South Lake Tahoe Casinos

South Lake Tahoe CasinosSouth Lake Tahoe is an exciting destination to take a vacation, especially if you enjoy the casino scene. There are five casinos located within South Lake Tahoe and each one has a different adventure to offer. The casinos are MonteBleu, Harrah’s, Havey’s, Horizon, and Lakeside Inn. Plan your getaway today to get in on the action of the casinos and nightlife in South Lake Tahoe. It will be a vacation you will remember for years to come.

Before you plan a trip to South Lake Tahoe, make sure to see what events are happening at the casinos during your stay. This will help you get the most fun out of your vacation. Check each casino’s website and plan ahead if you need to buy tickets to an exciting event. South Lake Tahoe casinos always have new and exciting shows and concerts to see, so make the most of your stay by planning ahead. There is such a wide variety of entertainment and show options that you will be able to plan something that everyone with you will like.

Where to Stay

Each of the South Lake Tahoe casinos has a resort people can stay in, but a much better option is to rent a vacation property in the area. You never know how noisy a resort is going to be, so why not find a rental property that is going to give you the privacy you deserve. is a great website to check out for deals on rental properties. They can help you connect with property owners that have really nice condos, cabins, chalets, and other rental properties available. You are sure to have a better experience renting a property than staying in a boring hotel room because of the many perks they offer. You can find a rental property with any amenity you desire. Some have private pools and hot tubs, or built in movie theaters. You can also save a lot of money on food because you will be able to cook your own meals in the privacy of your rental property. Whatever your desire, can help you fulfill them.

Once you have booked a place to stay and have planned which shows you are going to attend, check out some of the dining opportunities available at the casinos. There are some really great dinner shows and buffets you will not want to miss out on. There are many restaurants in the area that offer unique dining experiences, and they cater to a variety of different budgets. You are sure to have some great dining experiences in this exciting casino town.