Although most visitors come to the Bahamas for some fun in the sun, there are so many Bahamas attractions that you could visit the island alone on your vacation and still have a wonderful time. This beautiful place is the perfect spot for a romantic vacation with your significant other…or plan a Bahamas family vacation and bring the kids along. Many people bring their entire clan for some fun on a vacation to the Bahamas. Take some time to explore some of the possibilities found here in this travel guide.

What to Do

A vacation to the Bahamas is best known as a beach vacation! While the beaches in the Bahamas are some of the best in the world with soft, lush sand, there’s so much more to do on your Bahamas family vacation. All you have to do is go inland a bit to find some fun activities and other amazing Bahamas attractions.

For a taste of Bahamian culture, take a stroll through the streets, go explore some forts, check out a remote village, or visit a plantation. You’ll experience life in the Bahamas first hand as you shop and eat among the locals.

A Bahamas family vacation would be wasted without taking a stop for some bird watching. The Bahamas parrot calls the islands home. Plus, bird watchers of all ages will enjoy looking out for over 109 different species of birds. There are 28 species of birds, native to the island that you won’t find in the United States, Canada, or Europe. You’ll also view up close and personal the West Indian flamingos in all of their colorful glory. Because the Bahamas is a tropical place, depending on the time of year, you’ll see some migrant birds from many different environments. Children especially love the bird watching since so many birds gathered in one place create such a colorful show.

When you’ve had your fill of bird watching, head out for a round of golf on the beautiful Bahamian fairways. Designed by some of the most famous golf course architects in the world, the golf courses in the Bahamas are most impressive. Plus, when golfing here, you’ll have some amazing views! Many of the holes go along the perimeter of Emerald Bay, offering a spectacular view of the ocean. The ocean winds, intricate courses, and tight fairways make playing golf in the Bahamas a once in a lifetime experience.

In the Bahamas, life is all about taking it easy and relaxing. With this culture in place, it’s only fitting that some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating spas are found here. On your vacation to the Bahamas, take some time to be pampered in some of the numerous indoor and outdoor spas. You can experience facials, massages, and even herbal baths. After your time at the spa, continue to rejuvenate your body with a Pilates or yoga class. It’s easy to leave the fast pace of normal life behind when you are being pampered body and soul.

What to See in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are islands, which means the place is surrounded by ocean. A Bahamas family vacation is the perfect place to spot some dolphins, check out the coral reefs, or view first hand colorful schools of fish. The water is so clear here that you’ll be able to see everything! Take the kids for an afternoon of diving and you’ll have an experience unlike any other.

There are plenty of diving experiences you’ll find here. You can explore sunken Spanish galleons, take in the blue holes, and swim among the coral reefs. The Bahamas has 25 different dive destinations so there’s definitely something here for everyone.

Some of the best beaches in the world are found in the Bahamas. In fact, the Travel Channel named Harbour Island Beach one of the top ten sand beaches in the world! The beaches are unspoiled and you’ll find miles and miles of pure, powdery sand. Plus, Surfer’s Beach is known as one of the best places for surfing. Ride the waves or relax on the serene beaches…the choice is yours.

Boaters also enjoy a vacation to the Bahamas. Every year, more than 100,000 boaters come to the Boating Flings. Over 32 ports of entry make boating in the Bahamas easy. There are also plenty of private charters and boats for rent if you don’t bring your own.

The water in the Bahamas is simply mesmerizing. There’s something about the clear, turquoise waters that draws people, boaters, and fish to the Bahamas. In fact, fishermen love the Bahamas because of the incredible variety. You can fish bonefish, wahoo, blue marlin, and many others. Deep-sea charters are available, or you can do some fly fishing if that suits your fancy.

Where to Shop and Eat

Shopping in the Bahamas is an experience all its own. You’ll find plenty to choose from including local merchandise, stylish boutiques, and arts, crafts, and ceramics. You can even pick up some spices to take home. Your best shopping experiences will be from local vendors, but you can also check out the large shopping centers where you’ll find retail stores, straw vendors, and many other artisans.

Shopping and dining go hand in hand in the Bahamas. Bahamian cuisine has a taste all of its own, but with just one bite your taste buds will be dancing with unique flavors and seasonings. You can find many fun restaurants on the roadside, or venture a little further inland to find more fine restaurants. In addition to the local cuisine, you can also find many international choices. On your vacation to the Bahamas, remember that calories don’t count! There will be plenty of time for dieting once you get home.

When to Visit

The ideal time to take a vacation to the Bahamas is from March to July. The weather is just about perfect during these months. The spring time and early summer offers the best time to get in most activities. Wait until July for your vacation and it will be much too hot!

In general, the Bahamas are cooler than the other Caribbean islands. The island is closer to North America and thus take part on cold air systems.

What to Bring

When planning your Bahamas family vacation, be sure to pack a light jacket. Depending on the time of year, you’ll experience cooler weather than other tropical islands. A jacket will keep you warm in the evenings with the cool breezes. The Bahamas has high humidity, so during the rainy season you may experience some heavy rain storms. A rain jacket or umbrella will come in handy if you suddenly get stuck in one of these storms.

In the summer, the temperature will range between 80 and 85 degrees. This is also the rainy season. In the winter, the weather is between 70 and 75 degrees. Cotton fabrics and layers will serve you best in these temperatures.

The Bahamas is a casual and relaxed atmosphere, so leave the shirt and tie home. You won’t want to forget your bathing suit, sunglasses, sunscreen, and flip flops.

Local Services

On most islands in the Bahamas, because of the remote locations, you won’t find any public transportation. In the bigger cities like Nassau and Freeport, you’ll find buses and taxis to get you around. If you’re adventurous, rent a bike to get around the islands.

To get from island to island, use a water ferry. These are fairly inexpensive and will get you to your destination.

You’ll find most modern conveniences here like grocery stores and hospitals. Remember, it is a foreign country, and an island nation at that, so the services you are used to in the United States might be a bit different in the Bahamas.

What to Know

The Bahamas is a North American country, located close to the Florida coast. Most people in the Bahamas speak English. The Bahamas are comprised of about 700 islands, all full of beautiful beaches and fascinating culture.

The Bahamas have a sub-tropical climate with about 340 sunny days per year. The average daily temperature in the winter is 77 degrees; 91 in the summer. The water temperature rarely drops below 72 degrees. Plus, you’ll find the clearest waters around! With so many sunny days and near-perfect temperatures, it’s no wonder that the Bahamas is such a tourist attraction.

Getting to the Bahamas

Getting to the Bahamas is easy. In fact, the Bahamas is so close to the United States that many can sail there themselves. If you don’t sail, daily flights arrive at the main airports in Freeport and Nassau. There are also scheduled and charter flights are available to airports on many of the smaller islands. Perhaps the most popular way to get to the Bahamas is on a cruise ship. Most major cruise lines visit the Bahamas every year.

Why Bahamas Vacation Rentals?

For a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradise, Bahamas vacation rentals is an ideal choice. You can choose from homes, condos, and other retreats on the islands to get away from the crowds and enjoy the Bahamas at your own pace. Bahama family vacations are especially best enjoyed with a vacation rental. You can take your entire family on a vacation at a fraction of the cost it would be at a traditional hotel.