Vacation Rentals in Miami Beach

vacation rentals in miami beachThere are few beaches as popular for vacations as Miami Beach, Florida, especially during spring break. Whether you travel with your fellow college attendees or take the family, Miami Beach has a lot to offer for fun and excitement.

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

Regardless of what time of year you visit the area, vacation rentals in Miami Beach are the best option for where you stay. One of the great benefits of a vacation rental is that there is plenty of space for everyone. A hotel room is supposed to meet all of your accommodation needs, but it’s a small space and everyone in the room is crammed together like sardines. Even if you get more than one hotel room for several travelers, you’re not really staying together and space is still very limited. Vacation rentals have several options for giving everyone traveling with you their own comfortable space with multiple bedrooms and a separate living space, yet still making it possible for everyone to be together.

Don’t forget the great ways that vacation rentals in Miami Beach save you money. For starters, they all have fully equipped kitchens, giving you the opportunity to cook in your beach house or condo. A quick trip to the local grocery store for supplies and you’re all set for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Your traveling party can eat together in peace, and it’s loads cheaper than dining out at a restaurant for every meal.

Activities in Miami Beach

There is plenty to do in Miami Beach during your vacation stay. There are over 30 tours available of the Miami Beach area, ranging from an art deco theme to safari tours, and from limo tours to bike tours. Those into art and culture will enjoy a vast array of theaters and performances at places like Britto Central or Improv Miami.

ake everyone on an airboat ride skimming along the water or charter a boat for a private experience. Those who enjoy sightseeing beautiful natural wonders will likely enjoy John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park or the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. You can also enjoy all of the water sports available to residents and tourists alike, including sailboat rides, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, jet ski rides and more. There are several places available near vacation rentals in Miami Beach that offer rentals and lessons for these water sport activities such as Sailboard Miami.

Wherever you choose to stay or whatever you choose to do, you’ll never forget your Miami Beach vacation.