If you want a fun-filled vacation that provides you with exciting, eclectic opportunities, like dining in restaurants where the stars go to lunch, then a trip to Los Angeles, California is in the cards for you! This Los Angeles, California travel guide will help you to plan your trip, decide where to go during your vacation, and know what to bring with you. A Los Angeles, California travel guide can help you plan the time of year to visit, and how to get to the city of stars. If you have any additional tips about LA that you want to share, please send them to us so that we can better serve you!

What to Do

Everyone knows that Disneyland is near Los Angeles, California, and who could avoid the charm of the twinkling fireflies in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction? You don’t need a Los Angeles, California travel guide to know that Universal Studios is also nearby, and that its new Harry Potter twists in 2010 will be worth visiting and photographing! Disneyland is a popular option for people who enjoy classics, like Cinderella, Snow White, and Bambi, but Universal Studios, with its Harry Potter, Shrek, and ET attractions is a worthy adversary that does have more convenient parking.

The Coca-Cola Building in LA is worth a visit, with its surprisingly fun and quirky décor, it will remind you of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland! Also, visit The Getty Center for a fun twist on the usual museum visit, or the Old Plaza Firehouse for families with children who want to grow up to become firemen.

Griffith Park encompasses so many attractions that you could spend your entire trip exploring all of them. Why not book yourself a luxurious vacation rental from VacationRentals.com near the park so that you can save yourself cab fare? One of the largest urban parks in all of the United States, it includes the zoo, several golf courses, the Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Greek Theatre, and Travel Town. There are also 53 miles of horse backing trails and train rides in the park, too!

The Chinese Theatre is a popular attraction downtown, as are the sidewalk stars, where you can find your favorite actor or actress, and take a picture in the exact place where he or she placed a hand! Also, the nearby wax museum is fun for the whole family, and near enough to Universal that you could include it into your day at the theme park.

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Where to Shop and Eat

If you like shopping for art, don’t miss the Jan Baum Gallery in LA during your trip to a luxurious vacation rental! The art is both eclectic and classical, featuring tribal pieces, too. You will find yourself shipping home piece after piece of this well groomed collection.

You probably recognize the labels Betsey Johnson and Tracy Ross as hip clothing options for your shopping trip in Los Angeles, California. But have you heard of Traffic Men, Moda Moda, and Lisa Kline? Wear the labels that you have seen on Lauren Conrad and Paris Hilton. Or, find something even better and more personal! In LA, the shopping options are endless.

If you want upscale clothing at discount or closeout prices, nothing can beat the deals you will find at Tuesday Morning. Plan your trip so that you can be there the first Tuesday of a month, and you will be shocked by the deals that leave you garbed like a star!

Dining options listed in this Los Angeles, California travel guide are great options, but in a city that revolves around ‘doing lunch,’ keep in mind that there are elegant and posh choices within walking distance of almost every vacation rental listed on VacationRentals.com! If you like American style restaurants, try The Daily Grill or the Hard Rock Café.

The Formosa Café is an option you shouldn’t overlook if you hope to spot a celebrity at the next table. The elegant Asian dishes are served with flare and panache that you won’t find in your hometown, unless you’re from Tokyo! Popular since 1934, it has celebrity photos hung on the walls that you will enjoy seeing, and a décor that is understated and lovely.

Em Bistro is a French infusion of flavors that will tickle your senses, and leave you bitter on your way home that you have to wait to return to LA for a second taste! Where Em is sophisticated, Le Petit Zinc is chic. Zinc offers pommes frites that will make you forget they were ever called freedom fries, and baby lamb that will melt on your tongue.

For a quick nibble and a dialectical about existentialism, stop at Proust’s Café, or the Literati Café. Either way, you will need the caffeine to stop your headache from go-rounds about Swann’s Way and the newest Nobel Prize winners.

There are many small cafes and unlisted restaurants around the beaches near LA, so if you want to pack up the rental car and head for the golden sands of California, you will find eateries for any appetite! If you fancy a longer drive, Laguna Beach is only a few hours away, and the fine dining there will leave you satisfied to sleepy contentment.

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When to Visit

In the summer, the most popular time for tourists to flock to Los Angeles, it is hot and crowded on the popular sidewalks and in the theme parks. Of course, Universal Studios provides cooling sprinklers over the waiting area to popular rides, but you will find yourself exhausted by mid-afternoon from all of the hot sunshine and long walks. However, if you plan to visit the beaches, summer is the best time to work on your tan if you don’t mind sharing the public beach with tourists from all over the world!

