From surfer-friendly to kid-friendly, smooth to rugged, and crowded to calm, beaches are as diverse as their admirers. Some beaches are unpredictable and testy, while some ensure your safety. Some are big and bustling, while some are small and secluded. Find the beach rentals that make sense for your upcoming trip with this handy, all-encompassing beach vacation guide.

Wannabe beach bums have plenty of options, so no one should end up bummed about his or her final beach rental decision. Think ahead and only consider beach rental deals that are as suited for your vacation as your swimsuit is for you. After all, a beach rental for you and your family, which includes Buster the basset hound (naturally), shouldn’t look like a honeymoon suite.

Family Beach Rentals

If sand castle building is on the itinerary, we have thousands of family beach vacation rentals to accommodate you! But before you browse our wide selection of oceanfront accommodations, know what to look for. The ideal family beach rental offers up lots of space and amenities at a low cost. It’s also situated on or near a beach where children can swim and play safely.

Take some time to wade through our Coronado beachfront rentals, located just outside San Diego. As long as you’ve got sunscreen on hand, you can rest assured the little ones are protected on the sand. Boogie boarders, kite flyers, beach volleyball players, quintessential California surfer dudes, and other dedicated sun worshipers are just as fun to watch as the whales (which you can spot in the winter). 

If you’re venturing to the east coast, a Myrtle Beach rental is an easy pick. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina isn’t just a beach; it’s a myriad of restaurants, museums, amusement parks, shops, golf courses, and nightclubs, designed to keep every family member happy. Find other kid-tested and approved South Carolina beach vacation rentals in Hilton Head Island.

For Florida’s version of family-style distractions, try a Daytona Beach rental.

Newport Beach, Rhode Island and Cancun beachfront rentals are also respectable choices.

Romantic Beach Rentals

Romantic Beach RentalsAdd more than a little spark to your marriage; make the sparks fly with these romantic beach vacation rentals! Rekindle the romance in your relationship, or whisk a new flame away to an exotic locale. Whether you’re celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, taking a break from the kids and the boss, or planning a seaside exchange of vows, everything from East Hampton to Crete beachfront rentals will set the mood for a dreamy and rejuvenating getaway.

Luxury, privacy, and picturesque sunsets are the basic ingredients for a romantic beach vacation. While some couples can spend every day sunbathing and seashell collecting, others can’t wait to hit the waves with a pair of jet skis. Hand-in-hand strolls along the beach, however, are standard for any smitten duo, so make sure the breeze is gentle and the view is spectacular.

Upscale East Hampton beachfront rentals blend in well with neighboring mansions and elite hideaways. As East Hampton, New York is a favorite spot for grown ups to play in the sun all day, and in the town all night, it has a big draw for twosomes.

Lovebirds vacationing to the Sunshine State should examine beach vacation rentals in Captiva Island, a remote, crowd-free barrier island.

Beachfront rentals in Cape May, New Jersey; St Thomas (of the US Virgin Islands); Crete; and Green Sand Beach in Mauna Lani, Hawaii, will render you an easy target for Cupid’s arrow, too.

Surfers Beach Rentals Surfer

Grab your surf board, slather on the SPF, and get ready to tackle some truly gnarly waves. When searching for the best surf, remember to keep your experience and expertise in mind.

Oahu is a surfer’s paradise; beach rentals in Waikiki and Sunset Beach stand out from the rest. In Florida, both pros and clumsy beginners are drawn to Sebastian Inlet and Satellite Beach rentals.

If you simply enjoy the spectacle of it all, Malibu Beach rentals are a good option, as skilled Malibu surfers routinely attract onlookers.

Black’s Beach rentals in La Jolla, California are the choice for serious surfers who need a serious challenge; beginners should stick to the sidelines here.

Scuba Divers and Snorkelers

Scuba Diving Beach RentalsWe haven’t scratched the surface of great beach vacation destinations yet, because sometimes what’s below the surface is what counts. Elaborate coral reefs, colorful fish, haunting shipwrecks, playful dolphins, and scary sharks are the favorite sights to see for avid scuba divers and casual snorkelers.

If you’re looking for beauty and adventure under the water, consider beach vacation rentals in Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys, Kailua-Kona, Playa del Carmen, Fiji, Bali, the Bahamas, Cyprus, the Philippines, Australia, and the Cayman Islands.

Also, check out Vacation’s Top 10 Beach Vacation Destinations to help you brainstorm for your next trip!

Hopefully this beach vacation guide has put you on the right track for your travel plans. Remember, when you choose a luxurious and cheap beach vacation rental over a hotel, your vacation becomes significantly easier to customize. So no matter your destination, your beach vacation can be whatever you want it to be with the help of a beach rental.