Are you craving a warm weather vacation? You don’t have to fly for 12 hours and pull out the passport to embark on the perfect beach vacation. Seagrove Beach in Florida is known for its uncrowded beaches, long list of water activities, and romantic atmosphere. With a little help from, you can find a cozy oceanfront villa to complete your perfect vacation. Florida is so accessible and affordable. What are you waiting for?

What to Do in Seagrove Beach

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Fun Under the Sun

Any trip to the Sunshine State will include plenty of activities at the beach. A good Seagrove Beach travel guide will reveal all of the possibilities if you choose to visit this destination in northern Florida, outside of Panama City. If you want to get out on the water, options include canoeing, kayaking, fishing charters, or sunset sails. Beyond the normal beach activities such as sunbathing, snorkeling, and going for a refreshing dip, Seagrove Beach also offers hammocks for hours of leisurely reading, a gorgeous setting for a destination wedding, and plenty of space for fitness. Whether you love to jog or bike, it will be easy to stay in shape during a visit to Seagrove Beach.

The Adventurous Side of Seagrove Beach

Beyond the picturesque hammocks and oceanfront villas, there is also a wilder side to Seagrove Beach. This area has a strong tradition of motorcycles, and when you visit, you can join right in. Go for a scenic ride, or take a lesson or two first, and explore one of the most beautiful coastlines in Florida.

Some travelers might think that getting married is one of the most adventurous decisions you can make. Seagrove Beach attracts couples looking for a serene place to plan a destination wedding. Whether you want a sunset ceremony or a party on the beach where you can dance the night away, Seagrove Beach will be a perfect location for the wedding of your dreams.

More Ways to Relax in Seagrove Beach

Some areas of Florida are known for glitz and glamour, but Seagrove Beach is known for its relaxing, serene atmosphere instead. A lack of crowds allows for visitors to really kick back, and build a sand castle or read a novel, uninterrupted. This casual nature extends after the sun goes down as well. Shops and restaurants here have a distinctly casual tone, allowing visitors to stay relaxed in the evenings. There’s no need for high heels or fancy dresses here — just quality, fresh seafood, and places that offer an excellent setting for good conversation with loves ones.

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What to See in Seagrove Beach

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Arts and Culture

Since the 1940s and '50s, Seagrove Beach has been attracting visitors for its laid back lifestyle. Over the years, this has included artists and galleries have sprung up to showcase the work of local painters. During a visit, it is possible to delve into the thriving arts community. Any quality Seagrove Beach travel guide will mention that there is more here than simply a fantastic beach.

Beyond the Beaches

If you’re the type of traveler that can only take so much sunbathing and relaxing – you might be relieved to know that Seagrove Beach also offers close access to golf courses. Whether you want to start your day with an invigorating round of 18, or work on your swing with a lesson from a professional, the sunshine state is one of the best places in the country to keep your golf game going all year long.


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Where to Shop and Eat in Seagrove Beach

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Shopping in Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach might not offer some of the designer options that other destinations in Florida do, but the local residents prefer it this way. Casual shops in the center of a charming town will transport visitors to old Florida, when the sunshine, good company, and good food was the center of attention.

There are great shopping options if you’re looking to stock your vacation rental. Foodies will be able to find everything their hearts desires to prepare meals for friends and family. If you forgot any of your beach essentials at home, these items will also be easy to find in Seagrove Beach. Unique gifts for loved ones will also be available.

Tropical Flavors in Seagrove Beach

Some visitors choose never to leave the privacy of the kitchen of their vacation rental, but if you’re craving a night on the town, there are casual options in Seagrove Beach that will do the trick. Here you can expect fresh seafood, tropical flavors, and daily variations.

One local favorite is Seagrove Village Market Café. Here visitors will find casual dining at a reasonable price, keeping the overall cost of a trip to Seagrove Beach in the attainable region. While some travelers think that a trip to Florida has to cost an arm and a leg, destinations such as Seagrove Village prove these people wrong.

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When to Visit Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach is located in Florida’s panhandle, in the northern section of the state. While some travelers automatically think that Florida offers beach weather all year long, this isn’t always the case. Every traveler has their own idea of what ideal beach weather is, so be sure to do a little research before committing to a trip that doesn’t offer your favorite type of weather.

Some travelers head further south during the winter, when temperatures can sometimes stay in the 60s in this part of Florida. If you’re heading to Seagrove Beach to enjoy kayaking, golf, and reading a book in the hammock, don’t be discouraged by the winter temperatures. However, if your dream Florida trip includes swimming and sizzling temperatures, you will want to stick to the spring, summer, and early fall. Travelers looking for warmer temperatures in winter will want to head further south in Florida.

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What to Bring to Seagrove Beach

Travelers who hate to pack will love making the trip to Seagrove Beach. This casual destination doesn’t require much more than the beach basics. Remember your bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, and maybe a Frisbee or football to toss around on the beach. The hammocks here are especially inviting, so remember a juicy novel or pile of magazines to read during a lazy afternoon.

Many families plan trips to Seagrove Beach with the idea of spending quality time together. Packing along some entertainment for the vacation rental will make this time even more special. Bring your favorite family DVDs, board games, and a deck of cards to keep your kids laughing during the evenings. On the other hand, if you’re planning a romantic trip or a destination wedding, bring some candles, romantic music, and your favorite recipe to prepare an intimate meal for two.

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Local Services in Seagrove Beach

A quality Seagrove Beach travel guide will mention that there is a visitor center in town where you can find a variety of information about local services. Here you will find details about maps, beaches, arts and culture, local tour guides, shopping, and dining. Most visitors are satisfied with local services in regards to stocking their vacation rentals, but one thing to be cautious of is timing. While other destinations in Florida may offer groceries and conveniences around the clock, you will find in Seagrove Beach that stores operate mainly during major business hours. Abide by this small rule, and you won’t run into a single problem during your trip!

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What to Know About Seagrove Beach

Many visitors choose to rent a car and go for a scenic drive along the historic highway 30A. Adventurous travelers will love the opportunity to spend a day away from the beach exploring this coastline of Florida. Travelers specifically plan trips here to visit culinary institutions, such as quaint pizzerias and cafés. Choosing to rent a car is the one decision that often brings people back year after year.

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Getting to Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach is located in Florida’s panhandle, in northern Florida. Located to the west of Panama City, Seagrove Beach is easily accessible from this airport. From Panama City, most visitors choose to rent a car and explore the historic highway 30A during their trip. The independence of a rental car will also allow for visitors to stock up on groceries and supplies with ease. The airport in Panama City has direct connections to cities throughout the country.

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Why Seagrove Beach Vacation Rentals?

Many travelers agree that there’s nothing relaxing about a hotel. With all the rules, cramped spaces, and noisy neighbors, it can be difficult to kick back at a hotel. The opposite is true with vacation rentals. When you choose an oceanfront rental, the only noisy neighbor you have will be the ocean itself. Whether you’re planning a romantic trip or a family vacation, spacious rentals will allow everyone to spread out and take the trip at their own pace. If you’re looking for a casual destination in Florida that offers gorgeous sunsets and stretches of sand, Seagrove Beach should be at the top of your list.

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