Fire Island, New York is a fun family vacation spot filled with water activities, hiking, camping, and beautiful scenery. Fire Island travel is definitely a place to check out for a fun summer vacation on the beach. Plus, you’ll enjoy fabulous restaurants and shopping. This travel guide will show you some of the fun and relaxing things to do while visiting Fire Island.

What to Do in Fire Island

fire island travel guideFire Island has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking, surfing, fishing, or just relax on the beach, there are plenty of activities for the old and the young on Fire Island. You’ll also find nice Fire Island summer rentals from Vacation to help complete your stay on the island.

What would an island be without fabulous beaches? Fire Island beaches are some of the finest on the East Coast. The beaches are clean and the sand is soft. Set up your umbrella and chair and enjoy a relaxing day taking in the sun, building sand castles, and searching for sea shells. You can spend an entire day just relaxing and enjoying the fresh air on Fire Island.

Fire Island is full of fun water activities! Rent a sea kayak and go out on the sea. You can easily paddle in the Atlantic while enjoying a thrilling adventure. Or try your hand at windsurfing. Windsurfing is becoming ever popular on Fire Island. Maybe you can even find time to water ski or take a short cruise.

The Atlantic Ocean is a great place to do a little surfing. Fire Island is a barrier island which creates some great surfing conditions. During hurricane season, waves have been known to be as high as 10 feet! With a series of sandbars and jetties, there are many surfing conditions, providing a spot for surfers of all abilities. The waves here change often, so bring or rent a couple of surfboards to have the best experience. In the summer, the waves tend to be on the smaller side. For larger, faster waves, you’ll want to go to the ocean beach jetties.

Boating and sailing are also popular activities. In fact, boating is a way of life on Fire Island. There are several marinas around the island like, Watch Hill, Saltaire, Fair Harbor, and Dune Wood. Stay in designated marinas to keep safe and to have the most enjoyable time. The bay tends to be shallow, so many boaters head off shore to the morring buoys.

Sailing is another fun water activity. There are many sailing clubs in the community. You can see some of the best sailors in the world at Fire Island. Or try the sport yourself by taking a sailing lesson. Whether watching the beautiful sails or getting out on the water yourself, you’re sure to enjoy the sailing around Fire Island.

And don’t forget about the fishing! There’s plenty of fishing available for all levels of fishermen, including beginner and expert. Head to Crossing Fire Island and Great South Bay for fluke, flounder, blues, stripers, sea bass, kingfish, and more. In the evenings, many like to try their luck finding blue claw crabs, weak fish, and other sealife that is abundant after the sun goes down. You can fish right from the dock or take a boat out on the water. For some incredible adventures, use a charter service to take you out for some deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing in the area yields tuna, shark, and marlin.

If you aren’t into water activities, there are still plenty of fun activities for you on Fire Island. Biking is a fun island activity. In fact, you’ll see bikes everywhere on Fire Island. Cruise around the island or even ride along the beach…no matter where you choose to ride you’ll enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Biking is one of the best ways to see most of the island.

Hiking is another favorite past time for locals and visitors. For a leisurely walk, you can go the entire 32 miles of the Fire Island National Seashore which goes around the island. Or head to Watch Hill for some hiking trails. You’ll find miles of boardwalks that take you through the wilderness, beaches, and marshes. Hiking around the island is one of the best ways to absorb the local culture and experience Fire Island.

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What to See in Fire Island

A must see on Fire Island is the Sunken Forest. The Sunken Forest is one of the few remaining maritime forests. The forest is famous for twisted trees sprayed by salt water. You can also see freshwater marshland and wildlife native to the area. The Sunken Forest is maintained by the Fire Island National Seashore and earned its name because it appears lower than the water that surrounds the forest. Trees in the forest are estimated to be over 200 years old. The Sunken Forest covers about 40 acres. You can walk for miles on boardwalks and sand dunes to explore the natural beauty. While exploring the forest, be sure to look up and notice the twisted canopy. The way the trees interact and twist together is one of the forest’s most remarkable attributes.

Another wonderful site to see is the Fire Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the oldest landmark on Fire Island. The lighthouse was built in 1857. After 1974, the light house was no longer used to warn ships of land. In 1987, the Fire Island Lighthouse was opened as an observatory and museum. Today, the lighthouse is a prominent Fire Island travel destination. From the lighthouse, visitors can see amazing views of Long Island, the Atlantic Ocean, South Bay, and Fire Island beaches. On a clear day, you can see the New York City skyline.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Fire Island

fire island vacationsYou’re sure to work up an appetite with all of the activities readily available. Fire Island features famous New York restaurants, clubs, and bars. Since Fire Island boasts such wonderful fishing, local restaurants benefit from the bounty. You’ll find many restaurants with fresh seafood choices. You can also dine on steak, pizza, Mexican, and Italian.

There are many smaller shops and boutiques around the island if you want to get in shopping. Most of the shops are located in Ocean Beach. You’ll find items unique to Fire Island and plenty of souvenirs to take home as a memento of your vacation.

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When to Visit Fire Island

Summer time on Fire Island is the most popular time to visit. You’ll experience the best weather and be able to participate in all of the water and outdoor activities. If you come during hurricane season, usually in the fall time, you’ll experience higher waves for a thrilling surfing experience. To avoid the crowds, come in the spring or fall. You can still have some fun in the water and on the beaches, although you’ll experience cooler temperatures than you will in the summer.

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What to Bring on a Fire Island Vacation

If you come during the summer, you’ll experience warm temperatures. You’ll want to bring shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, and of course, a bathing suit. Sunscreen is essential so don’t forget to bring some along. If you go out on the boat or hiking in the Sunken Forest, you’ll want insect repellant as well.

Light clothing will serve you best. Most of the island is casual, so there’s no need to pack a fancy outfit for dinner. You might want to pack a skirt or another fun outfit if you plan to spend time in the clubs or exploring some of the local night life.

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Local Services in Fire Island

Fire Island has many facilities for renting boats, kayaks, life jackets, and other essentials you’ll need for water activities. There’s no need to haul your own equipment as you can get it all on the island. You’ll also enjoy modern conveniences like grocery stores, high-speed internet, and post offices. Medical and dental facilities are also nearby.

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What to Know About Fire Island

Fire Island is surrounded by water, so the only way to get here is by the Fire Island ferry or seaplane. Most communities are directly serviced by ferries and most ferry stations are within walking distance.

You don’t need a fishing license to take part in the bounty. However, there is a limit to the number of fish you can catch, so be sure to become aware of local rules and regulations. Limiting the number of fish you can catch ensures there will be plenty of fishing for years to come.

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Getting to Fire Island, Long Island

If you travel by car or on the Long Island Railroad, you’ll get to the Fire Island ferry station and to the island in about two hours. Traveling by water involves coming by boat across the Great South Bay flying by seaplane. Seaplanes are the quickest ways to get to Fire Island.

If you’re coming by commercial plane, you’ll fly into the Long Island MacArthur airport. From here, you can rent a car or grab a taxi to get you to the Fire Island ferry. If you’re coming from New York City, taxis, vans, and limousines all travel to the island. Fire Island travel is convenient and easy.

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Why Fire Island Vacation Rentals?

Use Vacation to find the perfect Fire Island summer rentals. You’ll find comfortable homes and condos for rent to help make your vacation pleasant and memorable. Vacation offers the best prices to fit every budget.

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