LA in the winter is nice, because the crowds are at a minimum, and it is easier to get invited to the filming of popular television shows. Just walking down the sidewalk, you could be surveyed about your favorite sitcom, and given tickets to see a new show! This is not likely during the summer, when there are too many people for everyone to get a free ticket.

Spring and autumn are great seasons, because the temperature is just right for walking around Disneyland or Universal Studios all day, and downtown LA is less crowded and more colorful. Restaurants will be easier to book, and the wax museum will be more accessible.

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What to Bring

Bring your autograph book if you plan to stalk the stars like a regular paparazzi nuisances, because in Los Angeles, California you will see plenty of photo ops and have many chances to request stars’ John Hancocks. Your digital camera might earn you cash, too, if you follow the tweets of your favorite actors and hurry to those locations to snap shots that magazines might buy.

Pack your umbrella, sun block, and anything else that will make you comfortable in hot, crowded streets if you plan to visit in the summer. At any other time of year you could go to LA without anything and use it as an excuse to shop, because you won’t need much to enjoy Los Angeles!

If you want to save cash, you can purchase theme park discount tickets in advance, and in this case you should pack them carefully, because they cannot be replaced or refunded.

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Local Services in

Would you enjoy a private car tour of the stars’ residences in Los Angeles, California and nearby neighborhoods? Or maybe a tour of the Hasidic Jewry of old Hollywood? Wherever you want to go on your vacation, you can find a private or public tour to that destination, because people are in LA to see things. You could take a ghost walk tour of the city, or an architectural stroll with professional designers who will explain the eras and arts of famous structures. Take a tour of the State Theatre where Judy Garland made her debut performance and dazzled crowds, or get on a train that will reveal the golden coasts of California!

Whether you want your dry cleaning done in just a few hours or on Christmas day, a massage at midnight on the penthouse roof of your vacation rental, or an at-home teeth cleaning service to fit you in on the weekend, there are an abundance of mainstream and eccentric services available in LA.

Contact Elite Helicopter Tours and book your whirlwind trip into the only sky that is located above the stars! To Fly LA will provide similar services, and so will many other companies, because in LA, everyone wants to serve you.

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What to Know

Los Angeles, California is a beautiful destination, filled to the gills with activities, fine dining, glamour, shopping centers that are luxurious and unique, and of course, Hollywood. Travelers enjoy feeling like they are a part of the old Hollywood charm when they arrive in the center of the film industry.

People often forget that there are wonderful, informative museums in Los Angeles, and opt to spend their entire vacation in the theme parks. Set aside a little time to visit at least one museum, and you won’t be sorry! Or, spend a day at Griffith Park and enjoy horse back riding, Travel Town, and the Heritage Museum, too.

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Getting to

This Los Angeles travel guide would recommend that you travel to world famous LAX, or Los Angeles International Airport, when you visit LA. This airport is filled with exotic people and foreign languages from around the world. It’s a fun place to visit, just to people watch and catch a slice of Wolfgang Puck’s pizza.

If you dislike crowds and the traffic of a centralized airport, then you can fly into John Wayne Airport in Orange County. Sure, it’s a little bit of a drive to trek back into LA, but you might get to your vacation rental just as quickly because you will avoid the LAX crush and freeway jams.

There are also trains, buses, and the possibility of driving to Los Angeles, California, for those of you who don’t enjoy flying. The train system in LA is well-developed, and the scenery is worth seeing!

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Why Vacation Rentals?

This Los Angeles, California travel guide should have helped you to know what attractions are available in this glamorous city, but you should also know how posh the accommodations in LA really are. At low nightly rates starting at $85 for an awesome condo with sleeping space for 4, or a penthouse with panoramic city views and a private sauna, why wouldn’t you hurry to book your California vacation today?

Some of the accommodations feature wonderfully luxurious features, like huge HD plasma TVs, private stewards who assist you with errands before your arrival and during your stay, private hot tubs, heated pools, the possibility to stay in safe, quiet, gated suburbs, and of course a full kitchen so that you can save money cooking in your rental property, instead of dining out. VacationRentals.com helps you to find the amenities that you want at a price that no hotel could ever match with similar amenities, and when you stay in a vacation property, you don’t have the noisy, crowded lobbies to deal with; you can just kick off your shoes and fall into a peaceful sleep.

If you elect to stay in a vacation rental in or around Los Angeles, California, you will save money and feel like your experience is more unique than the one your best friend had in LA last year. You will feel at home and doted-upon if you choose to have a private steward, and if you cook in, your meals will be a relief after long days in unfamiliar attractions. VacationRentals.com is a great website because it allows you to choose your own experience, and which amenities you are willing to pay for, so you can save lots of money, or get a great value on something posh!

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