Sea Colony Bethany Beach Rentals

sea colony rentals bethany beachDelaware is one of the most beautiful Atlantic states in the Union, and is also one of the oldest. Vacationing at Delaware’s Bethany Beach will put you at once on the ocean, but also put you near enough to the vast tableau of America’s colonial history so you can make your vacation both fun and educational. The waters at South Bethany are quiet and calm; perfect for swimming in the shallows or taking out a boat for the day and drifting aimlessly on the waves, or trying to catch some of your own dinner.

Sea Colony Resort

Because Delaware is so quiet and rich with history, it makes an ideal place for you to spend your next vacation. But you don’t have to spend your vacation stuffed in a cramped hotel or bed & breakfast. Choose Sea Colony rentals Bethany Beach for your upcoming vacation lodgings and get the privacy you deserve on your next vacation. In addition to the normal benefits you get from vacation rentals by owner, the Sea Colony rentals Bethany Beach are set in the Sea Colony Resort, which is conveniently located off the Delaware Coastal Highway and on the shore of Bethany Beach. It’s easy to get to, easy to find, and most importantly, easy to stay in.

The Sea Colony rentals Bethany Beach give you access to the over 2,000 Sea Colony condominiums, each with their own host of amenities, entertainment, and private home-like appeal. With vacation rentals, you get something like a second home. However, at Sea Colony, you also get access to a private, life-guarded beach, the enjoyment of 12 different pools, and the opportunity to use any one of 34 different tennis courts, each facilitated and coached by professional instructors. Additionally, you’ll have access to a fitness center with a 25-yard track and an indoor pool for those rainy days.

The Sea Colony Resort condominiums also have trails for walking, hiking, and biking, as wells as playgrounds and places to picnic so you can breakfast in your condo, lunch on the greens, and supper on the private oceanfront. If all of this tires you out, you can take a break from your schedule and go shopping at some of the tax-free storefronts at Reheboth Beach. Sea Colony has daily events and entertainment too, all of which are exciting and interesting. When you stay at Sea Colony, you can experience Delaware’s beauty and history without being concerned with crowds or common inconveniences.So, what are you waiting for? Check out Sea Colony rentals Bethany Beach today!