If you want to bask in the glorious beauty of Puerto Rico, or go deep-sea diving off of the Bahamas, shopping in St. Martin, or stroll along the beaches of the US Virgin Islands, VacationRentals.com can assist you in finding the perfect Caribbean vacation for your group! Take an exciting Caribbean fishing vacation this year off of the coast of St. Lucia, or enjoy a Caribbean dive vacation in the Cayman Islands with your partner. Whatever you want to do in the Caribbean, you can find the service and the activity that will leave you content and ready for your next trip to the Caribbean!

What to Do in the Caribbean

Caribbean travel guidePure Adventure in Puerto Rico will take you snorkeling, diving, hiking, zip lining through forest, and kayaking. Whatever you want to do, Pure Adventure will teach you how and take you somewhere safe to do it! This is a safe and friendly way to learn how to zip line, if it is your first time, and a great company to trust with your Caribbean dive vacation plans!

Enchanted Island Eco Tours in Puerto Rico will take you on an informative and educational excursion that you will remember for the rest of your life. The natural beauty is arresting, and the guides are clever and endearing. This is a day-trip that you can’t miss if you are visiting Puerto Rico.

In Negril, Jamaica you can experience Big Ship Tours and Transportation. This professional tour company is experienced and capable, making all of their passengers feel respected and cared for; that’s why it’s the number one rated tour company in Jamaica! Reggae Tours will make you feel at-home and entertained as you explore the jungles with this musical guided group. If you want a unique experience, Reggae Tours will create it for you in Montego Bay!

If you like to golf, then the White Witch Golf Club in Jamaica will surprise you, hole after hole, with its fabulous design and perfect composition with the surrounding nature. People come to Jamaica just for the White Witch, so make sure you take the time to golf 18 holes if you happen to be in Jamaica for a Caribbean fishing vacation!

The reason that Octopus Diving is often ranked number one for excursions in St. Martin might be because they only take six divers at a time. Another reason why they’re so well-respected might be because of their excellent, experienced guides!

Dolphin SwimAt the 12 Metre Challenge in Philipsburg, St. Martin, you family can compete in a mini-American Cup with the actual ships from the 1987 competition! This is an experience you will brag about to friends for the rest of your life, and this Caribbean travel guide thinks it’s worth the trip to St. Martin! If you are interested in a Caribbean dive vacation, St. Martin is a great island for that trip, too.

If you have kids, plan to stop at the Butterfly Farms in Philipsburg on St. Martin island. This is an attraction that is special and charming, featuring dozens of rare species of butterflies the family can experience up-close in the enclosed butterfly farm.

In the Dominican Republic you can go to the Ocean World Dolphin Swim to swim with dolphins in a safe environment, and feed sharks. People love playing with the sea lions, and watching the exotic birds at Ocean World! The next day you could go on the Dominican Republic Monster Truck Safari through the local jungles and over the white sand beaches. If you can stand the loud engines, this is a tour that’s exciting and unique for all ages!

There are many great attractions in the Caribbeans. But, after your Caribbean fishing vacation, remember to kick-back, and enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural beauty, too. The peaceful ambiance in the Caribbean is a treasure that doesn’t need attractions and distractions to be worth visiting for Caribbean vacations!

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Where to Shop and Eat in the Caribbean

Cancun RestaurantsWhen you visit the Grand Cayman Islands, you can dine at elegant, 5 star restaurants, or cozy bungalow eateries that are about as pompous as a Wal-Mart. Both the Sunshine Grill and the Calypso Grill are top-rated, casual dining establishments that the whole family will love, with their uncomplicated flavors and their island décor.

Although the Copper Falls Steakhouse has been accused of being over-priced, these dishes are worth every dollar! Everything is delicious, from the appetizers to the desserts, for both lunch and dinner daily. Another pricey but delicious option is Blue, in the Ritz Carlton. This restaurant is consistently rated as one of the best places to eat, and it’s apparent why when you taste the food.

Café Martinique in the Bahamas was featured in a 1965 James Bond film because of its chic décor and amazing ambiance, but the food is also worth recognition. If you stay on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, you should definitely eat at Café Martinique after a full day of your Caribbean dive vacation; this food will surely re-energize you.

If you want to go shopping, stop-by Aruba for tax free purchases! This island is a great place to buy things that are heavily taxed in the US. In the Bahamas, the famous Straw Market will fill all of your needs for hand-woven rugs, mats, baskets and hats!

In the Dominican Republic, you can find real, nice amber for reasonable prices. It’s one of the few places in the Western Hemisphere. This amber is unique to the Dominican Republic, and it will be a lovely accent to any outfit.

In Barbados, you can enjoy the luxurious shopping centers, De Costas Mall and Cave Shepherd, where designer labels are the standard, and fine dining is prevalent! You may want to get dressed-up just to enter the shopping centers, because they are high-end!

