Yucatan Condos Merida

yucatan condos meridaWhen you stay in Yucatan condos, Merida is a great choice for discovering Mexico. Depending on your choice of accommodations, you'll enjoy private pools, relaxing hot tubs, and an array of other amenities. One thing is for sure, your condo rental will include much more space and privacy than any hotel could possibly offer. Relax during your stay in the Mayan Riviera! This tropical paradise offers everything that any vacationer could desire.

Yucatan Condos: Merida Gives Guests a Close Look at this Capital City

Merida is the capital of Yucatan, Mexico. Also known as the "White City," this spotless town is known for the ivory buildings constructed of white limestone or covered with countless coats of white paint. Unlike many other areas of Mexico, Merida is quite safe because the close-knit community that surrounds the Yucatan condos; Merida simply does not tolerate any type of crime. During your stay, enjoy a siesta, attend a fiesta, and get to know this unique mix of Colonial times and modern Mexico like a native!

Visit Progreso on the Coast

The coastal area of Merida is known as Progreso. This port city has recently been thoroughly renovated and is now a popular destination for cruise ships. The calm, blue waters that lap against the sandy beaches are warm as befits any Caribbean paradise. This hidden gem has long been the playground of wealthy Mexico City residents, ex-patriot American citizens, and Canadian snowbirds. From your Yucatan Condos Merida vacation rental, you can also discover the secret pleasures of these sandy beaches. It'll be a welcome change from the busier resort areas.

See the Mayan Ruins

Near Yucatan condos Merida, you'll find what's left of the magnificent Mayan ruins. While many vacationers spend their entire trip on the warm Caribbean beaches, no trip to Mexico is truly complete without this sightseeing adventure. The Mayan ruins are actually spread out over many areas of the Yucatan. The Chichen Itza site is the one that most visitors see when they spend time on this popular peninsula.

Eighteen different structures have been discovered; the tallest is Pyramid Kukulcan. If you visit during the Spring or Fall equinoxes, ascent mighty Kukulcan and witness the stunning shadows that descend the ancient steps. You'll swear that it looks just like a giant snake crawling down the pyramid. Be prepared for a crowd. This event usually draws a large audience of both natives and tourists from the surrounding areas.