honeymoon vacations in floridaDo you want all the sunshine of a honeymoon to an exotic island without traveling so far? If so, skip the international destinations in favor of Florida. The Sunshine State delivers wide stretches of beaches for sunbathing and sipping cocktails; no passport required. Honeymoon vacations in Florida can take many forms from the glamorous shores of Miami Beach to the serene islands of the Florida Keys. No matter what part of the state you choose, you are sure to get excellent value for your honeymoon, and a whole lot of memories too.

South Florida

Every couple will have their own idea of perfect Florida honeymoon vacations. If your ideal trip includes shopping, nightlife, and restaurants in addition to golden beaches, than South Florida might be a good match. Miami Beach is known for its celebrity chefs, nightclubs where you can dance the night away, and designer shopping. If you’re looking to splurge, Miami Beach has many worthwhile opportunities to do so.

South Florida has a big boating culture. From Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale, it is possible to spend a day on a boat. From an afternoon picnic on a yacht to a deep sea fishing adventure, there are many excuses to get out on the water. Oceanfront rentals will take your Florida honeymoon to another level. Keep your eye out for luxurious options that include great views or a bathtub for two.

The Florida Keys

Some couples want to plan honeymoon vacations in Florida with just a touch of glamour, instead of the all out glitz of Miami Beach. If this sounds like you, plan a trip to the Florida Keys. In Key West, you will still find fun dining experiences, wine bars, and live music — without the exorbitant prices of South Florida.

The Florida Keys will also deliver a feeling of Old Florida. Expect a more laid-back atmosphere, complete with lazy days on the boat or soaking up the Florida sunshine. One of the best activities is to take a drive throughout the Keys, crossing the bridges that connect the islands. This unforgettable experience will be a core memory from your honeymoon in Florida.

The Gulf Coast

The coastline of Florida is full of options for oceanfront rentals, including the Gulf Coast. Far away from the glitzy restaurants and nightclubs of Miami Beach, the Gulf Coast delivers a much more serene environment. From Naples to Marco Island to Sanibel Island, newlyweds will find a place where they can relax and unwind after all the stress of planning a wedding. Go ahead; throw in a spa treatment or two just for some extra fun!

If you’re planning honeymoon vacations in Florida, rentals along the Gulf Coast will be the finishing touch to a beautiful backdrop. Keep your eye out for rentals with special honeymoon touches such as an outdoor shower, a wood-burning fireplace, or even a Jacuzzi underneath the stars. These kinds of amenities can help to make your honeymoon even more special and luxurious. Don't forget the champagne!

More to Explore in Florida

Beyond the southern stretches of Florida, there is plenty more to tempt newlyweds to the sunshine state. The historic town of St Augustine will inject a dose of romance into any trip while the panhandle is also home to some great beaches. Along the central east coast, places such as Daytona Beach and Vero Beach offer a great combination of simple beach pleasures and nightlife. From coast to coast, Florida offers great value to honeymooners who want all the tropical atmosphere without the crazy costs of traveling internationally.