Are you the type of traveler that likes to get off the beaten path? This is possible in even some of the most popular locations — including Hawaii. If you’ve already enjoyed the pleasures of Oahu and Maui, there are still more islands to discover. The island of Kauai is home to dramatic sea cliffs, rugged mountains, and sugary beaches. With an oceanfront villa from, your trip to Princeville along the north shore of Kauai will reach heavenly status.

What to Do in Princeville

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Fun in the Sun

Every Princeville travel guide will discuss a variety of adventure activities and nearby attractions, but some fail to mention that this spot along the north shore of the island is also home to spectacular beaches. A trip here can be full of adventure, as well as a few days of sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming at your leisure.

Princeville, Kauai weather is known for being lovely all year long, so every day of your trip you will wake up to the sun shining and you can fill the hours with fishing, boat tours, and even a helicopter tour of the island. This is also an ideal spot for families who are looking for a gorgeous place to build a sand castle or throw a Frisbee.

A Touch of Adventure in Princeville

Some travelers are looking for more than just a beautiful beach. In Princeville the landscape is not only enchanting, it also serves as the backdrop for a variety of adventurous activities. Here you can climb aboard a whale watching tour, embark on a boat tour that explores the 3000-foot cliffs of the Napali Coast, or explore sea caves or waterfalls.

hawaii golfIf you want to see the Napali Coast up close and personal, an option beyond boat tour and helicopter tour is hiking. Bring your hiking boots and see this striking landscape from a different perspective. While the sea cliffs are one of the most dramatic landscapes in Hawaii, some travelers never leave the more popular destinations to see this coastline of Kauai.

Fun for Adults in Princeville

Other than the beaches and exploring the incredible Napali Coast, there are other options for entertainment for adults. Golfers are lured by premiere courses. Whether you like to tee off first thing in the morning or get a round of 18 in during sunset, these golf courses will test your ability in one of the most breathtaking settings in Hawaii.

Not every Princeville travel guide will highlight the romantic side of this destination, but it certainly exists. From historic cafés to restaurants with dramatic views and upscale shopping to romantic sailing excursions, this Hawaiian destination will send sparks flying in any relationship.


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What to See in Princeville

princeville lighthouse


Part of the fun of visiting Princeville is visiting the incredible attractions that are surrounding this beach destination. Kauai is home to fascinating landmarks such as Spouting Horn (a 30-foot geyser), Opaeka’a Falls, Fern Grotto, and the Kilauea Lighthouse built in 1913.

Some landmarks in Kauai are larger than a single attraction. Hanalei Bay for example is a gorgeous crescent shaped bay known for surfing, canoeing, and swimming. Hanalei Town is located in the Hanalei Valley and is home to adorable shops, restaurants, and galleries. Here, the Hanalei Valley Lookout is a point not to be missed. This view of the valley will be one of the most memorable of your trip.


No trip to Hawaii would be complete without encountering local wildlife. One popular option is to embark on a whale watching tour. If you’re more into hands-on activities, snorkel or scuba at Ha’ena State Park. This area is teeming with local fish and is one of the most popular places on the island to encounter marine life.

The Napali Coast is another popular destination. Hikers here will encounter all sorts of flora and fauna native to Kauai. Lydgate Beach Park is a great place for kids to begin snorkeling since the water is very safe and calm. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are new ways to explore and enjoy wildlife during your trip to Hawaii.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Princeville

Sensational Shopping in Princeville

While the Princeville, Kauai weather might tempt you to never leave the beaches, there is also some great shopping in this part of the island. From stores that will provide everything you need for a day on the golf course to the Princeville Center, home to shops, banks, a supermarket and coffee shop, you will find a variety of shopping options.

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If you’re looking for gifts for loved ones, head to historic Hanalei Town. Quaint shops and galleries will give you an idea of what this island was like at another point in time. Visitors will also find that while they are trying to reach historical sites or landmarks, they might just be attracted to charming local shops.

Dining in Style in Princeville

No Princeville travel guide would be complete without mentioning the variety of dining options. Visitors are guaranteed to sample fresh flavors from mangoes that were just picked to seafood that was just caught. If you’re looking for fine dining, one great option is Kauai Grill from famous chef Jean George at the St Regis.

Jean George isn’t the only famous chef in town; another great choice is The Tavern at Princeville by Roy Yamaguchi. There are also options for casual dining including two restaurants and a coffee shop at the Princeville Center and quaint options in Hanalei Town.

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When to Visit Princeville

Princeville, Kauai weather is one important factor to consider when planning your trip to Hawaii. These exotic islands have two distinct seasons, although the average temperature between them doesn’t vary greatly. From May through October Hawaii experiences its summer, and from November through April, Hawaii has its winter. This season is considered to be the wetter one, although showers often pass quickly.

Another important factor to consider when planning a trip to Kauai is crowds. While this island doesn’t experience crowds in the same way as Honolulu or Maui, there are still times when surges of visitors occur. During the holiday season in December, and also during school breaks (the summer months included) many families plan trips to Hawaii and want to see the dramatic scenery of the Napali Coast.

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What to Bring to Princeville

Your packing list for a Princeville vacation will be full of your favorite things: a bathing suit, sunglasses, flip flops, a juicy novel, an iPod, and maybe a fancier outfit or two for the evening. If you are interested in fine dining, Princeville definitely has a luxurious side, so women should bring along their jewelry, cocktail dresses, and high heels for a night on the town. Another thing to keep in mind is entertainment for the vacation rental. Your favorite DVDs or a deck of cards can make all the difference when you’re planning quality family time.

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Local Services in Princeville

Some travelers might hesitate to venture away from the most popular areas of Hawaii in fear that local services won’t be up to par. This is not the case in Princeville. This north shore of Kauai is known for attracting a luxury clientele, and services are available here to cater to them. From fine dining to supermarkets and art galleries to knowledgeable tour guides, visitors will find all of the local services they need to make their vacation run smoothly from start to finish.

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What to Know About Princeville

Many travelers arrive in Princeville without doing much research or having a plan. While planning your days on a whim can often be fun, in Kauai, you might miss out on some great attractions if you take this approach. One strategy might be to set some days aside for lounging on the beach, and other days for exploring local attractions, taking a helicopter tour, or climbing aboard a whale watching excursion. This approach will result in you getting to see everything you wanted to during a single trip.

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Getting to Princeville

There are some travelers that prefer to fly only direct to the destination for their vacation. When you are planning a trip to Princeville, you will need to catch a connection, usually from Honolulu. Princeville itself has a small airport, although it does not welcome commercial planes. The main airport on the island is called Lihue Airport. From here, many visitors choose to rent a car. This allows the most freedom for exploring the many gorgeous attractions across the island. Taxis and shuttles can also cover the distance of approximately 30 miles between the airport and Princeville.

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Why Princeville Vacation Rentals?

If you’re looking for luxury, the ultimate pampering feature is space. Instead of a cramped hotel room, choose an oceanfront villa where your whole family can spread out in the lap of luxury. If you’re planning a romantic trip instead, choose a villa with a soaking tub for two or an outdoor shower. No matter how beautiful a destination is, the quality of your accommodation can elevate a vacation to new heights. With Princeville vacation rentals, you will have the best accommodation along one of the best coastlines in all of Hawaii.

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