best beach wedding destinationsThe best beach wedding destinations are listed below for your convenience. Remember that each of these cities has numerous rental properties with a variety of options, like a steward who will shop for your favorite groceries and stock the kitchen before your arrival, maid service, and wine freebies.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best beach wedding destinations because it's a blast for the bridal party before and after the wedding. Bridesmaids can enjoy the nightlife for the bachelorette party and after the wedding when the bride is occupied with her new groom, the ladies can still explore the gorgeous city. Beach houses, condos, and other property types are available near the beach, or in the heart of the city.

Clearwater, Florida

Another one of the best beach wedding destinations is Clearwater, Florida, with its pristine public and private beaches, quaint local shops and huge, modern downtown fine shopping centers, as well as warm and welcoming residents. Cozy cottages and large houses are available, so your entire bridal party will have somewhere to stay!

The Caribbean

The last of the best beach wedding destinations listed is the Caribbean, because most the islands would make a great setting for your nuptuals, and most the area rentals have unique and amazing amenities. Really, you could go to any beach and have an amazing wedding, but in the Caribbean you would have a unique wedding, filled with the exotic charms of the Caribbean, and the affordability of properties. Save hundreds of dollars staying in a private rental cabin or cottage, rather than paying more for a noisy, smoky hotel room.

Best Beach Wedding DestinationAnywhere you go, your beach wedding will be beautiful, but if you book your accommodations with, you will be able to truly relax and enjoy the quiet!

There are so many pristine beaches around the world with azure waters and clear blue skies, that the beauty of the beach should go without saying, so there are several factors a bride should consider before narrowing down all the best beach wedding destinations.

For discerning brides, the best beach wedding destinations in the world should include beautiful accommodations that provide privacy, and such ease that the new bride will never have to give a second thought to her surroundings. It is imperative to book one a vacation rental in any of the best beach wedding destinations; it will give you the most privacy for you and your bridesmaids or mother, and of course, even more privacy for the honeymoon!

Who wants to be crowded into a hotel that's filled with tourists passing along their colds and other germs to the bride? So, for our list of best beach wedding destinations, hotels with their noise-filled lobbies are excluded, and only the best vacation rentals are considered! Vacation Rentals, located online at, will support a new bride as she selects one of the best beach wedding destinations for her special day, because the properties listed offer options for amazing amenities, panoramic beach views, and of course, privacy for her to prepare for her wedding, away from gaggles of tourists!

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