The crystalline waters of the Florida Keys are a welcome retreat from ordinary life, and Florida Keys vacation rentals are affordable and easy to book on! You can take an adventure out to sea with a respected charter boat company, or relax on the beach near your private beachfront rental, and enjoy the turquoise skies and golden sands of your luxury paradise retreat! People love the Florida Keys because the people are so welcoming and eccentric. Florida Keys vacations are memorable and fun-filled for families, individuals, and couples who want a romantic getaway.

What to Do in the Florida Keys

IFlorida Keys Beach Vacationn Key Biscayne of Florida there are many fun attractions for couples and individuals, or for the whole family! Go to the Biscayne Nature Center to see the lovely architecture and fabulous, state-of-the-art environmental education center. There are both permanent and rotating exhibits, so you can visit the center year after year to learn new things about seaside ecology. At Cradon Park, you can see beautiful lands that used to be the home to Indian tribes and a coconut plantation. This two-mile beach is rated as one of the top ten beaches in Florida, time and time, again!

The original boat where Humphrey Bogart and the gorgeous Katherine Hepburn filmed “The African Queen” is docked in Key Largo for your entertainment! Cruises on The African Queen are available aboard this luxury craft, in the daytime, as well as at sunset.

At Dolphin Cove in Key Largo you can explore five acres of educational marine learning programs that are designed for families, with hands-on fish tanks and the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. They also give Everglade ecology tours by charter for groups who want to learn more about the world around them!

Like Dolphin Cove, Dolphins Plus gives people an up-close and personal experience with dolphins that you will never forget! This center specializes in the protection and conservation of marine mammals and sea life.

Elsewhere in Key Largo, enjoy the SunCruz Casino and bar that offers the “loosest slots in the area,” or at least claims to! Play blackjack, roulette, and craps as you bask in the adult environment of this luxurious sailing boat casino! It sails daily at 5:00 PM and later, at 7:00 PM.

This Florida Keys travel guide suggests that if you visit Key West, you take the time to go to the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center! In this 6,400 square-foot facility you can enjoy interactive exhibits, look at the native wildlife up-close, and stare into the 2,500 gallon reef tank that features real, living corals and tropical fish!

For an even more amazing aquarium, visit the Key West Aquarium on Whitehead Street! You can explore this award-winning aquarium of the undersea world while experts explain what it is, exactly, that you are looking at!

Also located on Whitehead Street in Key West, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is an educational trip that your young family writer will love! Learn about the Nobel-Prize-winning author as you peruse his house from 1931. The tours are quick and efficient, and the house is beautiful to see.

For a nighttime adventure that will make everyone in the group happy, visit Key West’s Red Barn Theatre on Duval Street. The small, but professional theater group is very entertaining and creative.

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Where to Shop and Eat in the Florida Keys

FLorida Keys restaurantsFor fun shopping trips in the Florida Keys, go to Kino Sandals in Key West! You can buy elegant, handmade natural leather sandals that are unique and comfortable. They make great gifts for your friends who are stuck at home during your Florida Keys vacations!

If you would like to take home some high quality clothing, embroidered with the distinctive style of Guy Harvey and marine life, then the Marine Wildlife Gallery on Front Street in Key West will be a shopping trip that you’ll always remember. The eclectic clothing are so unique, that you should buy as much as you want, because the originals and limited edition items will never be sold, again!

In Key West, Florida, ladies will love the Blue Island Store! It’s both haute couture and casual boutique style, with stylish and sophisticated cocktail dresses in linens and silk, for island comfort. This store also features its own line of beaded jewelry and body products.

For people who still enjoy a good smoke, the Island Smoke Shop has award-winning cigars from the El Original line. This shop has a wide selection of imported and domestic cigars and tobaccos that are well-organized and fun to browse.

In Key Largo, you can find everything you want at Expressions Swim n’ Sun Wear on Overseas Highway. More than 1,000 swimsuits await you, and there are so many interesting souvenirs, that you could spend hours in this fun shop!

In Key Biscayne, you can enjoy the smoky flavor of the meats at Ad Gustum Market, Deli and Grill! The wide variety of food will please people who like premium delis and salad bars, and the unpretentious outdoor dining is fun for the whole family. Also in Key Biscayne, the Linda B. Steak House is known as the place to go for a great steak or fresh seafood! This restaurant is beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat in!

The Buzzard’s Roost in Key Largo has fresh local seafood and steaks, ribs, soups, and salads that will satisfy the entire group after a long day on the beach! This Florida Keys travel guide suggests the delicious fish sandwiches at The Buzzard’s Roost, because they are unique and tasty. Elsewhere in Key Largo, you can stop-in for unique dining at Senor Frijoles, for a fusion of Florida seafood and Mexican cuisine!

