Voodoo Music Festival

voodoo music festivalTravel to the Southland for a mind-bending musical experience.


The Voodoo Music Festival, or Voodoo Experience as locals call it, is a music lover's dream. Combining the charm of New Orleans with the presence of great bands from around the country, it's sure to be a weekend getaway that you will never forget.

In the past, the Voodoo Music Festival line up has included headlining bands such as The Plain White T's, The Mars Volta, Stone Temple Pilots, Panic at the Disco, and R.E.M. In 2009, rapper Eminem gave his one and only performance of the year at the Voodoo Music Festival.

Started in 1999, the Voodoo is the musical version of Mardi Gras. The festival is definitely a good time to grab your buddies and head to New Orleans for a weekend of music madness. In 2005, the VMF was the first large scale music event to occur in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In honor of those who sacrificed time and effort to help the city, Voodoo declared itself a free tribute concert that year. Voodoo celebrated its 10th anniversary, or "10th Ritual" in 2008.

The festival features three different performing areas. Identified as "Le Ritual," "Le Flambeau," and "Le Carnival," each offers a distinct style of music. A total of eight stages will host the Voodoo Music Festival lineup of performers.


The Voodoo Music Festival will be held in City Park, 1 Palm Drive in New Orleans, Louisiana, just a short distance from the infamous French Quarter and near one of the world's largest oak tree collections. You'll have no problem finding a vacation rental to accommodate your family or group when you make plans to rock out at the Voodoo Music Festival.


The Festival flip flops year-to-year between the weekend before Halloween and Halloween weekend. For 2010, it's scheduled for October 29-31.