Wildwood Crest Travel Guide

What says summer more than fireworks on a balmy night, bright pink cotton candy, and lazy days on a sandy beach? Bring the summers of your childhood back to life with Wildwood Crest vacations. This family-friendly beach town on the Jersey shore is extremely popular, so check out all the homes available on VacationRentals.com before the best choices are gone!

What to Do in Wildwood Crest

wildwood crest beach

Sun and Fun by Sea

Wide, golden beaches are the biggest attraction of Wildwood Crest vacation rentals. This stretch of beach along the New Jersey shore is notorious for being one of the best in the state—and now there are more ways than ever to enjoy it. Go beyond sunbathing this year and get out on the sea for some adventurous activities. Get a bird's eye view of the beach by embarking on a parasailing trip or rent a boat for a day of fishing. Popular water sports include taking out the jet ski or Waverunner for a spin. Try something new on your trip and go kayaking, snorkeling, or sailing.

Another favorite activity during Wildwood Crest vacations is boat tours. Head out on a boat for a dolphin watch or just take a cruise along the coastline and enjoy the sunshine. Whatever reason gets you into a boat, you will love this classic summertime activity!

Sun and Fun by Land

Some Wildwood Crest vacation rentals will come complete with bicycles. If not, there are many private companies with bicycles for hire including Crest Bike Rentals and Bradley Bikes. This pastime is a local favorite and, for visitors, is a great way to see the coastline. Pack a picnic and take a family bike ride to enjoy the views.

If you want to get away from the beach for a couple hours, Scoop Taylor Park is a good escape. Playground equipment and basketball courts will provide hours of entertainment for the kids. Tennis is another popular activity, and there are public courts available in Wildwood Crest. Wildwood Crest vacations wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to relax on the beach. Bring along the football for an afternoon game of catch, build a sun castle, or just soak up some rays.

wildwood crest family vacation

Family Entertainment

The Lakeview Docks are a great place for family entertainment. From the pier it is possible to spend hours fishing or crabbing. Kids will love the chance to be a part of the action, and their first catch is guaranteed to be a moment of excitement! The docks are also where you can rent jet skis, power boats, and kayaks.

Many people choose Wildwood Crest vacation rentals because they are quieter compared to neighboring Wildwoods. However, a good deal of the entertainment is in Wildwood. A trip to this section of the Jersey shore wouldn’t be complete without visiting the legendary boardwalk. Two miles of entertainment includes roller coasters, bumper cars, arcades, games, and food.

Get ready to enjoy a fireworks display every Friday night. A family favorite for years, this free display will be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation. Another draw outside of Wildwood Crest is water parks. Head to North Wildwood or Wildwood to enjoy the water slides and a day of splashing around.

The Relaxing Side of Wildwood Crest

Wildwood Crest vacation rentals will be much quieter than in neighboring Wildwood. Instead of blaring radios expect the beach to be quiet and full of families. Bring along a beach chair and umbrella to help make the most relaxing day possible. If you’re looking for a way to relax beyond the beach, book an appointment at a day spa. Get away from the kids for a relaxing spa treatment. A simple massage or facial can make a big difference in the relaxation of your vacation!

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What to See in Wildwood Crest

While the main attraction of Wildwood Crest vacations is the beach, there are other things to see as well. If you have small kids, there are a few different parks with good playground equipment. Flacco Park has playground equipment for kids age 5 and up while Scoop Taylor Park has equipment for kids age 3–10. If you’re concerned with keeping up your fitness during vacation, head for Wildwood Crest Fitness Park for a jog. With beautiful views, this park is an ideal place to get in a morning run. The public tennis courts and bike rentals are other sources of staying in shape.

There are a few boat tour companies that bring visitors out to see dolphins and whales. This is a great activity to splurge on and will teach your kids about local wildlife. Popular companies include Thunder Cat Dolphin Watch and the Starlight Fleet. The Starlight Fleet also offers sunset dinner cruises.