In Gustavia on St. Barth, you will find high-end boutiques and unique shops. If you want to wow your friends with new jewelry, then go to Gustavia! You can find great St. Barts fashions like Sud Sud, Terra, and Kokon in this area, as well as Lolita Jaca’s famous, trendy sportswear and accessories.

On Turks and Caicos, visit the National Trust for lovely, handcrafted goods, locally made pottery, bags and totes, and other unique gifts. Also, go to Coco’s Boutique for exclusive, interesting clothing that is one-of-a-kind and high-end on Turks and Caicos.

With all of the shopping and dining options in the Caribbean, not to mention the attractions, you may forget all about the beaches and your Caribbean dive vacation and stay inside of the shopping malls, instead!

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When to Visit the Caribbean

The Atlantic Ocean’s hurricane season runs from June until November, so if you are traveling during this time, you should pack clothes that will accommodate torrential rains and winds. The worst time to visit the Caribbean if you are afraid of tropical weather is between October and November, with 96% of major hurricanes occurring during this time frame.

Visiting the Caribbean between April and June is a great choice, because the vacation rentals often feature great deals, and the weather is perfectly warm without being too hot. Caribbean vacations in May will be lovely and comfortable, with light breezes and short, sprinkling rains if anything. This Caribbean travel guide would rate May as the ideal month to visit the Caribbean, but if you like cooler weather, January is starkly beautiful with its chilly winds and empty beaches.

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What to Bring to the Caribbean

When you visit any of the Caribbean countries, you will want to pack your swimwear! Even if you visit in January, your vacation rental may include a private hot tub or heated pool, so there will always be opportunities to take a dip in the Caribbean.

A lot of travelers like to bring an extra, empty suitcase to carry home the handcrafted goods they have purchased in the Caribbean, and with so many duty-free shopping centers it makes sense to buy things in the Caribbean. You may also want to pack your own shopping bag, because a lot of the shopping stalls along the beaches won’t have sacks, and you could find yourself walking long distances with your arms full of goods if you forget to bring a canvas tote!

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Local Services in the Caribbean

Go on a 35-mile cruise around Puerto Rico with Erin Go Bragh Charters in Fajardo. This top-rated activity will leave you breathless from the natural beauty and the entertaining narration of historical events and quirky facts about Puerto Rico. With Acampa, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, you can go hiking up the waterfalls, or zip lining through a local forest. People love and trust Acampa; it has become one of the trusted names of Puerto Rican excursions.

Hooves in Jamaica will take you around the island on horseback, and fill your ears with historical trivia and fun facts. This is a great way to spend a day in Jamaica, for a thrill of a lifetime!

In St. Martin, Golden Eagle Tours will take you where you want to go, and they will do it with great service and professionalism. You will like Golden Eagle so much that you will recommend it to friends for years!

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What to Know About the Caribbean

Most people think of the Caribbean as an expensive destination that only wealthy families can afford, but with nightly rates as low as $35 in Jamaica, and only $45 a night in the US Virgin Islands, there are affordable Caribbean vacation deals for any budget! You and your family can enjoy the white, soft sands of the Dominican Republic, and then skip over to another vacation rental in St. Martin!

It is important to remember on your Caribbean fishing vacation that certain parts of the Caribbean can be dangerous, especially at night. Be safe, and wear your money and IDs in a money belt, and try not to flash your valuables around in public. You and your family can have a great Cancun dive vacation, but you should stay together if you go out after dark, and you should be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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Getting to the Caribbean

Depending upon which Caribbean countries you will be visiting, you will fly into any of several different international airports. In the Bahamas, you will fly into Nassau International Airport, and in Barbados you’ll arrive at the Grantley Adams International Airport. There are two airports on the US Virgin Islands, and another one on the British Virgin Islands. St. Martin and St. Lucia each have two of their own airports, and most of the other popular Caribbean destinations have their own one-or-two airports. No matter where you are going, you will have easy access to the Caribbean country you wish to visit.

Hopping between the Caribbean islands is easy, with cheap flights and ferries. You can arrive to one country and leave from another for an additional low fare, depending upon the airline you fly.

When you arrive on your island, you should keep in mind that public transit may be very limited and inconvenient. If you want to cruise around the country of your choice in the Caribbean with freedom, rent a car!

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Why Caribbean Vacation Rentals?

Hopefully, this Caribbean travel guide has exposed you to some of the wonderful attractions and restaurants on the various islands, and you have learned about exciting options for Caribbean vacations. No matter which island you go to, you can save money by choosing to book your accommodations with VacationRentals.com. Nightly rates for as low as $35 are available now, and some of the accommodations online offer great freebies and free nights with your reservation on VacationRentals.com. Explore the exciting amenities you can choose from, and decide whether you want luxury in a penthouse or a quaint beachfront chalet for your family and friends.

No one wants to feel like just another tourist, who isn’t important. Staying in a hotel where the receptionists are uncaring and busy, and the lobbies are crowded and noisy, could ruin your Caribbean vacations. When you go to the Caribbean, enjoy the privacy and luxury of a vacation rental, rather than wading through the lobby of a crowded hotel lobby.

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