Truro, Massachusetts Travel Guide

Truro, Cape Cod is a sleepy alternative to Provincetown if you want to take a Cape Cod summer vacation. Truro is right near the tip of Cape Cod, but it's an undiscovered gem without the crush of tourists. Visitors who find Truro return year after year, sometimes even generation after generation. Rent a Truro summer cottage and you'll soon discover why Truro is such a treasured secret. Do you have ideas on how we can improve our Truro travel guide? Share them with us.

Things to Do in Truro, Massachusetts

cape cod beach vacationNaturally, Truro's biggest draw is Cape Cod itself. Truro is a small, quiet place, but visitors can swim, sunbathe and fish without running into crowds and crowds of people. With ten public beaches on the bay and on the ocean, there's plenty of space for your family to enjoy a Truro beach vacation. Lounge around and enjoy the beauty of nature, or take a more active approach with any of Truro's many bike paths and nature trails. Take a charter boat out into the bay, or go whale-watching out at sea. Visitors can go boating off the Pamet River, too. Truro, MA, rentals are all within a quick walk or drive to the beach, though if you're going to park at the beach, check with authorities in case you need to buy a parking pass first!

Truro's quiet town center includes the Castle Hill Center for the Arts, where you can catch a musical or theatrical performance or view galleries of local art. For golfers, the area hosts Cape Cod's oldest golf course, the Highland Golf Links. Adults may want to stop by Truro Vineyards, where you can sample fine wines and admire the vineyard's beauty.

Stay in a Truro vacation home and you'll have to trade city life for quiet relaxation – but once you've experienced summer in Truro, we think you'll agree it's more than worth it.

If you do want to go into town, you'll have to drive to nearby Provincetown, which is close enough to visit but far enough away that its crowds won't bother Truro.

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What to See in Truro

cape cod lighthouseNo visit to Truro is complete unless you see the Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse, the first lighthouse on Cape Cod and still a fully working lighthouse. You can view the lighthouse from outside year round, but the lighthouse itself is open to the public May until October and guided tours are available if you call in advance. The lighthouse was recently moved from its original location to a spot slightly more inland, to protect it from a crumbling cliff face. A boulder currently marks the original location, if you're curious where the lighthouse used to be.

To view one of Truro's most iconic features, drive past Days' Cottages all in a row along Highway 6. These identical cottages have been standing since the 1930s, so they've got plenty of history. Drive by and you'll see why artists and photographers have been drawn to these for years. Truro, MA, rentals have a similar charm, and the variety of Truro cottages and bungalows for rent means you'll have options to stay in case the first place you love (like the Day's Cottages themselves) has been fully booked for months.


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Where to Shop and Eat in Truro

Truro isn't known for its shopping, so shopaholics may want to look elsewhere! Visit Truro and you'll still be in driving distance of larger Provincetown, which has more to offer as far as shopping goes, but Truro's real appeal is its ten beaches.

The town is small, so you won't have the full range of grocery stores you may be used to if you want to stock a kitchen in one of our Truro accommodations full with what you need to cook. That doesn't mean visitor to Truro will have to forego delicious meals, though, since the town offers quite a few dining options for the nice meal out:

  • Whitman House Restaurant – Located in North Truro, good for steaks and seafood, homemade soups and local ingredients (especially fresh clams and oysters). The affiliated Bass Tavern has lower prices and more kid-friendly options while still specializing in local seafood. Open for 48 years!
  • Blackfish – A little pricey and a little upscale, but you get what you pay for. Features local seafood and a reasonably-priced wine list for grownups. Laid-back yet clean ambiance. Probably better for an adults' night out, but there is a children's menu available. Set up like an old blacksmith's shop.
  • Adrian's Restaurant – Great for breakfast as well as for classic Italian fare, with a local twist (again, you'll find local seafood here). Try the lobster benedict if you want to treat yourself for breakfast. Dinner is a little more expensive but worth it, and picky children can order cheese pizza or simple pasta and sauce.

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When to Visit Truro

Summertime is key, perfect for the beach and a comfortable Truro vacation cottage. Truro is less well-known than most of the rest of the Cape Cod area, which means you can avoid the crowds while still enjoying the beautiful weather and great swimming that makes Cape Cod such a popular vacation destination. Few people visit in winter due to Massachusetts' intensely cold and snowy winters. May through early September is the best time to visit, unless you're really in the mood for a northern winter. You'll have no problem finding great and affordable summer rentals, Truro, Ma - after all - is a summer destination.

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What to Know About Truro

Truro was originally intended to be the Pilgrims' landing place, but it wasn't very well-suited for their settlement. They found water and a store of food there, to keep themselves from starving, but they quickly moved on to Plymouth. You can see a celebration of this history if you visit Truro, though it's now a much more inviting place to stay!

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What to Bring to Your Truro Cottage Rental

Bring your bathing suit and your sunscreen. Beaches around Cape Cod are warm and sunny, with the occasional chilly evening, so pack clothing accordingly. Bring books to read while you soak up the sun, and don't forget toys for the kids – simpler toys are usually the most fun, since kids can be creative and use them for anything. You'll probably want to buy a parking permit for the Truro area beaches, too, so you can park on any beach with open parking spaces.

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Getting to Truro, Massachusetts

The absolute nearest airport is in Provincetown, but it's just regional and only serves small, private or corporate airplanes. Most likely you'll be flying into is Logan International Airport in Boston and driving or taking a shuttle or taxi. Truro is approximately two hours from Boston, and you'll need a car to get around, especially if your Truro vacation rental isn't right along the beach. Fly into Boston, then rent a car and drive down Highway 3 around the bay to Truro.

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Why Truro Summer Rentals?

Truro hotels are minimal, mostly either bed and breakfasts or the occasional motel. Truro, MA, rentals will give you the privacy of an entire living space, so your family can come together over dinner or to watch a movie, or retire to separate bedrooms if the time together is getting a little bit stressful. Truro vacation rentals are often charming beachfront cottages, where you can relax into the beach lifestyle and forget all about the real world. You'll stay in a personal space decorated tastefully by an owner who won't forget any of the comforts of home – a much more inviting place to stay than an impersonal, sterile hotel room. Plus, vacation rentals can fit a whole family or more in a single Truro rental home, instead of having to rent multiple hotel rooms, which means you'll save money, too.

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