Beach Vacation PackingWhat could be worse than getting to that gorgeous spot on the beach only to find that you forgot to pack your swimsuit? That's why the most important thing that you can do to get your beach adventure off to a great start is create a beach vacation packing list.


It's important to ask the right questions when you're considering what to pack for a beach vacation. Where are you going? What are you going to be doing? How many days will you be gone? Asking yourself these questions will not only help you plan what you're going to do on your trip, but it will also create your beach vacation packing list.

The Obvious

There are some obvious things that you will need. Yep. You guessed it. You'll need a swimsuit. Many travelers overlook the importance of bringing two or more swimsuits. It's not a good feeling to put on a damp swimsuit or bikini, so make sure that you pack at least one extra swimsuit. That way, you can slip into a fresh one while the other swimsuit dries out. The same goes for towels. It's worth having more than one. Another very important item to put on your packing list is sunscreen. Whether you have fair skin or a dark complexion, you'll need sunscreen to get you through your beach vacation.

Fun Stuff

It's a good idea to pack a nice picnic for the beach. Whether you're traveling many miles or just making the little trek down your street to the beach, packing a lunch will save you time and money. Simply head to the nearest grocery store or farmer's market and pick up delicious food to make your lunch. Don't forget your favorite dessert and cold drinks. If you're flying, it might not be feasible to bring a big cooler for beach picnics. Consider packing a soft, collapsible cooler instead. You'll save yourself a pile of money that you would've spent buying lunch from vendors near the beach. It's a fun and affordable way to have a beachfront meal.

Pack some fun items for your family to enjoy. Frisbees, playing cards, spades and buckets to build sand castles, and a paddle ball set are the kinds of things that can provide entertainment at the beach.

Now you know what items you need to make this your best beach vacation ever. Creating a packing list for beach vacation enjoyment is a great way to make sure your trip is stress free.

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