romantic honeymoon destinationsIt's your wedding, the most romantic time of your life. You want your honeymoon to be as romantic and perfect as possible. Thankfully, Vacation has vacation homes available in the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. If you haven't decided on the place to spend your honeymoon yet, here are five of the most romantic honeymoon destinations where we have cozy, immaculate homes to rent.

While you've got several places to choose from, there's one option you can rule out as a couple right now: spending your honeymoon in a hotel room. It's the beginning your life together; you can't start it off in a tiny, cramped, impersonal box. The constant presence of other guests and impersonal hotel staff ruin what should be a private, cozy time together. A vacation home is just that: a home. It only makes sense to spend the first few days of such an amazing journey in a real home, not an impersonal hotel room that has identical copies all over the country.

Without further ado, here are five of the best places to spend the most romantic days of your life.

Sonoma County

These lush, scenic rolling hills of California's wine country provide the perfect backdrop for all newlyweds. If you like to have a good time, but still be classy about it, this is the perfect place to celebrate your new union. There are tons of wine tours to choose from, plus you're a short drive from San Francisco, which has all the landmarks, shopping and exciting night-life spots to keep young lovers entertained.

New York City

The view from the top of the Empire State Building. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center. A passionate love story at an award-winning Broadway musical. A carriage ride through Central Park. The sun setting over the most impressive and awe-inspiring city skyline in the world. It's hard to believe you can experience all these insanely romantic things in just one city. There are tons of penthouse suites in Manhattan that are perfect for honeymoons.

Walt Disney World

This one's for the true romantic, sentimental kids at heart. Even the most hardened, bitter cynic would have a hard time not being bowled over by the feeling you get when you walk through the Magic Kingdom, let alone two newlyweds still giddy over their recent nuptials. Stroll through the park, enjoy the beautiful weather and scream with excitement aboard the roller coasters that are almost as thrilling as marriage itself. Book your Disney rental today! Romantic honeymoon destinations can involve roller coasters; we promise!

romantic honeymoon destination


Some clichés are cliché for a reason. In this case, Hawaii is the best honeymoon destination because it's the perfect representation of passion: the calming, serene beaches amidst fiery, red-hot volcanoes. If you want to keep your honeymoon traditional, head to any of the Hawaiian islands for the perfect honeymoon in paradise. Whether you want to enjoy some activities or never leave the beach, you'll be perfectly comfortable doing either in Hawaii.


This may seem like an odd choice for a honeymoon, but for certain couples, it's absolutely perfect. If you're both of the outdoorsy persuasion, there's absolutely no better place on earth than Alaska. Bursting with all kinds of wildlife—bears, moose salmon, foxes—and scenic vistas, you'll see sights you never knew existed from a helicopter or float plane tour. Majestic mountains, dense forests, beautiful oceans and otherworldly glaciers are the perfect metaphor for a love that's truly larger than life.

These are just a few of the picture-perfect romantic honeymoon destinations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own vacation home. From cabins nestled in looming mountains to quaint, cozy houses right on the beach, you'll find the a great romantic honeymoon destination at

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