Looking for a relaxing tropical beach getaway? The Mexican town of Bucerias is just far enough off the beaten path to provide a peaceful slower pace than other resort areas in Mexico, coupled with enough interest to make for a lively vacation at Bucerias condo rentals. Located on the Pacific Ocean on the north shore of Banderas Bay in the State of Nayarit, thirty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, the coastal town of Bucerias has much to offer tourists and vacationers alike. Called "The Riviera Nayarit," Bucerias offers a warm climate, authentic culture and a rich art scene, soft sandy uncrowded beaches with calm water and gentle surf, friendly local people, open-water fishing, and more.

The name "Bucerias" (pronounced Boo-sir-e-us) means place of divers. Nestled in the Mexican state of Nayarit, Bucerias is a charming village with quaint cobblestone streets, friendly locals, and some of the prettiest beaches around. Founded in the 1930s, this small fishing village is swiftly becoming a chosen destination for vacationers who wish to forgo the hustle and bustle of nearby Puerto Vallarta, but still want resort town amenities. With $350 million being invested in Bucerias resorts and development projects, Bucerias is becoming the hottest place to vacation.

What to Do in Bucerias

bucerias vacationDespite its peaceful, relaxing ambiance, Bucerias has plenty to offer tourists, from outdoor excursions to indoor fun.
Top attractions near Bucerias condo rentals that you won't want to miss include:

  • Sport Fishing: With depths of over 3,000 feet, Banderas Bay is one of Mexico's largest and deepest bays, making it one of the best places to fish for sailfish, marlin, tuna, and more. The bay is also a great place for diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, and boat cruises.
  • Sailing: The Paradise Village Marina offers customized sailing excursions. Watch whales and dolphins frolic while enjoying the sun and breeze.
  • Sayulita Beach: This beach's easy waves are ideal for new surfers. Enjoying the water is half the fun of a tropical getaway.
  • Kitesurfing is becoming increasingly popular on the calm waters of Banderas Bay, the beach that runs south towards Nuevo Vallarta. Kiteboarding season is February to May.
  • The Islas Marietas: With underwater caves, reefs, and tunnels, this is home to the unique Blue Footed Booby that can be found in only a few places other than Bucerias, including the Galapagos Islands and Northern Peru. Take a boat ride while encountering dolphins, whales, sea turtles, manta rays, sea snakes, and jumping fish.
  • Art Walk Plaza: Each Thursday brings another art walk featuring complimentary sangria and tamales. While you are walking around the traditional cobblestone streets, enjoy the local flavor by visiting the Splurge Art Gallery for reasonably-priced local and international art.
  • Adventure Tours: Head into the jungle or mountains with an ATV, go hiking or horseback riding, try a helicopter tour, or the Canopy Zip Line. For an educational experience, sign up for the Oliver Ridley Turtles Tour.
  • For day adventures, venture out of Bucerias to visit one of the numerous villages nearby such as mountainous San Sebastian, Punta Mita, or San Pancho.
  • bucerias vacationsNightlife: Bucerias's nightlife tends to be pretty tame; most of the town starts rolling up at 10 p.m. with few bars and restaurants staying open later. To indulge in a wild night, take a bus or taxi to nearby Puerto Vallarta where the nightlife is much more extensive. When it comes to the nightlife, Puerto Vallarta has it all—sunset margaritas, a twilight sailboat cruise, cocktails at a quiet cliff-side terrace, cervezas at a rowdy bar, live salsa music, or dancing until daylight at a nightclub. Hot nightclubs include El Zoo and Trio, both located downtown, as well as Christine's in the hotel zone, Cafe Des Artistes, and Collage in Marina Vallarta. De Santos features live jazz, while Fiesta Zapata features live Latin music. Take a taxi back to Bucerias when you are ready to unwind.