If you are visiting Plantation Key for a day trip, eat at the famous Marker 88 Restaurant at mile marker 88. This restaurant overlooks Florida Bay, and is a five-star-diamond award-winning establishment that will impress anyone! From your champagne to your local cuisine, everything will be just perfect. Plan to visit Tuesday through Sunday at dinnertime, because that’s the only time the restaurant is open!

In Key West, enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Blond Giraffe. This southern cuisine is terrific and award-winning! Their Key Lime Pie is worth the drive to Key West, even without sampling their freshly baked breads and other great dishes.

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When to Visit the Florida Keys

The Keys are lovely all year, but you may want avoid hurricane season’s peak, which takes place between late September and mid-November. Hurricanes are often mild, or reduced to heavy rains before they hit land, but if you want a warm, Florida Keys beach vacation, then you should visit before September.

Key Biscayne has a Halloween celebration that is famous throughout Florida for its fun trick-or-treating experience, and the two haunted houses and Halloween-centered performances and marine shows. This two-day long celebration, The Monster Splash, takes place at the Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne, Florida.

Other festivities take place year-round in the Keys, but nothing can compete with the beauty of late spring in the Florida Keys! This Florida Keys travel guide suggests that you visit in May or June for your Florida Keys vacations.

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What to Bring to the Florida Keys

Pack your favorite swimwear and a great book, because you will spend a lot of time on the beaches of the Florida Keys!

Also, you may want to pack comfortable running shoes, because the endless golden beaches of the Keys will make you want to run off those extra calories you’ll be eating in the Florida Keys’ fine restaurants.

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Local Services in the Florida Keys

The Key Largo Princess Glassbottom Boat is a fun day tour that will take you out to the John Pennekamp Coarl Reef State Park and National Marine Sanctuary on a large, 70-foot yacht. It’s both spacious, and air-conditioned, for your comfort.

In Key West, enjoy the Conch Tour Train, which will take you to all of the best Key West attractions with its easy hop-on hop-off access. The 90-minute tour covers more than 400 years of history from the Florida Keys. Affordably priced, this is a great alternative to renting a car if you are staying in Florida Keys vacation rentals in Key West with your friends and family!

There are great services available on all of the Florida Keys’ islands, so you will be taken care of with dignity and professionalism. Whether you want a private, guided tour of the city you are staying in, or to charter a yacht for an ocean perspective of the Keys, it’s easy to located companies in the Keys. And, most of the major cities like Key West have excellent ghost tours of their towns that cover historical information and fun facts.

If you want your dry-cleaning done overnight, or maid service to clean your vacation rental while you play on the beach, then there are services in the Florida Keys that will take care of all of your needs. Some of the vacation rentals even offer stewards who will stock your kitchen with your favorite groceries before you arrive in the Florida Keys! Be pampered; stay in the Florida Keys!

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What to Know About the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are all connected by highways that stand on stilts high over the water. You can easily drive from one to another if you choose to get a rental car, so you could spend a few nights in Key West, then travel to Key Largo for a few days in a different vacation rental!

Each of the islands has its own unique character, and the locals are a little defensive about their individuality. If you stay in Key Largo, your experience could be drastically different than someone’s who is staying in nearby Key Biscayne, Florida. The best option is to island-hop, so that you can enjoy several Florida Keys vacation rental homes and several different unique island cultures.

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Getting to the Florida Keys

Florida KeysKey West International Airport is conveniently located for you Florida Keys vacations, as is the Florida Keys Marathon Airport, and Miami International Airport, which is located outside of the Keys, but close-enough that it’s worth flying into Miami if you want to save money. Miami is often much cheaper than the two airports in the Keys, because it is a major hub for several large airlines.

Once you arrive to your destination airport, you may want to rent a car so that you can see all of the islands. Florida Keys vacation rental homes are located in gorgeous areas, but if you want to see more than just your specific neighborhood, you should save the extra money for the car!

In Key West, there is an excellent system of public transportation, so if you are going to just Key West, you could use a shuttle to and from the airport and save money by using public taxis and trams.

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Why Florida Keys Vacation Rentals?

Your Florida Keys vacation rentals will be replete with the highest-end amenities you could imagine, if that’s what you want, or you could book a cozy beach chalet. Whatever you want is what you will get, on Florida Keys vacations don’t have to be expensive! Don’t stay in an over-priced hotel, when luxurious beachfront properties are available for less money. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a property that has a full kitchen so that you can cook your own meals, in one of the Florida Keys rental homes. There are so many options on vacation rentals, which you are sure to get just what you want! With nightly rates from $50 on Cudjoe Key, to an affordable $75 a night to stay on Marathon, anyone can visit the Florida Keys!

Stay away from the crowded, noisy hotel lobbies that detract from your vacations, and select a luxurious Florida Keys vacation rental that could include a private sauna, heated pool, balcony views of the ocean, and other exciting amenities!

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