After the first snowfall of the season, do you dream of digging your toes into warm golden sand? No northerner could survive a long winter without a beach getaway, and this year shouldn’t be any exception. Cape San Blas along the Gulf Coast of Florida will provide exactly the idyllic escape you crave. With a little help from, you can bring that dream vacation straight out of your imagination and into reality.

What to Do in Cape San Blas

cape san blas vacation

Fun in the Sun

It’s incredible that while Cape San Blas has been called "The Best Beach in America" that it isn’t more crowded. Here you will find pristine beaches where you can enjoy a relaxing day of sunbathing or an active day of tossing the Frisbee around with your kids. No matter how you spend your day, don’t leave the beach before the sun sets. This spectacular sight alone makes visitors want to return year after year.

Adventurous travelers can take part in many activities during a trip to Cape San Blas. If you’ve always wanted to improve your horseback riding skills, join a tour during your trip. Parents that need a few hours away from the kids can enjoy the sunshine on the golf course or explore one of the area’s lighthouses.

Enjoying the Water in Cape San Blas

All of the traditional water activities are on offer in Cape San Blas including boating, kayaking, and sailing. However, there is also more found here. Do you love the taste of scallops, but have never caught one yourself? Cape San Blas is the place to discover where these delicious creatures come from. Sign up for a recreational scalloping tour to learn more about this local delicacy.

cape san blas fishingAnother fantastic day on the water in Cape San Blas can be spent fishing. Whether you are an experienced sports fisherman or are interested in learning the basics, it is possible to join a tour or even charter a boat to get out on the Gulf of Mexico and try your luck at fishing. This local pastime will immerse you into a traditional aspect of Floridian culture.

Adventure in Cape San Blas

While Cape San Blas has a great reputation for its pristine beaches, not many visitors know that there is also incredible scuba diving to be had in the area. Scuba diving not only offers the opportunity to see a variety of local wildlife, but divers can also get up close and personal with shipwrecks. Adventurous divers will see a British tanker that was sunk by a German submarine in World War II or a sunken lumber ship. There are many small dive operators in the area that can help you to obtain a certification if you need one or can help to plan a customized scuba diving tour. If you've always dreamed of learning to scuba, there is no better place to gain a foundation of skills than Cape San Blas.

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What to See in Cape San Blas

While it will be difficult to tear yourself away from a day at the beach, there are also historic attractions in Cape San Blas that are worth a visit. The Cape San Blas lighthouse for example was first built in 1849 and has a long history. Visitors today can tour the Keepers’ Quarters dating back to 1905 where a gift shop is now located. This attraction is especially beautiful at sunset, so plan your visit accordingly!

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Where to Shop and Eat in Cape San Blas

cape san blas shopping

Shopping in Cape San Blas

During a beach vacation, everyone can use a day out of the sun. The shopping in Cape San Blas will tempt you into taking more than one day to explore the local stores. Here you will find a historic district that is full of southern charm from its local artisan shops to boutiques.

One favorite shopping tradition is a local farmers market that always features artwork and crafts. The SaltAir Farmers’ Market is held on the first and third Saturday mornings of the month from April through November. If you’re looking to pick up a gift for loved ones at home, be sure to check out Sleeping Beauty Gift Shop.

The Dining Scene in Cape San Blas

If your dream vacation includes al fresco dining, look no further than the restaurants of Cape San Blas. Here you will find a wide variety of choices, whether you want an upscale bistro or a casual night on the town. You might be tempted to eat dinner late, but being seated early means you can watch the shrimp boats come in, the dolphins swim by, and the incredibly colorful sunsets.

In Cape San Blas, neighboring Mexico Beach and Port St Joe, you can choose from many options including Prickly Pears Gourmet Gallery, Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza, Mango Marley’s, and Fish House Restaurant. Don’t forget about the Saturday farmer’s market as well, you might just be tempted to stock the kitchen of your vacation rental and cook a gourmet meal at home instead!

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When to Visit Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas is a little different than other destinations in Florida. Many travelers don’t realize just how big of a state Florida is, and that it has varying climates. Cape San Blas is located in the panhandle, in the northern section of the state, and temperatures don’t remain high enough year-round to be considered beach weather.

In December, January, and February high temperatures are in the 60s. If this sounds like your cup of tea, go ahead and plan a trip. The most popular time to visit, however, is from March through November when temperatures are a little warmer and the ocean is great for swimming. If you plan on visiting during the summer months of July and August when kids are out of school, be sure to book your vacation rental in advance.

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What to Bring to Cape San Blas

If you’re planning a Cape San Blas vacation, all you will need are beach basics. Pack a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses and you will be ready to go. Beach bums will want to bring some entertainment to accompany their sunbathing, so bring along a few novels or magazines, your iPod, and a Frisbee to toss around with the kids.

Active families will want to take advantage of all that Cape San Blas has to offer. If you love to snorkel, pack along your mask and flippers so you won’t have to wait in the rental line. A little entertainment for the vacation rental will be smart to pack as well. Plan to spend some quality family time watching your favorite DVD or getting competitive over a board game.

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Local Services in Cape San Blas

Expect to find that Southern service with a smile when you visit Cape San Blas. All of your basic needs will be met during your vacation including availability of ATMs, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies. If you’ve forgotten any of your beach basics at home, there are beach stores where you can pick up a new bathing suit, pair of goggles, or flip flops. Don’t forget about the local farmers market as well, which might just be a highlight of the weekend you’re in town.

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What to Know About Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas has a great reputation for the quality of the beaches, but what many travelers don’t know is that this town is also home to some great events. If you’re looking for something special to plan your trip around, consult the local calendar. Examples of events include the Great Visit Florida Beach Walk, a Christmas Lights celebration, New Year's festivities, and more. Checking the local listings for festivals and events might help you narrow your focus on a specific time to visit Cape San Blas.

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Getting to Cape San Blas

To fully appreciate Cape San Blas, you will want to arrive by car. This can mean either driving your own car from home or flying to a nearby airport and renting a car from there. The nearest major airport is in Panama City, Florida. A 45-mile drive connects these two Florida destinations. Tallahassee Airport is also within reachable distance at 100 miles (or a two-hour drive) from Cape San Blas. If you’re flying private, there are two small regional airports as well: Costin Airport in Port St Joe and Apalachicola Municipal Airport.

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Why Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals?

When you’re dreaming about escaping to the Gulf Coast, are you picturing a tiny hotel room, or a spacious home with ocean views? The answer is definitely the latter, and can connect you with the beach villa of your dreams. In order to truly relax, you will need your own space, a private kitchen, and a living area that your whole family can enjoy. With only limited vacation time, you will want to make every minute count. By choosing a vacation rental over hotels, there won’t be a wasted second during your trip to Cape San Blas.

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