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What to See in Bucerias

During the day, opt for a pleasant stroll down to one of the coffee shops before you enjoy a walk on the beach, one of Mexico's finest uninterrupted white sand beaches that runs seven miles—the longest beach on the bay. From the bay, you'll revel in splendid mountain views. All beaches in Bucerias are public, even in front of hotels. Water sports or a boat trip can round out a perfect beach day. In the evening, try an outdoor cafe while enjoying the sunset and ocean views.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Bucerias

bucerias shopping and eatingBucerias has many different types of cuisines to tantalize and indulge your taste buds by Bucerias condo rentals. From authentic Mexican and Italian to Greek and sushi, and from casual to fine dining, Bucerias has it all. Try Adauto's on the Beach for seafood and Mexican cuisine with a tropical flair, or Mark's Bar and Grill for Mediterranean and Asian flavors. Don't miss Tapas del Mundo and The Bar Above for delicious tapas and desserts. Mar Y Sol is a favorite for reasonably-priced coconut shrimp. The Irish pub Shamrock offers a jolly atmosphere and traditional pub fare. The Twisted Rose is an American restaurant that has live music nightly during high season. For brunch, pop in to Karen's in the Costa Dorada hotel on the beach. One of the best coffee shops around is Expressions Cafe across from the Hotel Palmeras.
The best place in Bucerias for shopping is the town flea market. The prices rival those found in Puerto Vallarta. At the flea market you can purchase original art, unusual masks, arts and crafts, dishes, and more. For more extensive shopping, take a trip into Puerto Vallarta and visit The Plaza Caracol, The Plaza Genovesa, and The Marina Plaza. Not too far from Bucerias condo rentals, Puerto Vallarta has some of the best shopping of any Mexican resort town, and is known especially for its beautiful blown glass, silver, pottery, ceramics, clothing, sandals, sarapes, resort wear, and other arts including work by contemporary painters and sculptors. The antique and art district in Puerto Vallarta is along Morelos behind Malecon and Corona.

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When to Visit Bucerias

The climate at Bucerias condo rentals is tropical and sunny, averaging around 82 degrees Fahrenheit with 300 sunny days per year. The hottest season is summer (June through October), when temperatures increase to approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit is October through June.
Try to plan your visit to see some of the wild life. Humpback whales can be seen November through March. Sea turtles are around June through December. June through October is the best time to go big game deep sea fishing, although you can go anytime of the year.

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What to Bring to Bucerias

Definitely bring your beach gear to Bucerias condo rentals. Light weight clothing that can be layered is the best option for a comfortable stay in Bucerias. Pack mostly casual items and plenty of sunscreen. If you are a surfer or participate in other water sports, you may want to bring your water gear (or rent it once you arrive). If your vacation rental has a washer and dryer, you'll be able to pack light!

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Local Services in Bucerias

Red Bone Sportfishing and Yacht Charters is a local company specializing in fishing charters and boat rentals, including the option for a full day deep sea excursion package. For surfboards and other water gear, check out The Coral Reef Surf Shop.

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What to Know About Bucerias

Language: The official language in Bucerias is Spanish, although English is spoken in most tourist areas. Impress the locals by learning some Spanish basics.
Sanitation: As in the rest of Mexico, it is best to drink bottled water rather than risk the impurities of tap water. Before you eat fruits or vegetables, treat them by soaking in Micodyne—let them sit for 20 minutes (even the locals do this).
Time Zone: Bucerias is in the same time zone as Puerto Vallarta and Chicago.

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Getting to Bucerias

The International Airport (Gustavo Dias Ordaz) services Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta. From the airport, find a taxi booth or rent a car to take you to your Bucerias condo rental. A taxi ride from the airport costs approximately $30.
Once you are in town, most everything is within walking distance. Taxis generally cost four to five American dollars to go from place to place. Buses are also available—bus fare is approximately one dollar to four dollars per destination. You can take a bus to Puerto Vallarta for a minimal amount.

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Why Bucerias vacation rentals?

Bucerias condo rentals and vacation houses are the most affordable way to enjoy your vacation while working on your summer tan. Vacation rentals have so much to offer, and each one provides a unique set of amenities—so you'll be able to find the right vacation house or condo to meet your needs and preferences. Vacation rentals provide privacy and extra space that hotels cannot offer. Instead of feeling like a tourist, you'll be able to feel like a local. Vacation rentals often provide laundry facilities and a full kitchen for cooking and storing your food. Some vacation rentals even have a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or private chef service.
Book your vacation rental while there are still openings available!

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