Daydreaming about an upcoming trip to Galveston? If so, you might want to do a little research about restaurants in Galveston. Nothing will increase your anticipation for vacation like descriptions of fresh seafood straight from the Gulf of Mexico and tangy Cajun dishes. If you’re looking for restaurants that will spice up your vacation, keep reading to discover the top 5 restaurants in Galveston. There are over 100 restaurants to choose from in Galveston, but these 5 continuously shine.

1. Clary’s Seafood Restaurant

When searching for information on where to dine in Galveston, are you picturing a romantic restaurant with a secluded waterfront location, and delectable cuisine? If so, put Clary’s Seafood Restaurant at the top of your list. The food here has a distinctive Cajun flair, so be prepared to order an extra bottle of cold white wine to wash it all down. For a serene dinner that will be free of interruptions, try the daily catch at Clary’s.

2. 901 Postoffice

When it comes to fine dining restaurants in Galveston, another top choice is 901 Postoffice. This is the type of restaurant where you will find something for every type of diner. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or steak, the elegant dishes here are sure to impress. If you’re planning on celebrating a special occasion during your trip to Galveston, the contemporary atmosphere of 901 Postoffice will leave you with lasting memories.

3. Café Michael Burger

It might not be one of the fanciest places to eat, but it is the answer locals will give when you ask where to dine in Galveston. Sitting down to a juicy burger at Café Michael Burger brings together many of life’s simple pleasures. This casual restaurant, complete with gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico, has an ideal laid-back atmosphere for relaxing with friends. The quality (and some would say addicting) food brings back the regulars as much as the views.

4. Courtyard Caffe

Are you the type of traveler that likes to discover places that are a little off the beaten path? If you’re more concerned with the quality and originality of the food than the views, you will definitely want to seek out Courtyard Caffe. It is not one of the best known restaurants in Galveston, and in fact is tucked away downtown, but it offers some of the best European-inspired cuisine on the island. This is the type of restaurant that is worth planning a culinary pilgrimage to.

5. Black Pearl

When it comes to where to dine in Galveston, some visitors are most tempted by seafood. If you love everything from the sea, you won’t want to miss the chance to dine at Black Pearl. The main focus of the restaurant is its divine oyster bar, but other great dishes include grilled seafood and even steaks. If you’re going to leave the comfort of your Galveston vacation rental, Black Pearl is a good reason to do so.

Another fun dining experience in Galveston is to cook your own catch. Galveston is well known for the quality of its deep sea fishing and instead of throwing back your catch you can bring it to a restaurant that will do the cooking for you. These restaurants change according to season and even day of the week, so check with the captain of your fishing charter for up to date details.

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