Summer Cape Cod Rentals

summer cape cod rentalsCape Cod has nearly 560 miles of coastline, so you can expect to find lots of summer Cape Cod rentals that focus on tourists. Not all of the coast, however, is open to the public. When choosing summer Cape Cod rentals, you should pay attention to the types of activities that you enjoy. This will help you pick a rental that is conveniently located for you.

The Busy Season for Summer Cape Cod Rentals

Cape Cod experiences a large influx of tourists between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While recent visitors can attest to an increased level of activity in areas such as Provincetown and Yarmouth outside of this brief period of time, the summer months are by far the business time for vacation rentals in Cape Cod. This means that you will have to book your summer Cape Cod rentals well in advance, especially if you have a certain part of the cape that you want to stay at.

summer cape cod rentals

Fun Activities in Cape Cod

Some of the fun activities that you can enjoy while staying in your summer Cape Cod rentals include boating, swimming, playing miniature golf, and lounging on the beach. The summers are rather mild on the cape. Unlike many beaches, you won’t work up a steady sweat just by hanging out on the shore.

Cape Cod’s Lighthouses

Summer Cape Cod rentals will put you in proximity to some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. You owe it to yourself to hire a qualified tour guide who can show you all of the wonderful sights. Your summer Cape Cod rental manager should have a few trustworthy suggestions for you.

Whale Watching in Provincetown

If you are interested in whale watching, then you might want to choose summer Cape Cod rentals that are located in Provincetown. Some of the popular whales that you might see during your tour include sei whales, fin whales, minke whales, and humpback whales. Most of the whale watching guides guarantee that you will spot at least one whale during your trip.

Viewing Art in Provincetown

Provincetown is also a well known place for artists and writers. It is home of Province Town Art Association and Museum, which has a collection including works by Andy Warhol, E. Ambrose Webber, Ciro Cozzi, and Paul Bowen, among other famous artists. The permanent collection focuses on works made by artists who lived or worked on the cape at some point in their lives.