What to Do in Cancun

When you arrive in this golden paradise, you will notice the dark azure skies and crystal blue waters, and of course the white, soft sands of the beaches. In Cancun, the best activities all involve the natural beauty of this region of Mexico. You can go parasailing over the ocean, snorkeling in underground caves and rivers, or deep-sea diving. Whatever beach activity you enjoy, you will simply love doing while you are in Cancun, because the nature is pristine and inviting.

Other activities in Cancun include the Selvatica Canopy Expedition and Adventure Tour day trip, which will take you 30 minutes to the south of Cancun to a lush forest area that has been outfitted with zip-lines that you can ride from tree to tree. If you have a fear of heights, this is not the excursion for you! Hang 50 feet above the ground from steel cables, and seen panoramic views of the woods.

If you want to try diving for the first time, the Mayan Aqua Dive will teach you how and then take you to safe waters for a first excursion. Bring an underwater camera to photograph the rainbow-colored fish as you swim deep below the service of these crystal clear Mexican waters.

One of the top rated activities in Cancun is the Hummer Jungle Tours, which allow you to experience the woods from a safer perspective than the canopy expedition! Enjoy these all-terrain vehicles as they take you through the exotic jungles of Mexico.

Dancer will take you on any kind of cruise you could possibly hope to experience, from romantic sunset honeymoon cruises, to daytime Mayan Ruin-facing cruises, and casino outings or shopping tours of the Isla de Mujeres. With Dancer, you can explore the Yucatan from a seagulls’ perspective, and find some great souvenirs on the Isla de Mujeres, too!

Family-friendly Attractions

For a fun Cancun family vacation nighttime activity, or something any honeymooners would love to do, visit the Coco Bongo Cancun group! If you like Circe de Soleil, The Matrix, or super heroes, you will be delighted by these acrobats and dancers, performers and carnival-like entertainments! It’s a bar, club, and restaurant, too, so you can spend your entire evening with Coco Bongo Cancun.

Riviera Cancun Golf is a course that everyone will enjoy, because of its breathtaking views of the ocean. You can golf 18 fun-filled holes as the sun sets over the Yucatan.

This Cancun vacation guide whole-heartedly suggests Tres Rios Ecopark for a day away from the action of Cancun. Enjoy horseback riding on the beach with all of your friends, or on your next Cancun family vacation! Only 30 minutes from downtown Cancun, this eco park is worth the drive just to see the splendor and natural beauty of the coast.

If your kids want to do something fun and unique, this Cancun travel guide suggest the Interactive Aquarium that allows kids to touch the fish! Play with sea urchins, feed the sharks, and swim with the dolphins before you retreat to your vacation rental for a quiet evening.

Mayan Ruins

You will probably take the time to see the Mayan Ruins, if you are visiting Cancun, but you should also visit the El Ray Ruins. Most people overlook these lagoon side ruins that are a quick drive out of Cancun. Photograph your friends and family in this exotic locale and you will remember your trip to El Ray forever!

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Where to Shop and Eat in Cancun

La Isla Shopping Mall in Cancun is top-rated for daytime strolls and unique boutiques. If you want to pick-up a few things before you start enjoying Cancun, this is a nice shopping mall to visit. Kukulkan is another huge shopping center, with over 250 shops, that will keep you entertained and well-dressed!

For designer, duty-free items that you could find at home for higher prices, visit the gorgeous Flamingo Plaza, and marvel at its marble floors and high-end décor.

If you are looking for souvenirs and locally crafted goods, handmade items, and one-of-a-kind antiques, then Market 28 is the place for you! Peruse the 28 unique shops and boutiques, and enjoy the quirky decorations and locals’ gossip in this great marketplace.

For great Asian cuisine, Nami Sushi and The Sushi Market are both excellent choices, and both are located on Kukulkan Boulevard. These restaurants have fresh, local seafood and great flavors for you to try, day after day!

For casual dining in restaurants you know and trust, go to Planet Hollywood or the Hard Rock Café; both of these old favorites are located on Kukulkan Boulevard, also! If you want to try something new and exciting, but still casual, then Senor Frog’s offers dishes that are tasty and quickly-served.

La Habichuela is often rated the number one restaurant in all of Cancun, and it’s easy to see why when you enter this clean, sleek restaurant and taste their amazing cuisine! For lower-end but still amazing local food, try Puerto Madero or Calypso’s for lunch or dinner. Both of these eateries are affordable for your Cancun family vacation, and they are highly recommended by this Cancun vacation guide!

For something both Brazilian and Mexican, try the great dishes at Cambalache! The service is second to none in Cancun, and the food is unique and spicy. For the best beer in Cancun, take a trip to La Palapa Belga in Cancun. The food is as delicious as the brews, and the décor is tacky in a fun and interesting way that will make you feel at ease in Cancun.

