Captain Trey's

Fans of the true crab taste will love Captain Trey's cakes, which are big on flavor and very low on filler. You'll never be served frozen cakes here - the patties are always prepared fresh in the on-site kitchen and are ready to go within minutes of your order, thanks to the eatery's hot and heavy-duty oven. Captain Trey's provides two varieties - a jumbo version, which is made with lump meat, or the backfin cake, which, albeit smaller, is filled with pieces of special and lump crab meat cuts, and is usually the more visually stunning of the two crab cake varieties. Captain Trey's is also known for its whole crabs, so be sure to crack one open if you're still hungry.

Captain Trey's is located in Cockeysville, located about 17 miles north of downtown Baltimore. Despite officially lying outside of the city limits, Baltimore Magazine rated Captain Trey's crab cakes the top in the Baltimore region, so this spot is definitely worth the drive.


While you typically expect museum-based eateries to have some tasty treats, you usually aren't looking for the ultimate foodie experience. At Gertrude's, housed in the Baltimore Museum of Art (in Balitimore, of course), you can have both a feast for your taste buds and your eyes. Crab cakes here are made from crabs that are caught from Chesapeake Bay, which, although a common practice in past eras, has largely gone by the wayside, even for the more mom and pop crab shacks in the area. These cakes are a bit on the pricey side, but upon your first bite, you'll find they are six ounces of pure seafood heaven. Served slightly charred and packed to the brim with crab, Gertrude's cakes are moist, succulent and perfectly spiced. Be sure to take a few bites dipped in the house's special basil tartar sauce.


How do you like your crab cakes? Fried? Baked? How about smoked? At Pierpont, you'll have cakes prepared as the latter, with delectable fruitwood used to keep the flavor somewhat sweet, yet still just as "crabby" as you'd expect. These ultimate cakes are breaded in delectable butter cracker crumbs and served alongside a sweet corn pancake. 

Best of all, if you'd like to get in on some of the secrets of Pierpont's menu, you can opt for one of the restaurant's cooking classes. Courses are offered for both children and adults, so everyone in the family can get in on the fun.

Located between Patterson Park and the Little Italy neighborhood, which is just a few blocks from the water, Pierpont also offers the perfect ambiance to enjoy one of Maryland's finest seafood creations.

Bluestone Restaurant

Great things sometimes come in little packages, and when it comes to Bluestone's crab cakes, this is definitely the case. The eatery has its own fish menu that changes on a seasonal basis, so you know what you're about to bite into is as fresh as it comes. Crab cakes here are broiled to a tender delicacy, and are served alongside a hearty portion of crunchy and perfectly oily french fries and comforting succotash. Other menu standouts include the Catalan scallops, which are caramelized and served with almonds, ginger butter and orange glaze, creating a taste that feels just like a warm Mediterranean sunset. The Maryland crab soup and cream of crab soup are both hearty starters, the latter of which is perfect if you're looking to treat yourself to a truly rich appetizer.

Located a mere 13 miles north of central Baltimore in the quaint town of Timonium (outside Baltimore), this dining experience is perfect for anyone who knows that the best seafood restaurants are not always found right along the waterfront.

Captain Larry's

The name of this eatery is very much indicative of the crab cakes themselves - classic, no frills, yet a touch of fun. At Captain Larry's, the crabmeat is the main star, as the battering takes a backseat to the sweet, moist, nearly liquid center of the patties. Set with an egg-rich batter, the first bite will have the cake likely tumbling onto your plate, followed by you scraping your plate to make sure every last morsel ends up falling into your mouth. If you appreciate simplicity, the Captain's crab cakes may be your favorite in the state.

Larry's is located at 601 East Fort Avenue, which is one block north and two blocks east of Leone Riverside Park.