Affordable, laidback family fun defines the experience of Fort Myers Beach vacations. Beautiful Estero Island is home to the world’s safest beach – or so the locals say – making the miles and miles of pristine, sugar-white sands all the more appealing for you and the kids to play on. If beachcombing gets old (though that’s not likely to happen), there’s plenty to keep you occupied on this Gulf Coast charmer. Make sure to stop by our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals and let us know how we can improve our Fort Myers Beach travel guide.

What to Do in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach FishingThe main attraction here is the beach (particularly Lover’s Cove), so a Fort Myers Beach oceanfront condo rental is a necessity – whether you’re getting married, honeymooning, or just hanging out with the family. 

In Fort Myers Beach, there’s no need to pull your hair out over the perfect itinerary. Wake up in to a calming view of the ocean and go with the mellow Fort Myers Beach flow of things! Relaxing activities such as sunbathing, seashell collecting, golfing, and bird watching are just as popular as parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and jet skiing. Outdoor recreation on and off the water will be your way of life if you stay in a Fort Myers Beach rental.

Cast a line off the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier, build a sandcastle at Lynn Hall Memorial Park, picnic by the sea, or enjoy a romantic evening with your honey on a sunset dinner cruise.

If you’re looking to hit the green, the Fort Myers Beach Golf Club offers up a scenic game of golf. (The little ones can play putt-putt golf at Smuggler’s Cove Adventure Golf and Jungle Golf.)

For nature lovers, must-see attractions include the Otsego Bay Marine Science Theater, where you can observe (and even touch) the area’s aquatic life, and the Mantanzas Pass Wildlife Preserve, a 56-acre oasis of plants and wildlife that include mangrove trees, manatees, and Osprey. If you still feel like you’re missing out, take a guided tour of the astonishing Florida Everglades; Everglades Adventures will pick you up from  your condo and take you on an exciting boat tour with animal encounters.

If rain threatens to ruin your day at the beach, the Bay Oaks Recreation Center promises lots of indoor fun for the whole family. There’s also the Beach Theater, where you can enjoy the latest Blockbuster and great food at the same time! (Menu items include a fried grouper sandwich, a Philly cheese steak, and an ice cream sundae.) If dinner and a movie is outside your budget, watch your favorite flick in the comfort of one of these Fort Myers Beach condo rentals and pop your own popcorn.

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What to See in Fort Myers Beach

Each one of our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals has a great view; after all, Fort Myers Beach is all about natural beauty. The locals have helped minimize urban sprawl so there’s plenty of uncorrupted beach to explore. The architecture is also worth a look! Much of Fort Myers Beach resembles “old Florida,” so you’ll see a very different side to the Sunshine State than you would in Orlando or Miami.

Also, try to spot a dolphin or a rare bird species while you’re here!

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Fort Myers Beach Restaurants and Shops

Fort Myers Beach DiningWhen it comes to dining and shopping in Fort Myers Beach, you've got plenty of options. While visiting Florida’s Gulf Coast, you owe it yourself to chow down on some excellent seafood. The Beach Pierside Grill, Mantanzas Inn Restaurant, and the Beached Whale are great Fort Myers Beach restaurants for doing just that! Plenty of other cuisine can be found across the city, too, like Anthony’s on the Gulf, an Italian restaurant.

Fort Myers Beach’s “Times Square” is the main hub for shops, restaurants, and bars and it’s located on the north end of town. However, if you head a bit south of this bustling area, you’ll discover the Seafarer’s Village, which is ideal for souvenir shopping.

Downtown Fort Myers Beach is where most the nightlife happens – the Junkanoo Beach Bar is a favorite spot.

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When to Plan Fort Myers Beach Vacations

Fort Myers Beach condos and vacation homes are a wonderful idea throughout the year. That’s because the weather outside our Fort Myers Beach rentals is relatively comfortable – even in December. Winter temperatures tend to stay in the 60s, while 80 degree weather makes up most of summer. Watch out for rain, though! While it provides a nice relief from the heat, it’s common in the summer and might catch you off guard.

Visit in November and you can participate in the Sandsculpting Festival. Or book a condo rental for Spring Break and check out the Shrimp Festival, held every March. Planning a beachside Christmas? Then watch the Christmas Holiday Boat Parade.

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What to Bring to Your Fort Myers Beach Rental

With Fort Myers Beach vacation homes, many of your worries are taken care of from the get go – from beach towels to wireless internet to kitchenware, there’s a good chance you'll have all the necessary supplies. However, it’s good to know what to expect and plan to run an errand or two upon your arrival.

So, what should you pack? Beach wear and beach gear, of course! Sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suits, coolers, beach blankets, beach chairs, a snorkel, and a fishing pole and tackle, are some packing suggestions.

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Fort Myers Beach's Local Services

Fort Myers Beach is filled with water sports stores, so if you forget to pack snorkel gear, there’s little to stress about. There are also plenty of fishing charters, kayak rentals, and other beach services that will help you make the most of your vacation.

One major plus of the area – its outstanding wedding services. If you plan to exchange vows here (like so many lovebirds have), you’ll have no problem planning and organizing an idyllic wedding. While you’re at it, refer your wedding guests to cheap but comfortable Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals.

The Fort Myers Beach Tours Information Center, located on the mainland, is a great place to go before you kick start your vacation – find out about all the activities and services in the area and you’ll be set for a memorable and hassle-free Fort Myers Beach vacation.

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What to Know About Fort Myers Beach

Find the public beach access points on a map before you head out for the day. Also, check the weather forecast and tide charts every morning. 

If you’re a sightseer looking for non-stop activity, Fort Myers Beach may make a great home base, but you’ll get a little stir crazy. Fort Myers and other Florida attractions across the waterway will give you something to do if you’re in need of a little excitement.

A Fort Myers Beach vacation is a relaxed one, so turn off the cell phone and take in the striking natural scenery around you!

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Getting to Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach is accessible via bridges that connect Estero Island to the mainland, so it’s best to fly into Fort Myers and then drive to your destination.

Once you’re here, rent a car or get to know the taxis. The public transportation system isn’t anything to write home about; however, the LeeTran has a few Fort Myers Beach trolleys you can hop on.

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Why Fort Myers Beach Vacation Rentals?

When it comes to your beach accommodation, there’s no beating the value of a Fort Myers Beach vacation house rental. Why share a swimming pool with a bunch of other people when you can enjoy your own private swimming pool instead? Why pay a fortune for one night in a resort hotel when you can pay the same amount for a week in a luxury Fort Myers Beach villa rental? Why sacrifice the comforts of home just because you’re leaving town? When you choose the family-friendly value of Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals over hotels, you’re choosing a better, more memorable vacation.

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