For an elegant couples’ brunch on Sunday, Captain’s Cove is well-decorated and delicious. Enjoy all of the foods you are used to being served at home, in addition to the local favorites and treats that Cancun is known for! You will wish every day were Sunday after you visit Captain’s Cove!

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When to Visit Cancun

For spring break vacations, this year and every year, Cancun is an unbeatable fete that feels never-ending! People travel to Cancun for spring break every year because of the great nightlife and MTV, the shopping and restaurants, too. If you want a wild vacation with every other college-aged person from the United States, Cancun is the destination for you!

However, if you want a Cancun family vacation, you should not look for Cancun vacation deals during spring break. The nightlife of Cancun will be too wild for young children to enjoy, and as parents, you could be uncomfortable in over-crowded restaurants and beaches. In the late spring, Cancun feels empty and peaceful, though, and children of any age will love the rolling beaches of white sands that have just a few other travelers within view. Late spring and early summer are ideal times to visit Cancun, because Cancun vacation deals are the best in the winter and early summer, and it isn’t too hot, yet, in the early summer.

If you want a different kind of Cancun vacation, winter is time when the beaches are too cold for swimming, but desolate of tourists and therefore pristine and surprisingly lovely. You could bundle up, read a book on an empty beach, and feel like a smart traveler for optimizing your savings by traveling in the winter.

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What to Bring to Cancun

When you go to Cancun, bring your swimwear, beach towel, and a great book! The beaches are peaceful and pristine, and this Cancun vacation guide suggests that you take advantage of the tranquility and kick-back to enjoy the sunset!

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Local Services in Cancun

Captain Hook will take you on a tour of the Yucatan from the ocean. This fun, fully-narrated tour is informative and light-hearted, so it’s perfect for your Cancun family vacation.

Other tour companies that are listed in the activities section will take you for hummer rides through the jungle, canopy gliding adventure tours through the treetops of the jungle, and walking tours of downtown Cancun that are informative and educational. If you want a private boat tour of the waters off of Cancun, there are charter services that will gladly take you wherever you want to go!

Couples massages in your vacation rental are another Cancun possibility, as are grocery deliveries and maid service. You and your loved one could be driven around the surrounding ruins with a private guide, or you could take a tour bus to the Mayan Ruins and spend the day looking at souvenir stalls.

Services in Cancun are affordable and easy to find, so you can get what you want and have money left over for Cancun vacation deals next year! Whether you want your dry-cleaning done overnight, or a maid service to clean your vacation rental during your hummer tour of the jungle, you can have it!

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What to Know About Cancun

Cancun is located in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, and it is synonymous with spring break vacations! If you want to go there for a wild, fun-filled spring break, you will be in good and plentiful company, because hoards of college students go there every spring for an endless party. There’s another side of Cancun that most people never hear about, though, and that’s its peaceful summertime ambiance, and the beauty of this area when it’s not over-crowded with young adults!

Lots of people enjoy Cancun vacation deals during the off-season that save travelers a lot of money on VacationRentals.com. A Cancun family vacation can cost 50% of the regular price if your family travels in the late spring or early fall! This Cancun vacation guide will help you to know what restaurants and shopping centers are the best, and which Cancun family vacation activities will be appropriate for all ages! Also in this Cancun travel guide, you will learn about the services offered in Cancun, and why vacation rentals are a better choice than crowded hotels!

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Getting to Cancun

Cancun International Airport, or CUN, has three major terminals and many different airlines servicing the Yucatan of Mexico. This is an airport that is easy to navigate, and interesting to look at! When you arrive in Cancun, there are shuttles that will take you to your vacation rental, or you can rent a car so that you are free to see more of Cancun Island and the other parts of the Yucatan!

Local transportation is not the best, and you should plan to spend a lot of time waiting if you hope to travel on buses. Plan to rent a car, and save your vacation time for the beach!

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Why Cancun Vacation Rentals?

Cancun vacation deals won’t empty your pockets, like comparable hotels would. If you want to save money, and get the added bonus of privacy that you would never experience in a crowded, noisy Cancun hotel, then vacation rentals will help you find the property that offers all of the Cancun amenities that you want! Whether you want huge plasma TVs, a private hot tub and sauna, or maid service during your Cancun family vacation, this Cancun travel guide suggests that you book your trip on VacationRentals.com.

Deals for as much as 50% off of the regular price are offered on vacation rentals, and some of the rentals include exciting freebies, like boat rentals and local wines with your vacation rental. Cancun vacation deals can be affordable for any group, or individual, so you can go to Yucatan this year on any budget! Luxuriate in a beachfront property that has balcony views of the pristine beaches and waters, or find yourself a cozy condo downtown that allows you easy access to the hopping nightlife and other fun activities. Find an experience in Yucatan that makes you feel special and unique on vacation rentals, and you will never subject yourself to a crowded hotel, again!

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