Top 10 Virginia Vacations

A trip to Virginia will leave you convinced that this state really is for lovers. Whether you choose an oceanfront villa or a cozy mountain cabin, the scenery here will inspire a little romance in your vacation. While Virginia is ideal for couples, it’s a great destination for adventurous families too. For more travel inspiration, keep reading about the top 10 Virginia vacations. Odds are you’ll have a hard time narrowing them down to just one!

virginia vacation

1. Eastern Shore

If you’re seeking the peace and quiet of a trip to the Chesapeake Bay, choose rentals along the Eastern Shore. This stretch of coastline extends 70 miles out to the Atlantic Ocean and is filled with relaxing, waterfront rentals where you can unwind in style.

2. Virginia Beach

One of the locations consistently rated as a top Virginia vacation is a trip to Virginia Beach. Besides soaking up the sun, visitors can enjoy the entertainment of the boardwalk, take a whale watching cruise or go kayaking. For adventure or relaxation, Virginia Beach is a great choice.

3. Chesapeake Bay

Across from the eastern shore, on the mainland, is the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia. Over the years it has established a reputation as one of the most striking places in the Northeast. Here, over 150 rivers feed into the estuary, providing endless options for a cozy waterfront cottage. Relaxation, anyone?

4. The Blue Ridge Highlands

When reading about the natural beauty of Virginia, the Blue Ridge Mountains are always at the top of the list. If you’re looking for an area where your family can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and more, this area of Virginia will be ideal. Mountain cabins here have the added benefit of spectacular views.

5. Northern Virginia

Many travelers view Northern Virginia as the gateway to Washington DC. If you want a vacation that provides access to the history, attractions, and restaurants of Washington DC without the city center location, Northern Virginia is the answer to your prayers.

top 10 virginia vacations

6. Shenandoah Mountains

The Shenandoah Mountains are constantly rated among the top 10 Virginia vacations for their breathtaking scenery. This valley extends for 200 miles, and adventurous families can hit the hiking trail of the Shenandoah National Park or the Jefferson National Forest. Biking, kayaking, and bird watching are all popular activities here.

7. Richmond

History buffs will want to explore the central region of Virginia, home to Richmond. This part of the state was the site of many important moments during the Civil War. Besides enjoying the great outdoors, here it is possible to see fascinating battlefields and museums that are sure to illuminate details on American history.

8. Hampton Roads

While the interior of Virginia has great options for outdoor enthusiasts, what if you are looking to simply relax on the beach? Hampton Roads is the answer; this area of Virginia offers some of the most picturesque beaches on the entire East Coast. This region also produces award-winning wines, so visiting a winery during your trip could be one fun excursion away from the beach.

9. Southern Virginia

If you’re more into lakes than the ocean, plan a trip to Southern Virginia. Here you can rent a lakefront cottage at Kerr Lake or Lake Gaston and enjoy all the pleasures of the water from fishing to kayaking to swimming. Your kids will love all the adventurous activities right on the doorstep of your rental.

10. Fredericksburg

Rounding out the top 10 Virginia vacations list is Fredericksburg. Golf enthusiasts will want to check out vacation rentals here. Not only will these rentals offer a serene environment for a relaxing vacation, but they also offer easy access to local golf courses. Get ready to perfect your swing during vacation!