Vacation has thousands of amazing Florida vacation rental properties. Compared to hotels, you'll save lots of money, yet get more space and amenities, with a Florida vacation rental. But with so many different cities, property types, and rental rates to choose from, how can you make sense of it all? Well, let's put the spotlight on Florida vacation villas for a moment. What makes a Florida vacation villa a villa and is it the right fit for you and your group?

What Are Florida Vacation Villas?

Florida Vacation villasAs you peruse our vacation rental listings, you'll discover that we have an incredible variety of Florida vacation villas up for rent. But what is a Florida vacation villa? What makes it so different than a condo or house? Well, we're guessing a villa has a certain connotation for you already - you might think stately, elegant, and even foreign. Something out of the ordinary. And you're really right on with those assumptions.

Florida vacation villas are often a bit more luxurious and refined than other properties. They also can be isolated from the tourist hub and resort areas, but sometimes they're actually part of an upscale resort.

Way back when, villas were the country-side estates of wealthy folks (the term comes from Italy). Now you can stay in a superior beachside retreat for cheap, thanks to Vacation's vast selection of Florida vacation villas.

How Do You Rent a Florida Vacation Villa?

Vacation has Florida vacation villas in Cocoa Beach, the Florida Keys, Disney World, and Miami. They're everywhere and they come in many different sizes and styles. As well, they also offer a lot more value than hotels, even the poshest ones.

To find your dream Florida vacation villa, simply look at the individual city listings and filter them by property type (choose villa). You can also filter by minimum and maximum rental rate and preferred amenities. For example, you can find a three-bedroom pet-friendly Florida vacation villa with a pool that costs less than one hundred dollars a night. Really!

After you've taken a look around, inquire about your favorite Florida vacation villas. The owner of the villas will then get in touch with you. Before you agree to a money transaction, though, make sure to register your trip with the HomeAway Rental Guarantee.

Need More Convincing?

Stay in our Florida vacation villas and experience the beauty, fun and culture that have brought thousands of people here year after year. And when you stay in our Florida vacation villas you will be able to truly enjoy the vacation and relax in your world class accommodations.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or city dweller, there is something you are sure to love here. You can spend your days eating at world class restaurants, shopping at some of the most unique stores, or visiting the historic buildings, libraries and many great museums. When night comes around enjoy the many great concerts, musicians, bars, and nightclubs. You could go see one of the many major sports teams, a horse or stock car race, or enjoy the major attractions like Busch Gardens, DisneyWorld, SeaWorld, or aquariums.

Maybe you prefer outdoor adventures, if so plan to spend a lot of time here because there is a lot you can do. Spend days sitting on the white sandy beaches and swim in the warm blue waters. Bathe in the sun or walk along the coast and catch oysters. Or go on a hiking trip through the national parks or camp along the beach. Maybe you’re seeking adventure, if so spend some time deep sea fishing, go on a boat tour, try parasailing or go deep sea fishing and catch fish that are as big as you are.

So what are you waiting for? Florida vacation villas have never been more affordable, so come enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Book your vacation today, save money, and cerate memories with your group that will last a lifetime.

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