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Where to Shop and Eat in

wildwood crest shopping

Summer Shopping in Wildwood Crest

Wildwood Crest vacations wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of shopping. This beach town is home to surf shops and stores specializing in summer attire. For even more selection, extend your shopping to Wildwood and North Wildwood.

Shopping choices in Wildwood Crest include Diamond Beach Bums, Ocean Outfitters, the Acqua Shop, and Marilyn’s Gift Shop. If you forget any of your beach essentials, don’t worry, the shops of Wildwood Crest will have a replacement right at hand!

Dining in Wildwood Crest

Some visitors may be surprised to learn that people in New Jersey take their food very seriously. From delicious delis to classic Italian restaurants, you will find good local restaurants with amazing fare. One aspect of Wildwood Crest vacations that keeps out-of-state visitors returning is New Jersey’s BYOB (bring your own bottle) policy. Many restaurants don’t have a liquor license and allow guests to bring in their own bottle of wine without a corkage fee.

Take a night or two off from cooking in Wildwood Crest vacation rentals to sample the local restaurants. For waterfront dining choose between Port Royal Restaurant, The Bayview, and Bal Harbour Oceanfront Restaurant. Other local favorites include Bandanas Mexican Grille, Fitzpatrick’s Crest Tavern, and Marcella’s Café & Gelateria. Coffee shops, diners, quick meals on the Boardwalk, and markets are all widely available in Wildwood Crest as well.

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When to Visit Wildwood Crest

The most popular time to book Wildwood Crest vacation rentals is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. These summer months draw families from New Jersey and beyond to enjoy the wide beaches and warm weather. While some families must abide by the school schedule, others enjoy Wildwood Crest outside of this season. The shoulder seasons of spring and fall both offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds. If you want to go for a stroll on the beach, the months of April, May, September, or October are ideal. You might not be able to swim during these months, but the views will still be beautiful.

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What to Bring to Wildwood Crest

Bring all of your beach basics to Wildwood Crest. Bathing suits, sunscreen, flip flops, and beach towels are essential. For comfort on the beach, remember to bring beach chairs, umbrellas, and a cooler to keep refreshments cold. Pack entertainment for the kids including beach toys, a boogie board, and a football or Frisbee to throw around for a game of catch. Also don’t forget any items that will help you to unwind. From your favorite magazine to an iPod stocked with audio books, Wildwood Crest is a place to relax!

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Local Services in Wildwood Crest

When choosing Wildwood Crest vacation rentals, rest assured that local services are quality. In the summertime, visitors can expect services to be at their peak with long opening hours and stocked shelves. Post offices, banks, and markets will be widely available. If you are planning trips outside of the summer months, you may experience some closures or limited hours at certain shops and restaurants.

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What to Know About Wildwood Crest

Wildwood Crest is one of three towns that make up the Wildwoods. The other two are North Wildwood and Wildwood. Many visitors prefer Wildwood Crest because it is quieter and more family-oriented than Wildwood. Home of the boardwalk, Wildwood is known for its nightlife and entertainment. The best of both worlds is having Wildwood nearby, but not having its bustling atmosphere interfere with your vacation. Remember too that some restaurants in Wildwood Crest will be BYOB, so pack along a special bottle of wine to accompany your meal!

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Getting to Wildwood Crest

Most visitors to Wildwood Crest arrive by car. This beach town is easily accessible with the New Jersey parkway. Take exit 4B to reach Wildwood Crest. Having a car will help you to explore this town and neighboring towns with ease. Cape May is only a short drive away and definitely worth visiting. If you are arriving by air, nearby airports include Atlantic City and Philadelphia. It is possible to rent a car at both of these major airports.

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Why Wildwood Crest vacation rentals?

When you leave home, why should you also leave the comforts of home? Wildwood Crest vacation rentals will remove this element of going away. With extra living space, privacy for family members, and outdoor living space you can more thoroughly enjoy your vacation than if you were at a hotel. After a day on the beach, return to your own private rental and watch the stars come out with a cold glass of wine in hand on your own balcony.

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