best destination wedding locationsIf you want the best day of your life to take place in a luxurious and exotic locale, or a quaint cottage, there are many options for your personal wedding needs! The best destination wedding locations are diverse in their offerings and ambiance, but they all have something in common: there are beautiful, private rentals near them, so that you can spend your last single days, and your first married ones, apart from the crowds of hotels and the bustle of tourists.

Whether you'd like to rent a gorgeous villa on a beach to accommodate all 12 of your bridesmaids before the wedding, or a private, cozy cabin for you and your beloved to be alone, is the premier website for all of the best destination wedding locations!

Say "I Do" to the Beach

Picture yourself with sand between your toes on your big day, gulls flying over the horizon as the sun rises on a new family, and no one but the one you want to spend your life with, an ordained minister, yourself, and a friendly jogger as witness. If that sounds like a dream wedding, then California offers magnificent beaches in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Malibu. Oceanfront options and inland choices are available online, possibly including Jacuzzis, private tennis courts, boat access to bays, or even quaint cottages.

If California is too Pacific for your tastes, Atlantic options abound, too. Florida has innumerable large and small beaches, both private and public, that are varied enough to meet anyone’s needs. And, for the lucky Floridian bride, several of the best destination wedding locations in Florida offer nearby port access to cruise ships for honeymoon retreats. So, if you can’t see yourself being married in Malibu, consider a vacation rental in Miami, and the super-abundance of nightlife options and the stunning turquoise ocean waters that you could see from your wedding rental. Clearwater Beach in Florida is a cozy, charming option that anyone could surely count among the best destination wedding locations in the world, because of its unabashed simplicity and visual splendor.

best destination wedding location

Get Married on Dry Land

But, for those of you who squirm at the idea of sand between your toes on a sacred wedding day, and would prefer heavy-weighted fabrics and expensive shoes to accompany you down the aisle, there are beautiful destinations for you, too! Imagine your luxurious wedding taking place amidst the natural beauty of a vineyard in Sonoma, St. Helena, or Santa Rosa. All of your friends and family will envy your wedding’s grace and style, and the subtle fragrance of ripe grapes as your ceremony takes place.

Destination: Party

For people who would like to have fun, go a little wild, and gamble away their cash-in-lieu of gifts funds at their memorable weddings, Las Vegas and Atlantic City both offer the opportunities any free spirit needs to forget the commitment they’re about to make! The best destination wedding locations in the world for free-spirited people are definitely these two places. Affordable rentals can be found to accommodate those who won’t even spring for an Elvis minister, and luxurious, sprawling villa suites are also options for high-rollers ready to wed. And why not get married in a wedding chapel that’s already administered to hundreds of famous clients, and people from around the globe?

For more ideas of the best destination wedding locations in the United States or elsewhere worldwide, check out, and you can find an affordable rental near you, or in remote, beautiful country sides, or worldwide. You may find that choosing your breathtaking wedding destination is more difficult than choosing your marital partner when you start browsing the multitude of locations and options!