Any visit to the state of Florida should be a special one for tourists of any age so why not make your next visit to Cocoa Beach just as special with this Cocoa Beach travel guide? A trip to another state, particularly an unfamiliar one, can be a bit daunting, which is why our Cocoa Beach Travel Guide should be reviewed multiple times prior to traveling. This guide will help you steer clear of a disastrous vacation and enjoy fun, cheap, and effortless Cocoa Beach vacations. If you have any ideas on how we can improve and update our Cocoa Beach travel guide then please send us those tips.

What to Do in Cocoa Beach

Beach VacationCocoa Beach vacations offer visitors plenty of things to do including catching rays of sunshine to spending nights in the clubs dancing away with family and friends. With our Cocoa Beach travel guide you surely will have an interesting and exciting vacation for everyone in your travel party to enjoy.

There are plenty of places for you and your travel party to visit during your trip to Cocoa Beach and they include the Cocoa Beach Pier, the Alan Shepard Beachfront Park, the Cocoa Beach Golf Course, the Thousand Islands Conservation Area, the Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center and Pool Complex, I Dream of Jeannie Lane and the 'Glass Bank.' There is plenty to do in Cocoa Beach, or close to Cocoa Beach, that does not entail sitting on the beach all day long.

Day Trip Potential

Day trips from Cocoa Beach will take only an hour or two to get to but will also provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. The attractions of Orlando are only an hour to the West of the city and Daytona Beach is just over an hour's drive to the North. Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center and Jetty Park are just some of the attractions within driving distance of Cocoa Beach. At Jetty Park you can swim, sunbathe, camp, fish, boat and much more in the hot summer sun of Florida.

Cocoa Beach Pier

If visiting the Cocoa Beach Pier catches your fancy then you might want to set aside an entire day and night to enjoy all of the activities available to you at the pier. Aside from swimming, sunbathing, and people watching; tourists can visit shops, play volleyball, grab a drink at the local bars or fish off of the pier. The Cocoa Beach Pier, which extends 800 feet into the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, was built in 1962.

Even though there are so many attractions in and around Cocoa Beach, make sure that you do not miss out on spending a day or two soaking in the sun on the city's beautiful beaches. They are just outside Cocoa Beach vacation rentals. While on the beach, one of the most popular spots for drinks and food is The Beach Shack. The Beach Shack is where natives of Cocoa Beach and tourists enjoy classic rock, blues, drinks and excellent food.

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What to See in Cocoa Beach

For starters, there is always people watching when on the piers or sitting on the beach. If that is not enough to satisfy your viewing pleasures then visiting the Kennedy Space Center is your next best bet. The Atlantic Ocean can be viewed by walking 800 feet over it, via the Cocoa Beach Pier, or you can view the city using a boat or jet ski.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach foodAside from The Beach Shack, tourists and natives of Cocoa Beach can feed their hunger in a variety of different ways. If you are looking for fine dining then Bernard's Surf is the spot for you. Enjoy their award winning seafood dishes or steaks, whichever suits your fancy. Even though you are staying in Florida, you could satisfy your hunger for German and other European food at the Heidelberg German Restaurant. If you are looking for a date night in Cocoa Beach with an intimate, quiet atmosphere then the Black Tulip is the place for you and your date when it comes to upscale dining.

When it comes to shopping there are plenty of places for the shopping enthusiast in your travel party to visit during your vacation to Cocoa Beach. There are five shopping malls in the vicinity of Cocoa Beach to go along with plenty of skate and surf shops, clothing boutiques, galleries and gift shops. The more popular shops are the Ron Jon Surf Shop, Ocean Notions & Tropical Threads, and Out 'N' Out Gifts.

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When to Visit Cocoa Beach

The tropical climate of the state of Florida brings snowbirds from the Northeast to the state every winter, especially the city of Cocoa Beach, which means that all year round there will be thousands of tourists visiting the area. There really is no down season for Cocoa Beach. If you are looking for the best Cocoa Beach vacations deals around try to book your trip during the fall and winter seasons, away from summer and Spring Break, when thousands of college students flock to the city to enjoy their week off from tough classes and term papers. Should you book a trip to Cocoa Beach for the winter season be sure to check out the annual Eckler's Classic Chevy Winter National, which takes place early in February each year. The event is 50s themed, right on the beach, to enjoy the sun and the sand.

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What to Bring to Cocoa Beach

SunscreenFamily and friends take vacations to all corners of the world each year, bringing different items with them for each destination, and this includes Cocoa Beach vacations. Find out prior to leaving for Cocoa Beach what will be in your vacation property so that you can bring the rest with you or purchase it once you arrive at your destination. Cocoa Beach homes come with almost every single amenity, which makes them a smarter choice than a hotel room, because it allows you to spend more time on the beach or in the water than in the supermarket shopping for goods and food.

Since the dress code in Cocoa Beach varies greatly, you should pack both casual and dressy clothes in case you visit different restaurants and bars during the trip. There is a large chance you will spend time at the beach, fancy restaurants, fast food joints, bars and clubs during your stay in Cocoa Beach so be sure to pack various outfits. Make sure you bring a suitcase large enough to carry all of your souvenirs home in since it is so easy to shop during your stay in Cocoa Beach. Also, do not forget to pack the beach gear for sunbathing and swimming.

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Local Services in Cocoa Beach

There is so much to do in Cocoa Beach that every member of your travel party will find at least one fun thing to do during the trip. There are boat rental stores, wetsuit rental stores, bike rentals, car rentals, umbrella rentals, tours, boat charters, water sport stores and much more. Since so many families visit Cocoa Beach each year the city is prepared for families with young children and pets.

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What to Know About Cocoa Beach

As with any vacation, always take precautions when it comes to visiting a strange city you have never been to before. Even if you have visited Cocoa Beach in the past, always make sure you have emergency numbers on hand and know where the police, fire, and medical stations are located in the event of an emergency. Never let your children explore the building, beach, pier or city on their own.

Cocoa Beach vacations are not for the lazy at heart or those who simple want to sit on the beach for the entire vacation. There is so much to do during the day and especially at night (the clubs and bars) that you will always be on the go. There are spas in the area though to grab a day of pampering when your body starts to hit a wall from all of the fun and excitement of the trip.

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Getting to Cocoa Beach

The Melbourne International Airport is only a 30 minute drive from the city of Cocoa Beach, which means that taking a flight to get to the city is not out of the question. Almost every single airline flies into the Melbourne International Airport, which also offers taxi services to and from the airport to the city of Cocoa Beach and all of its vacation destinations. Taxi fares are costly in Cocoa Beach, so find a Cocoa Beach vacation rental close to the attractions you are interested in visiting to save money by walking to and from those destinations.

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Why Cocoa Beach Vacation Rentals?

With a Cocoa Beach vacation rental, which can be a house, condominium, or apartment, you and your family can enjoy all of the attractions that Cocoa Beach has to offer. These places of residency are not cheap to rent but they are worth every single penny spent to book them if you want to feel right at home when you are thousands of miles away from yours.

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