sports bar & grille with a large room for groups.

A beach luau is another option for Savannah weddings which you don’t find everywhere else. Picture yourself married at sunset on a warm Georgia beach, then kicking off your shoes and dancing to steel drums under a lighted pavilion. When the reception is over, the bride and groom escape to their own private vacation rental to start their honeymoon.