Do you like to be the first of your friends to discover the next great vacation destination? If so, there’s a beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai that you should check out. Poipu Beach is located on the island’s south shore, and offers fun for all ages. Instead of the usual trip to Honolulu or Maui, venture off the beaten path to the island of Kauai. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a family adventure, this spot in Hawaii will deliver the goods. With the help of, you could be waking up to the sound of the surf in no time!

What to Do in Poipu Beach

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Fun Under the Sun

Every Poipu Beach travel guide will gush about the sheer variety of beach activities available on the south shore of Kauai. Even travelers who think they prefer to sunbathe and read a juicy novel wind up jumping in with the action once they see all that is available. Beyond swimming and snorkeling other great options include surf lessons or scuba diving lessons.

There are endless ways to enjoy the ocean in Poipu Beach. Spend a day kayaking, deep-sea fishing, or simply playing in the waves. On land, families will find many more opportunities for adventure. Join a horseback riding tour, get your adrenaline pumping with an ATV tour, or throw on your hiking boots and hit the trail.

The Romantic Side of Poipu Beach

Beyond the near perfect Poipu Beach weather, there are many more factors that make Poipu Beach a romantic destination. Surprise your spouse with a helicopter tour of the island and prepare to be amazed by gaining a bird's eye view of this exotic destination. To really send the sparks flying, book a spa treatment for two, and let the pampering work its magic.

poipu beach golfSome couples think that the most romantic trips are active ones. In Poipu Beach, active couples will love to get out on the golf course. There are two championship golf courses here designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., providing a challenge to even the most experienced golfers. The scenery here is so gorgeous, you won’t be surprised as to how many couples choose Poipu Beach as the location of their destination wedding.

Family Adventures at Poipu Beach

Just because Poipu Beach is popular for destination weddings doesn’t mean that it isn’t also ideal for families. The sheer volume of activities attracts families who are always looking for something new to try. Here you can go on a zipline ride, climb aboard a boat for an ocean tour, or attend a luau to learn about traditional Hawaiian culture. Other activities include taking tennis lessons together, kayaking, or attending a theater performance. Or spend some time together at the vacation rental with a board game or deck of cards.

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What to See in Poipu Beach

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Culture in Poipu Beach

If your idea of a perfect Hawaiian vacation includes being immersed in local culture, you’ve chosen the right place in Poipu Beach. There are many festivals and events throughout the year that will bring this culture to life including a local artisan fair, a New Year's Eve fireworks spectacular, the Kauai Music Festival in July, the annual Mokihana Festival in September, and more.

Another way to learn about culture is to explore one of Hawaii’s most famous exports: coffee. The Kauai Coffee Company welcomes visitors to come and see how coffee is grown, harvested, and graded. Another great place to visit is the local botanical garden, where you will see many plants and flowers unique to Hawaii.

Landmarks in Poipu Beach and Beyond in Kauai

One favorite landmark in Kauai is Spouting Horn, a natural wonder where water is blasted 50 feet in the air. Many travelers come to see this attraction at sunset. If you’re interested in local history, visit a few spots along the Koloa Heritage Trail, including the Sugar Monument or Keoneloa Bay.

Right in Poipu Beach Park is one of the most popular attractions on the southern coast of Kauai. Here lucky visitors will encounter the endangered Hawaiian monk seal and threatened green sea turtle. If you travel here during the months from November to May, you might also see humpback whales. Nature lovers will be surprised by all the variety of wildlife they will see during a trip to Poipu Beach.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Poipu Beach

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Spectacular Shopping in Poipu Beach

Not every Poipu Beach travel guide will go beyond all of the great adventure activities to also mention the great shopping. From art galleries to surf shops, designer clothes to T-shirt shops, visitors will be surprised at the variety of shopping options along the south coast of Kauai.

Some of the most popular choices include Bamboo Lace Boutique, Honolua Surf Company, and Making Waves. If you want to take an afternoon to shop somewhere special, head to Old Koloa Town, where you’ll find unique shopping in Kauai’s oldest plantation town. Whether you’re looking for something special to remember your trip to Hawaii or gifts for loved ones, shops in Poipu Beach will be full of temptations.

Taste those Island Flavors in Poipu Beach

While inclement Poipu Beach weather is very rare, if you do experience a rain shower or two, there are always the local restaurants to keep you occupied! Cuisine here is marked by fresh flavors, tropical fruits, and the daily catch. And since you’re on vacation, go ahead and have an extra frozen cocktail or two! From casual dining to elegant options, the choice is up to you in Poipu Beach. Some local favorites include Beach House Restaurant for gorgeous sunsets and Pacific Rim cuisine, Brennecke’s Beach Broiler for a casual seafood experience, or Keoki’s Paradise for cascading waterfalls to accompany your fresh, island cuisine.

When to Visit Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach weather has a reputation for being excellent all year long. The islands of Hawaii experience two seasons: summer from April through October and winter from November to May. The wetter of the two is winter, but rain showers often pass quickly and won’t interrupt your sunbathing for too long.

One factor to consider beyond the weather when planning your trip to Poipu Beach is crowds. While Kauai doesn’t experience the crowds that say Waikiki Beach would, this coastline still feels fluctuations according to holidays and school schedules. Avoid the Christmas season and weeks that schools have breaks to miss any crowds.

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What to Bring to Poipu Beach

The best Poipu Beach travel guide will also include information on what to pack. One reason travelers love Hawaii is that the packing list is never too long. All you will need is your beach basics, including a bathing suit, sunglasses, flip flops, and some entertainment for the beach such as a book, magazine, iPod, or Frisbee for a game of catch. There are options here for fine dining, so bring along a nicer outfit or two, and if you want to throw in some jewelry or a pair of heels you won’t be out of place.

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Local Services in Poipu Beach

While Poipu Beach might not be as well known as some destinations in Oahu or Maui, this destination still has great local services. Whether you need a bank, wedding planner, rental car, grocery store, fishing charter, or boat rental, you will find exactly what you need in Poipu Beach. From beach gear rentals to florists that will add a luxurious touch to your vacation rental, the local services here are excellent.

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What to Know About Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach Park is considered one of the safest beaches in Hawaii and has a lifeguard on duty seven days a week. While Hawaii is known for its white sand beaches, not all of them are under the watch of lifeguards. If you’re traveling with young children, this might be an important detail for you. Travelers with an interest in surfing should do their research, as there are a few special places here with great waves including Shipwreck’s Beach.

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Getting to Poipu Beach

The major airport in Kauai is the Lihue Airport. Visitors will need to connect within Hawaii to reach this airport, as it is not as big as airports on other islands. Once you reach Lihue Airport, it is highly recommended to rent a car. There is so much to see and do on the island that independent travelers greatly appreciate the use of a car. Taxis are also available to Poipu Beach, at a cost of approximately $50.

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Why Poipu Beach Vacation Rentals?

After a relaxing day on the white sand beaches of Kauai, the last thing you will want to do is return to a cramped hotel room. Some travelers might say, "How much time do you spend in the room anyway?" but the truth is when you have the extra space, you will use it. Take advantage of a personal kitchen to prepare healthy breakfasts and lunches for your family, and evenings can be spent playing board games or watching favorite DVDs. An oceanfront rental will elevate your Hawaiian vacation from good to out of this world.

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