Things to Do in Hilton Head SC

hilton head golfYou’ve heard about the pleasures of Hilton Head — golfing, beaches, shopping, and dining. This sophisticated destination is perfect for travelers that are looking for a real escape. You won’t find any tall buildings or billboards here; just plenty of things to do in Hilton Head SC that will add up to a memorable vacation. For a trip that will deliver much more than just a beautiful beach, count on the oceanfront vacation rentals in Hilton Head.

A Golfer’s Paradise

Without a doubt, one of the most popular things to do Hilton Head is to play golf. Serious golfers are attracted to the concentration of quality courses in Hilton Head. Here, you can spend an entire trip never playing the same course, and not sacrifice an ounce of quality. A peaceful atmosphere combined with consistent weather is a winning combination for a golf destination.

If golf is the main reason for your trip to Hilton Head, you will want to investigate golf packages. Many of the best courses have created packages that bring together the cost of booking tee times at each course. This can amount to significant savings over the course of your trip.

Shopping, Dining, and Spas

There are many luxurious things to do in Hilton Head SC. After a day spent soaking up the sun along the 12 miles of perfect beaches, you will have your choice of evening luxury. Many visitors are tempted by the designer shopping in Hilton Head. Outlets are another popular option — so leave some room in your suitcase for your purchases!

The dining scene in Hilton Head is also equally diverse and impressive. Restaurants here are accustomed to serving a sophisticated clientele and take influences from around the globe to combine with local seafood and produce. The result is a unique dining experience that rivals many other destinations along the eastern seaboard. Last but not least, Hilton Head is home to many spas where massages, manicures, and pedicures can add a touch of indulgence to your trip.

things to do in hilton head

The Beach and Outdoor Activities

Beyond the golf course, there are many tempting things to do Hilton Head. After a couple days of enjoying classic beach activities such as building sand castles and collecting seashells, you might want to head out on an eco-tour. Whether you want to see bottlenose dolphins or learn more about local birds, knowledgeable tour guides will share their expertise with you.

Other outdoor activities include sailing, kayaking, and fishing too. From chartering a yacht to planning a boat ride that coincides with the sunset, there are many ways to maximize your enjoyment of your natural surroundings during a trip to Hilton Head.

Your Hilton Head Vacation Rental

Of all the things to do in Hilton Head SC, you might be tempted to skip them all and spend a night at home. When you choose an oceanfront rental with a barbecue on the deck, what else do you need? Hilton Head provides an ideal environment for spending quality time with friends and family.

After a day spent lounging in the sand or sailing along in a kayak, putting your feet up in a luxurious Hilton Head rental will be the perfect way to end a day in Hilton Head.