St Lucia Destination Wedding

Where to wed? A difficult choice to be sure, but one that has to be made. Whatever the answer, is has to be special, unique, beautiful, memorable, and irreplaceable. You may want your wedding to symbolize something out of this world, something that transcends the other parts of your life. The island of Saint Lucia is incredible, beautiful, tropical, exotic, welcoming, and unique. A St Lucia destination wedding will accomplish something remarkable: it will make your wedding unique like none other and give it a highly unique flavor.

Saint Lucia is one the Caribbean islands, south of Puerto Rico. The island has the world’s only drive-in Volcano (as in you can drive into it!), locally grown fruit, tropical vegetation, perfect weather, friendly locals, and a culture that is geared towards tourism and pampering. You can soak in a mineral bath fed by a local, all-natural sulfur springs, sun-bathe on Saint Lucia’s unique beaches, or visit the Diamond Waterfall. Saint Lucia has plenty of privacy and quiet.

Saint Lucia has expensive resorts and it also has private Caribbean-style villas. Sleeping in a hotel can make the trip seem inauthentic and it reminds you that you are traveling. This is not a time to feel away from home, it’s a time to feel at home. Get everything set up and finalized while you stay in a local villa or home. Some places are available to be rented for just a few days or weeks while you stay and have family and friends around. It is an important day, and when you are done you do not want to worry yourself with hotel technicalities, frivolities, and worries. Living in a vacation rental before and after your St Lucia destination wedding will put the icing on your wedding cake, so to speak—when you’re done with the wedding, everyone can go home and you can enjoy the island and your spouse. It’s your day—do what you want!