During your honeymoon, do you want to do something that is once in a lifetime? Many couples will answer yes to this question. Honeymoon vacations in Arizona can make this dream come true — by visiting the Grand Canyon. Seeing this American landmark together for the first time will be an exciting way to begin your life together. Beyond the Grand Canyon, there are many more reasons to plan honeymoons in Arizona including white water rafting, golfing, spas, shopping, and an authentic taste of the Southwest. Break off the beaten path with your honeymoon by choosing Arizona.

Canyon Country

The most popular of all Arizona honeymoon vacations is visiting the Grand Canyon. This attraction is full of possibilities for newlyweds, including a helicopter tour over the canyon, a horseback riding excursion, and star gazing at night. Many people desire to see the Grand Canyon in their lifetimes — why not make it a memorable part of your honeymoon? Don't forget a digital camera to capture all the memories!

Adventurous couples will find plenty to do when visiting the Grand Canyon. Beyond the comforts of your luxurious vacation rental, days can be spent hiking, planning afternoon picnics, or taking scenic drives to see the canyon from different vantage points. Each is guaranteed to take your breath away — and reinvigorate your honeymoon. Take your scenic drive to a different level by packing along a gourmet picnic.

Colorado River Area

Adventurous couples will find a lot to do beyond canyon country as well. Another popular spot for honeymoon vacations in Arizona is the Colorado River Area. Why not pump up the adrenaline of your honeymoon with a white water rafting tour? As they say, "couples that play together, stay together." A day of white water rafting is sure to be filled with laughter and thrills.

The Colorado River Area offers the best of both worlds. At their leisure, couples can choose to relax in their cozy vacation rental or head outside to see what the great outdoors has to offer. During a honeymoon, it can be the little things that make a difference, so look for a rental that includes a hot tub, outdoor shower, fireplace, or anything else that might set the mood.

Greater Phoenix Area

Phoenix and Scottsdale are also ideal locations for honeymoon vacations in Arizona. If you’re looking for a honeymoon where you can work on your swing, plan a trip to this part of Arizona. Championship golf courses are often set beside spas, where you can play a round of golf in the morning and book a massage for the afternoon.

This part of the state is also well known for quality restaurants and shopping. Couples who want to enjoy some sophistication during their honeymoon along with the natural beauty of Arizona will find a good fit in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Take the time to seek out authentic restaurants during your trip, and you might just bring home the flavors of the southwest to try in your own kitchen.

More to Explore in Arizona

Many couples are intrigued by the Southwest. From the cactus to the spicy cuisine, this section of the country is home to its own distinct culture. Travelers who are interested in discovering that culture can visit Sedona, Tucson, Mesa, and many places in between. No matter how adventurous or relaxing you want a trip to be, Arizona will deliver. This state is known for its romance from border to border, so whether you’re taking a road trip through the desert or gazing into the Grand Canyon, you will be on an exciting adventure, together.