The dangerous thing about visiting Wailea in South Maui is that most likely, you’ll never want to return home. Between the pristine, crescent-shaped beaches, Wailea golf, endless sunshine, and captivating ocean views, this destination in Hawaii will leave you seriously thinking about selling your home and moving to these exotic islands. As if Wailea could be any more tempting, an oceanfront villa from makes a trip to this part of Maui even more irresistible.

What to Do in Wailea

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A Day at the Beach

Any good Wailea travel guide will start with the local beaches. There are five beaches spread cross this section of the Maui coastline attracting visitors for sunbathing, swimming, walks on the beach, and more. Begin your day at the beach with fantastic ocean views from the private deck of your vacation rental before finding a stretch of sand to call your own.

This area of Maui is known for its signature beaches including Wailea Beach, which was named "America’s Best Beach." Between Wailea weather, the turquoise waters, and a variety of outdoor adventure activities, this should come as no surprise. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear to catch a glimpse of the local marine life. Polo Beach is the best spot for snorkeling while Ulua Beach Park attracts fitness-minded travelers looking for a spot to jog at sunset.

Wailea Golf

After the beaches, Wailea is best known for golf. Here there are 54 courses that have put Wailea on the map for golfers. Along this southern coast of Maui there are 1500 acres of beaches, golf courses, and vacation rentals that are ideal for a Hawaiian getaway, whether you’re traveling as a family or planning a romantic trip for two.

wailea golfEvery golfer will have his or her own favorite course in Wailea, but some of the top courses include the Wailea Blue, Wailea Gold, and Wailea Emerald. Whether you’re looking to work on your swing or get competitive during your trip, the golf courses in Wailea will be equally beautiful and challenging.

Wailea for Adults

Beyond beaches and golf, this island paradise has plenty more pleasures for adults. If you need a little extra help relaxing, turn to the spas in Wailea, known for their pampering treatments. Shopping is also a popular attraction here, so leave some extra room in your suitcase!

Another popular Wailea attraction for adults is entertainment programs scheduled throughout the year. Film fanatics arrive for the Maui Film Festival while foodies plan a trip to coincide with cuisine festivals. While families will enjoy all of the outdoor adventure in Wailea, this destination is perfect for adults looking to relax and kick the romance up a notch.

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What to See in Wailea

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Set the Stage for Romance

The southern coast of Maui is known for its romantic atmosphere. Beyond the beaches, candlelit restaurants, and ocean views from your vacation rentals, there is plenty more to see. Surprise your sweetheart with a sunset boat cruise and watch the sun sink on the horizon while toasting a glass of champagne. If you’re fascinated by wildlife, make plans for a whale watching tour.

Just beyond Wailea there are more options for romance in Maui. Watch the sun come up over the top of the Haleakala Crater, drive the winding coastline to Hana, or spend the day lounging on a black sand beach. The only thing that could make this trip better is a vacation rental full of amenities, so look for a luxurious option with an outdoor shower, soaking tub, fireplace, and private deck.

Landmarks in Wailea and Beyond

The Wailea weather might make you want to never leave the famous beaches, but there are landmarks and attractions beyond the beaches that will be memorable parts of your trip to Hawaii. Bring your hiking boots to reach the 400-foot Waimoku Falls in East Maui or visit the Kula Botanical Garden to see orchids and flowers you’ve never seen or even heard of before.

There are also many historic landmarks in Maui including Kaanapali Beach which was once the residence of local royalty. If you’re feeling really adventurous, look into a boat trip to one of the other islands for an excursion including Lanai or Molokai. Visiting other islands can help you to gain a well-rounded perspective on the offerings of Hawaii.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Wailea

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Sensational Shopping in Wailea

No Wailea travel guide would be complete without revealing that this is one of the top shopping destinations in Maui. The Shops in Wailea are considered an attraction by themselves, and many travelers who are visiting other areas of the island plan a day to visit this shopping spot.

From designer shops to restaurants and entertainment options, the Shops at Wailea can easily take up an entire day of your trip. If you forgot anything at home, from bathing suits to evening outfits, you will find great options here. These shops concentrated in one place makes bringing gifts home to loved ones a breeze.

Where to Dine in Wailea

After a round of Wailea golf or day spent snorkeling, you might have worked up an appetite. This is essential for dining out in Wailea; be prepared to be tempted by a variety of cuisine. Here you will taste Hawaiian cuisine including ingredients plucked from local farms and the freshest seafood.

If there’s one thing that can make the food in Wailea better, it’s snagging a table with a view. Reservations are essential for many restaurants and might help you to secure one of the tables with the best scenery. Popular options for a romantic night on the town in Wailea include Bistro Molokini, DUO, Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante, and the Hula Moons Restaurant.

When to Visit Wailea

A thorough Wailea travel guide will reveal that while temperatures don’t vary greatly throughout the year in Hawaii, these islands do still experience seasons. Hawaii has two seasons; summer lasting from May through October and winter from November to April. Average temperatures are 85 during the summer and 79 during the winter.

While the wettest months are from November through April, this doesn’t mean that the islands experience a great deal of rain. Travelers should worry less about the weather and more about crowds. During the holidays in December and school breaks, for example, the beaches in Hawaii can experience crowds. If you want to experience the beaches of Wailea without hoards of other travelers, don’t plan a trip during these periods.

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What to Bring to Wailea

During a trip to Wailea you will need your beach basics. Sunscreen is invaluable, and often costs an arm and a leg in Hawaii, so bring a large supply from home. Sunglasses, a hat, a juicy novel for the beach, and flip flops will all come in handy during the day. Adventurous travelers will want to bring along their snorkel gear and hiking boots.

Maui provides many opportunities to get dressed up as well. Ladies can bring cocktail dresses, high heels, and jewelry for a night on the town. Shops in Wailea can provide something new to wear to a local restaurant if you forget fancier clothing. During the day, all you will need is a bathing suit.

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Local Services in Wailea

Wailea has a reputation for being one of the best resort areas in Maui. For this reason, visitors can expect high quality with local services. Whether you need to rent golf equipment or you’re looking to spend a day at the spa, these things will all be easy to find. Expect the price tag to match the location in Wailea. Items such as groceries, sunscreen, and boat tours will be widely available, but carry a high price. Hawaii has rightfully earned a reputation as being an expensive destination, but the quality of the services is high enough to justify the cost.

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What to Know About Wailea

Some travelers think that Wailea is only a destination for golfers, but this isn’t true. While there are many championship courses, Wailea is also known as a honeymoon destination. The southern shore of Maui oozes romance from sunset sails to intimate restaurants. There’s a reason so many couples choose Maui for their honeymoon or anniversary celebration; come and discover why for yourself.

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Getting to Wailea

Wailea is located on the southern coast of Maui. To reach Wailea from the Kahului Airport takes only a 35-minute drive. While some destinations in Hawaii require that you connect within Hawaii, Maui is home to its own international airport. Many destinations in the US connect direct to Maui. From the airport, many visitors choose to rent a car to allow for independence in exploring the island. Plus cruising along the coast will be one of the most memorable moments of visiting Maui.

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Why Wailea Vacation Rentals?

If you’ve saved all the money and dreamt about visiting Maui, why would you ruin the perfect trip by staying in a generic hotel? Vacation rentals offer local flavor, ocean views, and much more space than hotels can provide. Look for rentals with romantic amenities. For this vacation, trade noisy neighbors for the peace and quiet of a serene oceanfront villa.

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