Universal Studios Vacation Guide

theme park vacationTell your kids that you're planning a Universal Studios vacation and watch their faces light up! Whether you're traveling to Orlando or Hollywood, this is one of the most desired vacation destinations on the planet. Get ready for fun and excitement, because this trip is guaranteed to deliver both!

Where to Stay?

Your first concern, as with any vacation, is where you will stay during your trip to Universal Studios. While Universal Studios, Orlando has a resort area that offers on-site lodging, this might lead to a theme-park overload. Instead of staying in an over-priced hotel room, you can find rental homes in both the Orlando and Los Angeles areas. Depending on your choice, you'll have the full and private use of spacious rooms, a full kitchen, a private yard, and maybe even a private pool or hot tub. Some vacation rental homes allow your pet to stay, too. This usually requires an extra deposit, but it's much more affordable than a kennel.

What to See in Orlando?

If your Universal Studios vacation takes you to Orlando, Florida, your family will have an amazing number of things to see and do. Instead of wondering how you'll fill your time, you'll be trying to figure out how you can fit it all in. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the latest and greatest feature attraction, but it's definitely not the only thing to see. The most popular rides, including Shrek in 4D, Revenge of the Mummy, and the Rip Ride Rocket, are guaranteed to thrill the kids and adults alike.

Since the weather is always nice in Orlando, don't miss a trip to Universal Studio's Wet'n Wild water park, no matter when you decide to visit. From the Black Hole to the Brain Wash, you'll never want to get out of the water! The available shows have something for everyone, too! Experience the exciting Blue Man Group, a live show at the Hard Rock Cafe, or the exhilaration of the best that TNA wrestling has to offer.

Once the kids are ready for bed, mom and dad can have a night out at Universal CityWalk. Whether you decide to catch a movie, enjoy a few cocktails, linger over a gourmet meal, or catch a headliner in action, the CityWalk offers the very best nightlife in Orlando.

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What to See in Hollywood?

Of course, there's just as much to see on the West Coast. A Universal Studios vacation in the Hollywood area offers plenty of rides, but it also provides guests with the opportunity to tour the actual Universal Studios movie lot. It will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the movie industry. Current sets on the tour include Desperate Housewives, War of the Worlds, and the new King Kong 360 3-D movie. The studio tour is included with admission to the main theme park, but a VIP experience is also available for an extra fee.

If you'd like to see more about how it all works, visit the Special Effects Stage. This feature exhibit shows exactly how all of the special effects work from computer-generated technology to stop motion and motion capture.

Actual rides in the park will be just as exciting as the studio tour. Choose from rides that are based on Water World, Jurassic Park, The Simpsons, and Curious George. Of course, no Universal Studios vacation would be complete without a few snapshots of you and your favorite characters. Take a picture of your family with Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob or one of the Simpsons for a lasting memory!

Of course, there's much more than this to see and experience during your Universal Studios vacation.