If you want to experience Key West restaurants and Key West bars for your next amazing adventure, then there is only one option you should consider! Key West vacation rentals will leave you with extra cash for shopping and fine dining, and you won’t have to suffer a crowded, noisy lobby, either! Vacation Rentals has different property types and sizes that will suit any kind of Key West vacation, so you can pick and choose your ideal amenities at a price that you find pleasing!

If you have always dreamed of the islands that speckle the southern-most edge of Florida, then now is the time for a visit. Escape your every-day lifestyle, and learn what it means to be laid-back and relaxed first-hand in Key West.

What to Do in Key West

Key West AquariumThe Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is a lot of fun for the whole family! With 6,400 feet of interactive exhibits and living creatures from above land, and below water, that are all native to the Keys, you will be informed and entertained!

Also a lot of fun for families and romantic outings, the Key West Aquarium, with its undersea exhibits and award-winning aquarium, you will never want to leave! Expert guides will explain the mysterious nature of the aquarium, and why critters native to the Keys are so unique and worth studying.

Fury Water Adventure is a great place to go, because they will suit you up for any adventure you would like in the surrounding crystal clear waters of Key West, its most popular attraction! Whether you want to go catamaran, jetskiing, snorkeling, parasailing, or on a romantic sunset cruise, or sailing with the kids, Fury will give you the tools you need and guidance if it’s your first time. If you aren’t afraid of the water after seeing classics like Jaws, take a trip on the glass-bottomed boat that will allow you to see into the underwater world, to see the fish and reefs, and to feel like you are a mermaid.

If you want to do something educational after your day out to sea with Fury, go to the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens! Captain Geiger lived in this historic, elegant home, but it barely rivals the other historic home, Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum! In 1931 Hemingway moved into this house and began writing another epic, but aside from Hemingway, this is a lovely historic home that is worth perusing and photographing of its own merits, too. If you’re a writer, this house might inspire you, too, to write a Nobel Prize winning novel!

You could also visit the former residences of Harry S. Truman and Robert Frost, if you like historical tours. Or, go to the Key West Light House and Keeper’s Quarters Museum, and learn about navigation, and what it takes to aid ships that are trying to get to shore around the dangerous reefs. This is truly a beautiful structure that you will want to fill your digital SD card with, because it still maintains the old charm of Key West in its design and architecture.

The East Martello Museum and Gallery is another popular educational day trip, but if you want to do something a little quirky and more interesting, visit the Historic Key West Cemetery. Walking tours are offered twice a week, so plan in advance!

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Where to Shop and Eat in Key West

Key West TravelWith so many Key West restaurants it is hard to make a recommendation! This Key West travel guide suggests the following restaurants and Key West bars, but keep in mind that almost anything you eat in Key West will be amazing!

For fresh, local seafood, visit Square One Restaurant in Duval Square. If you want to plan a party at your Key West vacation rentals, Square One also does exquisite catering!

For a small café with class and terrific southern cuisine, visit the Blond Giraffe on Duval Street and try some of their award-winning Key Lime Pie! World Famous Iguana Café is another popular café to visit, because of its elegant garden patio and because it’s open 24 hours daily.

Mangoes is open for lunch or dinner, and this restaurant is not to be missed, with all of its fresh, Caribbean-style cuisine and a menu that will baffle you with options that all sound and taste amazing!

If you want to buy some cigars for yourself or friends who don’t get to enjoy Key West vacation rentals, and the mind-blowing qualities of Key West restaurants, then the Key West Havana Cigar Company will make you forget that Cubans are illegal, because these Havana cigars are even better! In this cigar shop, you can learn about Cubans, and their history, and see some artifacts from the days when Cubans were legal.

For the ladies, there is only one shop that you have to visit, in addition to the lovely sidewalk stalls that offer handcrafted local goods. The Blue Island Store offers haute-to-casual clothes that will suit any figure and any budget. You may need an extra suitcase just for your Blue Island finds! Everyone in Key West needs a lovely brimmed-hat, right? If you leave Blue Island wanting more, grab your partner and go to the Marine Wildlife Gallery, which features high-end clothing for men and women, in interesting island styles that will always remind you of your trip to paradise!
For souvenirs that don’t feel like corny, forgettable souvenirs, visit the Kino Sandals shop on Fitzpatrick Street. These handmade all natural leather sandals are historic and gorgeous, not to mention comfortable!

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When to Visit Key West

Although Key West vacation rentals are a good ideas for any time of the year, they can be rainy and unpredictable during hurricane season. If you dislike strong winds and sideways rains, you should avoid the season, entirely! But, if you don’t mind the possibility of a full day cocooned in your Key West vacation rentals, then hurricane season does tend to have the loveliest weather, when it’s not storming, that is!

