Valentines Day GetawayBy Laura Hoot

Valentine’s Day may fall on a week day this year, but why not plan a romantic weekend getaway right before? Sweep your honey off his or her feet and into a private, cozy vacation rental; choose one of these 10 most romantic Valentine’s Day getaways, and you'll be a hero!

1. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Remember those butterflies you got when you first met your spouse or significant other? You’ll get that same feeling on the Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes you right into the heart of the wondrous Horseshoe Falls. The breathtaking sights of Niagara Falls are best experienced alongside your soul mate, so book one of our cheap Niagara Falls vacation homes for Valentine’s Day!

2. Sonoma and Napa Valley, California

From Chardonnay to Merlot, California’s wine country has plenty for you to taste! Take a leisurely tour through lazy Sonoma or bustling Napa, sipping savory wines all along. When you get your fill of wine, hop on a hot-air balloon ride and view the world-class vineyards from a new and adrenaline-pumping perspective, or stay on the ground with a couple’s day at the spa. Either way, a Sonoma or Napa Valley vacation rental is the foolproof ingredient for a dreamy getaway.

3. London, England

If you and your sweetheart tend to argue about what to do, London is your ideal Valentine’s Day getaway destination. Take a romantic walk through Hyde Park in the daytime and then see a play on the West End at night. From the Buckingham Palace to the London Eye Valentines Cruise, London has a whole lot in store for lovers. So do London condo rentals!  

4. Laguna Beach, California

If the weather outside is frightful, don’t stay in. Instead, get out of town and warm up in California, specifically Laguna Beach. While the water is too cold for swimming in February, the 68 degree days are perfect for romantic strolls along the beach. (Moss Cove is a must-see.) Since you’re not visiting during the town’s peak season, you and your loved one will have the magnificent sunsets all to yourselves! Make your Valentine's Day getaway extra special by squeezing a wine tasting or art festival into your schedule. Not excited about a boring, overpriced hotel room? Don’t worry – we’ve got dozens of Laguna Beach villas for you to choose from!  

Valentines Day Getaways

5. New York City, New York 

If a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway to New York City seems out of your price range, think again. With one of our luxurious New York City condo rentals, you’ll save enough money to enjoy the big city in a big way. Horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park, elegant five-star restaurants, magical Broadway shows – there’s a lifetime of exploring to do in NYC, so get started with a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

6. Grand Canyon, Arizona

For lovers who love nature, the Grand Canyon is the best choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway! From a thrilling whitewater rafting ride to a quiet sunset, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring place to be and it's all the more bewitching when couples discover it together. Arizona cabin rentals make it affordable to enjoy this world wonder for the whole weekend.

7. Crete, Greece

This Mediterranean gem makes a picturesque setting for an exotic Valentine’s Day getaway. While February doesn’t offer up the best weather for swimming, the island’s coastline is still a stunning sight to see. And you can explore the beaches with ease, as the bulk of tourists aren’t here this time of year. While the weather might be unpredictable, one thing’s for sure… you’ll fall in love once again, all while hiking mountains, visiting museums, shopping for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, and meeting locals in the island’s historic villages. Get your plans started with our Crete vacation rentals.

Valentines Day Ski Getaway

8. Deer Valley, Utah

Voted the top ski resort by SKI magazine readers for the last two years, Deer Valley is a smart destination for the adventurous pair. Not only does Deer Valley boast exceptional snow for its guests to play on, it has numerous amenities and luxuries that make a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway hassle-free. Find out just what makes this resort so special by renting a Deer Valley ski in out condo.

9. Savannah, Georgia

If you and your beloved share an interest in history, Savannah is the Valentine’s Day getaway of your dreams. After all, the enamoring city was established in the mid-18th century; downtown Savannah is one of America’s largest National Historic Landmark Districts! Much of the architecture hasn’t changed since the city’s pre-Civil War years, and when you’re not taking a look at the beautiful antebellum homes, the museums will fill up your itinerary fast. With Savannah vacation rentals, it’s easy on your budget to go back in time... and rekindle the romance in your relationship, too!

10. Vienna, Austria

Don’t have the pennies to whisk your date to Paris? Vienna is an equally farflung, but more frugal, option. The deals on Vienna vacation rentals are especially great in February! The Baroque architecture, world-renowned music venues, scenic parks, and unique attractions (like the Giant Ferris Wheel), all help to make Vienna a top European destination for duos who like having lots to do.

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