top 10 art vacationsYou and your traveling companions, whether they are friends or family, are set to make your next excursion an art vacation. Art vacations can take you to locales near and far. Whether you are looking for the classics, maybe some modern art or even some local favorites, one of these 10 destinations may just fit the bill.

1. New York City, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art are probably two of the best-known venues for the art lover, so New York City is a great destination idea. However, there are so many other museums and galleries that you may need to schedule a second or even third visit to the city, such as the American Folk Art Museum, The Guggenheim, The International Center of Photography and others.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great place to consider for art vacations because there are plenty of galleries and museums to discover. The Art Institute of Chicago is possibly the best known, as it is second in size only to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Other Chicago art destinations include the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

3. Washington, D.C.

As the heart of the United States government, Washington, D.C. has numerous institutions for art lovers including the National Gallery of Art and the Nation Museum of Women in the Arts. Plus, you cannot visit Washington without a visit to the Smithsonian Institution.

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is perhaps one of the most visited places for art vacations in the Southwest. Modern and ancient art abounds in this treasured city including the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Palace of Governors, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, as well as the New Mexico Museum of Art.

5. Los Angeles, California

The West Coast is usually known for its sun and beaches, but there is a thriving art scene as well. Art vacations to Los Angeles can include visits to The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Getty Museum and the Japanese American Museum. For a little variety, visit places like the Museum of Neon Art.

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

In the heart America’s south is a great destination for art vacations — Charlotte. The city features a Historic Arts District, NoDa, which is the home to many art galleries as well as theaters and music venues. Charlotte is also home to the Light Factory, the Bechteler Museum of Modern Art and many others.

top 10 art vacations

7. Florence, Italy

If your art vacations take you to far off destinations, make sure to include Florence, Italy's art capital. You can see Renaissance art and architecture around every corner in this vibrant city, as well as countless museums and galleries.

8. Boston, Massachusetts

There are art museums and galleries galore in Boston — everything from those featuring early historical pieces such as the Boston History Museum, to more contemporary museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston is home to many other smaller galleries as well.

9. Seattle, Washington

Most people think of Seattle as a destination for grunge rockers and coffee enthusiasts; however, it also has a wonderful art scene. The Seattle Art Museum is just one of the many museums you can visit during your art vacation. Don’t miss the Art Institute of Seattle or the Fry Art Museum, among others.

10. The Vatican

A world-famous art destination is the Vatican and its internationally famous museums. Yes, you’ll be able to see works by Michelangelo, Raphael and others. The Sistine Chapel is, of course, not to be missed.
Be sure to keep these destinations in mind as you plan your next art vacation at home or abroad.

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