Key West does get very hot in the height of summer, but it never feels excessively hot, and with a lot of Key West restaurants serving meals on patios and balconies, you won’t be uncomfortable with the warm weather. Actually, the hot summer heat is ideal for all of the swimming you will be doing and the golden sand beaches!

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What to Bring to Key West

When you visit historic Key West for your Key West vacation rentals, you should remember your umbrella, and a wind-breaker jacket, because sudden rains can occur in any season. It’s important also to pack your sunscreen, and bathing suit, because you will spend the bulk of your time on the beach.

Bring with you to Key West a laid-back, patient attitude, and leave your cell phone and laptop at home. This is a place where you can really relax and forget the mainland!

If you want to go deep-sea diving, bring your fishing pole and your zinc for your nose! The fishing in Key West is great!

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Local Tours in Key West

Key West SightseeingThere are so many exciting tours and services in Key West that you will never want to leave this magical, laid-back little town. Conch Tour Train is a popular attraction in Florida; it’s entertaining stories and historical trivia will take you on a 90 minute tour through 400 years of history! Book in advance if you are bringing a large group, because this is a very popular attraction.

The Ghosts and Legend of Key West Tour, and the Ghosts of Key West Walk Tours are both popular options for families with teenagers. Just spooky enough that you won’t want to stray from the group, these tours are also informative and funny. If you have 90 minutes to spare for bone-chilling fun, either of these tours will satisfy your craving for fear.

If you want to climb through old ships and take your photo in a 125-foot schooner, visit the Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships located at the Hilton Resort and Marina. Some people love this ship graveyard so much that they have weddings at this location! Or if you want an even more intimate memory of a schooner, then Schooner America will take you on a sunset cruise into the past! Built in 1851, this ship has stories that you will revel in, and the view from the schooner will be a memory never forgotten.

Old Town Trolly Tours of Key West are a can’t-miss entertainment! Take the 90-minute, fully narrated tour of Key West, that allows you to get on and off at 9 different shopping destinations and attractions. This is a great value if you plan to use a city bus, anyway. And, don’t forget to stop at the Key West Winery if you are visiting Key West with a loved one. You will taste these wines in Key West restaurants and Key West bars, so why not see the source of award-winning wines, such as the mango and grapefruit?

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What to Know About Key West

Key West is a romantic, peaceful place where you can sleep-in, and keep your cell phone turned off! The people in Key West are calm and welcoming, and they genuinely enjoy the new influx of travelers year-round that keeps their quaint communities fresh and modern, at least in their way of thinking! But, Key West restaurants tend to be very old fashioned and relaxed, as do Key West bars. You will find yourself enjoy 3-hour lunches, and endless dinners al fresco.

If you like to swim, snorkel, and converse with people who are wholly different than the ones you are used to back at home, then Key West would be a perfect destination for you! The gorgeous, small beaches feel both luxurious and private, because there tend to be so few people on any one beach. From your Key West vacation rentals, this year and next, you will most likely see beaches through more than one window, because of the shape and small diameter of Key West.

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Getting to Key West

Key West International Airport is the easiest way to arrive into Key West, but there are other options for people who would prefer a scenic entry into Key West. For example, you could fly into Miami, and drive into Key West. It would be a lot more exciting to see everything for the first time this way, but it’s quite a long drive! There are also buses from Miami that would allow you the beautiful drive without the hassle of actually driving yourself there! But, if you just want to get there fast to optimize your time in Key West, the local international airport is your best option.

Once you are in Key West, you probably will not need transportation, because the Key West vacation rentals are so luxurious and comfortable. If you do need a lift, there are taxis and buses that can get you around the tourist district, and most things will be within walking distance of your vacation rental, depending on where you choose to stay.

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Why Key West Vacation Rentals?

Key West vacation rentals are a great option if you want to save money. If you like privacy, Key West vacation rentals are the only option, really, because the local hotels and bed & breakfasts are so crowded, and often noisy late at night when the Key West bars close! Why not treat yourself to an experience that will make you feel welcome and at ease, but still luxuriated and special, in your breathtaking vacation rental that could feature any amenity you want. So, whether you want a private Jacuzzi, panoramic views of beaches, huge HD plasma televisions, or a steward to assist you with errands before or after your arrival, Vacation Rentals can help you find what you’re looking for, on VacationRentals.com.

See Key West differently as you live like a local in a private rental that includes a full kitchen, parking space, or great discounts and sometimes freebies included in your rental price, like boutique wines or an extra free night! Vacations to Key West don’t have to be expensive when you book online at VacationRentals.com.

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