How would you like to travel to a place whose name translates as "place of joy"? If this sounds good to you, plan a trip to Ko Olina on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. This oceanfront resort, on the west coast of Oahu, will bring you more than just joy. How about relaxation, pampering, and adventure too? This gorgeous shoreline is ideal for families or romantic getaways. Whatever kind of trip you’re planning, has the perfect oceanfront villa in Ko Olina for you. The combination of rental and dramatic scenery is a recipe for vacation success.

What to Do in Ko Olina

ko olina boatingKo Olina is located in the part of Oahu that was once the playground for Hawaiian royalty. When you see the two miles of golden shores, you will understand why the royals chose this magical place. Days can easily be spent swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, head over to the Ko Olina marina. This 43-acre marina is home to 330 full-service slips that cater to a variety of boats. Whether you want to work on your sailing skills, head out for an afternoon boat tour, or do some fishing, the marina here will satisfy your desires.

The Sophisticated Side of Ko Olina

While every Ko Olina travel guide will focus on the sun and marina, not all of them will reveal the sophisticated side of this Hawaiian destination. Spend a day working on your swing at the championship golf course or indulge in a pampering treatment at the Ko Olina spa. Both of these activities are also ideal for sending sparks flying in your relationship.

It should come as no surprise that Ko Olina is a popular place for destination weddings. The dramatic scenery, great restaurants, and consistent weather will all make for a memorable wedding day. If you aren’t attending a wedding, you can still enjoy the sophisticated side of this resort. After a day of scuba diving and sport fishing, there are many ways to unwind, including sipping a cocktail at sunset or going out for a night on the town.

Turn Up the Adventure

Travelers make the long journey to Hawaii to experience things that can’t be seen on other islands. There are many activities that make this list in Ko Olina, including whale watching tours, airplane tours of the island, and underwater digital camera rentals. If you’ve always wanted to capture your scuba experience on film, this is a possibility when you visit Ko Olina.

Less adventurous travelers will still find excitement during their trip to Ko Olina. Make reservations for a dinner cruise, sign up for surfing lessons, or find out details about a hiking or biking tour. Almost all of these options offer ways to stay in shape during your trip, so you won’t need to feel guilty about splurging on a few meals and cocktails!

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What to See in Ko Olina

ko olina golfing

Attractions at Ko Olina

Beyond the blissful Ko Olina spa, there are a few attractions in this resort that are worth a look. Many travelers visit the Ko Olina wedding chapel to see a 180-degree view of the crescent-shaped lagoons and turquoise sea. The inspiration for the building was a diamond engagement ring, and many visitors are impressed by the architectural (as well as the views!) of the chapel.

The Ko Olina Beach and Sports Club helps visitors to stay in shape during their visit. Whether you’re interested in a game of tennis or working out in the fitness center, this club is ideal for visitors with an active lifestyle. Don’t forget about jogging on the beach too, to combine exercise with Hawaiian fresh air!

Extra Resort Amenities

It is important for a Ko Olina travel guide to alert potential visitors that this resort will provide everything you need during your trip. While adventurous travelers might want to explore beyond the resort, there isn’t a need to leave the grounds if you don’t want to. For example, beyond the market and restaurants, there is also the Ko Olina Golf Academy where lessons are available. The Ko Olina Marina is other major attraction of the resort. The marina can accommodate boats up to 200 feet in length, and for this reason, the resort is very attractive to boating enthusiasts. There are also picnic areas if you would rather admire than boats than take one out for a sail.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Ko Olina

Super Shopping in Ko Olina

Most visitors to Ko Olina are too occupied with a variety of outdoor activities to think about shopping, but if you’re in need of retail therapy there are a few options here. Golfers will love the golf shop at the 18-hole Ted Robinson designed golf course. The 642-acre resort is located just a 30-minute drive from Honolulu where you will find many more options for shopping.

Within the resort, Ko Olina Station is the place for shopping. With resort retail stores, a restaurant, and market, this station offers everything visitors will need in one place. If you forget any of your beach basics at home, it will be easy to replace them at the resort.

A Taste of Hawaii in Ko Olina

No Ko Olina travel guide would be complete without talking about restaurants. There’s one name throughout Hawaii that arouses everyone’s appetite: Roy. Famous chef Roy Yamaguchi brings his signature Hawaiian fusion cuisine to Roy’s Ko Olina. With a stunning lagoon, it is a very romantic spot to have a gourmet meal.

The market here also provides plenty of fresh produce to stock the kitchen of your own rental. Ko Olina Station is also home to some options for restaurants if you don’t feel like cooking. Outside of the resort, in Honolulu and beyond, there are many options for fine dining if you have a rental car and want to explore Oahu.

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When to Visit Ko Olina

One reason Hawaii remains a desirable destination over time is the fact that you can visit all year long. The islands of Hawaii experience two distinct seasons, summer and winter. The summer season lasts from May through October, and the winter season from November through April.

While the winter season is considered the wetter of the two, showers often pass quickly. If you want to avoid crowds, don’t travel to Ko Olina during the summer months (when kids are off school) or during scheduled school breaks. If you’re planning a destination wedding, spring and fall are both ideal times.

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What to Bring to Ko Olina

The self-sustaining resort of Ko Olina doesn’t require a long packing list. Most travelers bring along their beach basics, including a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, and some beach reading. While some places in Hawaii are ultra-casual, Ko Olina offers the opportunity to get dressed up. If you’re looking for a resort where you can bring along a cocktail dress and a pair of high heels, Ko Olina is right for you. If you’re planning a family trip, don’t forget some entertainment for the kids including a deck of cards or video games.

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Local Services in Ko Olina

Whether it’s the beach, the marina, or the oceanfront villas, Ko Olina attracts a sophisticated clientele. For this reason, local services are excellent. From the Ko Olina spa to the golf academy to the market, this resort has anticipated every need of visitors. For romance or family trips, the services of Ko Olina resort won’t disappoint.

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What to Know About Ko Olina

The Ko Olina marina is a special feature of this Hawaiian resort. If you’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding that includes events on land and on water, this resort might be able to make your dream come true. Located only 17 miles from Honolulu Airport, this resort is easy to reach from the continental United States.

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Getting to Ko Olina

One of the factors that makes Ko Olina so popular is its accessibility. This resort in Oahu is located just 17 miles from the International Honolulu Airport. This major airport has great connections to the continental U.S. and beyond. Many travelers decide to rent a car at the airport and explore Oahu as part of their itinerary. On the other hand, Ko Olina will have everything you need in one place, so if you don’t want to explore, a rental car isn’t necessary. Each traveler will have to make this individual decision for themselves.

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Why Ko Olina Vacation Rentals?

After traveling all the way to Hawaii, the last thing you’ll want to do is squeeze into a cramped hotel room. The extra space, amenities, and comfort of a vacation rental will bring your Hawaiian getaway to new heights. No matter what type of trip you’re planning, the views from your private outdoor space will be a memorable part of your trip. From romantic getaways to family adventures, oceanfront rentals will be the perfect place to return to at the end of a day spent on Ko Olina’s picture-perfect beaches.

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