Destination WeddingThe best destination weddings combine fantastic scenery, an intimate atmosphere, and extra time for the new married couple to spend with loved ones. Nothing makes wedding guests or the wedding party feel more comfortable and at home than a vacation rental, complete with all the space you require to prepare for the special day. The best destination weddings can be located at an island paradise, in the middle of wine country, or at a far flung exotic location. has properties across the globe to make your wedding unforgettable.

St Martin

Is there a better environment for a wedding than a sandy beach with tropical breezes blowing? The best destination weddings have activities for wedding guests and, in this category, St Martin delivers. Your guests can step off the balcony of their beach villa to enjoy water sports, the Caribbean sun, and relaxing in the sand.

Amalfi Coast

For a wedding that exudes classic romance, head for the Amalfi Coast. The cliff-side towns of Amalfi provide a stunning backdrop for the best destination weddings. See a smile on the faces of your guest as they sip limoncello or go for a sail.


Sometimes the best destination weddings are the most intimate ones. The exotic location of Fiji will undoubtedly keep the numbers of your wedding down, making it all the more special and personal. Begin your honeymoon at a vacation rental in one of the most desirable locations on the planet.


What better location for your wedding than the most romantic city in the world? Paris is full of vacation rentals—from apartments to classic townhouses—to accommodate your guests and wedding party. French champagne, classic cuisine, and the River Seine twinkling at night will make a wedding not soon to be forgotten.


Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beach at sunset? Some of the best destination weddings are located on the beach, especially on the gorgeous shores of the Bahamas. Your guests will have no problem reaching the convenient location, and vacation rentals are more affordable than hotels.


The passion of the Italian culture will set the stage for your wedding in Tuscany. Local wines, fresh cuisine, and the romantic language will all entrance your wedding guests. Make the dreams of your family come true with a vacation rental in Tuscany.

Napa Valley

Not all of the best destination weddings take place outside of the continental USA. Napa Valley, California provides a stunning backdrop for weddings. Your guests will happily attend wine tastings or bike through wine country from the door of their vacation rental.

Best Destination Weddings

Boca Raton

For style in Florida, Boca Raton is a top choice. Spend the days before your wedding sipping prosecco on the deck of a beautiful boat or lounging by the pool. Vacation rentals will bring all the comforts of home to your guests and wedding party.

US Virgin Islands

Don’t let the winter delay your dream wedding. Some of the best destination weddings take place during the winter in the sunny Caribbean. Saint Croix, Saint Thomas, and Saint John all offer a more intimate environment than other neighboring islands. For privacy, the US Virgin Islands are the perfect location for your wedding.

Cabo San Lucas

Let the Mexican spirit overtake you in Cabo San Lucas. The music, cuisine, and spectacular landscapes earn Cabo a place on the best destination weddings list. A variety of vacation rental choices provide options for all your guests, no matter what their budget may be. offers comfortable, spacious, and luxurious accommodation throughout the world. Have all of your friends and family around you for your special day, and say your vows in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable.

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