Get away to the “Gateway to the Tropics” with a Vero Beach condo rental! Vacation’s Vero Beach vacation guide is here to get you up to speed on one of the Treasure Coast’s brightest gems, which could very well be the most easygoing well-to-do beach town in Indian River County. (So, maybe we’re getting you down to speed?) Do you have ideas on how we can improve our Vero Beach travel guide? Share them with us.

Things to Do in Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach SurfingVero Beach attractions range from fishing piers to museums, and they’re perfect for beachgoers who don’t want to rush their vacation. Get here in a hurry, but don't hurry when you get here.

The town of Vero Beach, Florida is a wonderful blend of nature and resort-style life – because Vero Beach is positioned behind a bunch of barrier islands, lots of wildlife flock (sometimes literally) to it. As a consequence, Vero Beach is very environmentally-conscious, with breathtaking nature refuges to show for it. At the same time, it’s inviting to tourists, so expect picture-perfect beaches and great service.

Top Vero Beach Attractions

  • The Beach – Whether you’re on South Beach, Humiston Park, or Jaycee Park, you’re in for a quality beach experience. Unlike other oceanfront cities, Vero Beach’s waves aren’t just there to frame a sunset; they’re ideal for surfing, snorkeling, and diving.
  • Indian River Lagoon – This saltwater estuary cuts through the town and it’s a favorite spot for fishing, boating, and water sports like skiing. You’ll discover lots of marinas around the lagoon, too.
  • Verobeach Reef – Feel like a dive? Then put on the diving gear and check out the colorful reefs and diverse marine life in the Sebastian Inlet.
  • Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge – It’s the first of its kind, protecting endangered animals and migrating birds, while simultaneously providing hiking trails for Vero Beach's locals and visitors.
  • Indian River Citrus Museum – Find out why Vero Beach is the “Citrus Capital of the World.”
  • McKee Botanical Garden – Make sure to stop to smell the roses at this 18-acre garden.
  • McLarty Museum – The Spanish Plate Fleet of 1715 may not have had much luck on the ocean, but its shipwrecked remains are sure captivating.
  • Vero Beach Museum of Art – It’s the cultural hub of Vero Beach and even the Treasure Coast as a whole, with several galleries, a sculpture garden, an auditorium, and a wing devoted to art education.
  • Vero Beach Railroad Station – Take a trip through Indian River County at this unique model railroad.
  • Golf – Courses include the Sandridge Golf Club, Vista Plantation Golf Club, Vero Beach Country Club, and the Whisper Lakes Golf Course.

Vero Beach Fishing

Vero Beach is a treat for saltwater and freshwater anglers, so you can reel in all kinds of game, like large mouth bass and snapper. Fortunately, you don’t have to fish around too long for the right Vero Beach vacation rental.

Vero Beach Day Trips

Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center are just a couple hours away. As well, other cities in Indian River County offer up even more beaches and museums for you to explore, so if you run out of things to do in Vero Beach, consider taking a trip outside of town for a day.

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What to See in Vero Beach

When you walk around Vero Beach, try not to look down! If you do, you might just miss a glimpse of a rare bird or old, towering oak tree (they’re rare in Florida).

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Where to Shop and Eat in Vero Beach

So, you’re sufficiently sunburned, you didn’t have any luck fishing, and now you're in need of some “indoor” Vero Beach attractions. Well, we’ve got lots for you to eat, drink, and shop for, in Vero Beach.

Vero Beach Restaurants

You may think seafood would be the only thing worth eating in Vero Beach, but think again. Sure, if you love that category of cuisine, you’ll have a wealth of delectable options in this coastal town. However, popular restaurants like Stella’s Italian Bistro and Maison Martinique (French) keep dining interesting and unpredictable. Bring things down to a more affordable level with Capt Hiram’s Resort, a lively riverfront hot spot with live music.

Vero Beach Shopping

Vero Beach Shopping

Need some bait and tackle? Or how about a new wardrobe? Vero Beach has you covered. It’s got its own Tanger Outlet Center, as well as the eclectic Indian River Mall, where you can browse 50+ specialty shops and well-known retailers. Professional Outfitters, Kayaks Etc, and several other outdoorsy stores, are also great to hit if you plan to hit the beach

Vero Beach Bars

After watching the sun set over the ocean, head to Indigo Bar or the Havana Nights Piano Bar for a drink.

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When to Visit Vero Beach

If you’re here to surf, book a Vero Beach vacation condo near the Sebastian Inlet from October to April, when surfing conditions are at their best. In general, try to avoid the town in June, when temperatures get really high. The balmiest seasons to visit Vero Beach are spring and fall.

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What to Know About Vero Beach

If you’re a sports fan and are drawn to Vero Beach for the Holman Stadium, which hosts the Dodgers baseball team’s spring training, we’ve got some bad news for you – Vero Beach won’t be “Dodgertown” in 2009, though we hope you’ll let us know if this changes any time soon.

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What to Bring to Your Vero Beach Condo Rental

Ask the owner of your Vero Beach rental what to expect when you arrive. For all you know, the rental’s already stocked with sun block and beach chairs. A basic Vero Beach packing list, however, includes all the necessities for waterfront activity, as well as a nice outfit or two for those nice restaurants. (You’ll save lots of money with a Vero Beach vacation rental, so you can afford to pig out on a gourmet dinner.)

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Vero Beach’s Local Services

Whether you’re looking for a pet sitter or a fishing charter, you won’t have any trouble finding it in Vero Beach. Once upon a time, this small town wasn’t all that catering toward tourists (because, well, there just weren’t many of them) but Vero Beach has grown since then and it’s ready for your arrival.

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Getting to Vero Beach, Florida

The Palm Beach International and Orlando airports are the easiest to fly into, but if you can manage to end up in the Melbourne Airport, that’s ideal (Melbourne and Vero Beach aren’t too far from each other). Regardless, once you touch down, ride a taxi or rental car down i95 south and take exit 147 to Vero Beach.

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Why Vero Beach Vacation Rentals?

To ensure a Vero Beach family vacation that’s as effortless and cheap as possible, make sure to book a Vero Beach vacation home instead of a hotel. That way, you’ll get lots of room and amenities – for less! You can even stay at a Disney Resort; Vero Beach has that, too.

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