honeymoon vacations in maineAfter all the planning of your wedding, do you want the focus of your honeymoon to be relaxation? If so, it’s going to take more than scenery to really help you unwind. One way to achieve this is to get off the beaten path, such as planning honeymoon vacations in Maine. This beautiful state is known for its beach villas, serene environment, and a laid-back atmosphere. In Maine, you can set your own pace, whether you want to dine out on local lobsters or soak up the peaceful atmosphere of your vacation rental.

The Coastline

Many Maine honeymoon vacations take place along the coastline. Here you will find beautiful beaches, oceanfront rentals, and the relaxed atmosphere of a seaside destination. The coastline is lengthy though, so choosing a place between the Southern Coast and northern-most Down East region might be a challenge. One way to narrow down your choices is to answer the question: how isolated do you want to be? This should help you to pick the perfect rental.

Another way to choose between Bar Harbor and Casco Bay is to let amenities lead the way. If you want an outdoor shower, bathtub for two, fireplace, or chef’s kitchen (or all of the above!), you can also let the individual rental guide your choice. No matter where you choose, from Portland to Mount Desert Island, you are guaranteed to fall for the views and scenery of this unspoiled state.

Mountains and Lakes

Not all honeymoon vacations in Maine must take place along the coastline. While some beaches are more secluded than others, you are still likely to encounter other people and maybe families during a trip to the beach. If your idea of the perfect honeymoon is something a little more serene and personal then look to the mountains and lakes region in the west of the state.

Adventurous couples will love to rent a lakefront cottage on Sebago Lake or wake up in the morning to the sound of the Sunday River outside their window. Whether you want a secluded mountain cabin or a rental on a lake complete with a dock to store your boat, you will find a perfect match in the mountains and lakes region of Maine.

Kennebec Valley and the Maine Highlands

When some couples envision honeymoon vacations in Maine, they picture a cozy cabin with no Internet or signal for their phones. If escaping from it all is what you have in mind, choose a rental in the Kennebec Valley or the Maine Highlands. Couples will have the chance to get adventurous with outdoor activities or stay nice and cozy inside with a good book and home-cooked meals.

Maine offers newlyweds the best of every season. In the winter, couples can discover a picture-perfect winter wonderland. The spring fills mountain trails with wildflowers while the summer is sunny but cool. Perhaps most famous for fall foliage, Maine is ideal for couples who want to see the best of Mother Nature during their trip.

More to Explore in Maine

The farthest reaches of Maine in the north is Aroostook County. This is another destination for couples that want to get away from it all and breathe some fresh air. Whether you plan a honeymoon to the coast to sample Maine’s famous lobster or take a whale watching tour, or you choose the mountains instead, this state will provide a memorable backdrop for your first week of marriage. Skip the more exotic destinations in favor or somewhere you can relax that won’t take unnecessary amounts of travel time to reach and you will have more time to relax and enjoy each other's company.