If you aren’t a typical couple, you probably don’t want a typical honeymoon. Across the country there are luxurious vacation rentals that offer couples excellent value and a range of activities that will make your first few days as newlyweds truly memorable. Some couples want to relax after all the pressure of planning a wedding while others want to party. No matter what category you fit into, you can plan honeymoon vacations in Texas to fulfill all your desires. From the Gulf Coast to Austin to San Antonio, Texas is full of romance.

texas honeymoon vacation

Gulf Coast

The days before a wedding can be stressful and full of last minute details. It may be difficult to think in advance how you will want to spend your first few days as man and wife, but odds are, you’ll want to relax. The Gulf Coast of Texas is the perfect environment for this. From Galveston to South Padre Island, your oceanfront rental will deliver a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere.

There are Texas honeymoon vacations to suit many budgets. Whether you are trying to travel on a budget or you have some extra cash to spend on spa treatments and gourmet meals, you will find the perfect rental along the Gulf Coast. From sunbathing on the beach with a good book to more adventurous activities like kayaking or snorkeling, this type of trip will be full of life’s simple pleasures.


After their wedding, some couples are on such a high that they want to keep the partying going. What better place to keep on dancing than the music capital of America? Austin, Texas offers a wide range of music venues, whether you want to sip a cocktail and listen or hit the dance floor. Honeymoon vacations in Texas can be as wild as you want them to be.

Beyond music, there are many more pleasures to be had in Austin. This city has developed a reputation for its cuisine, so now that the wedding is over and you don’t have to worry about fitting into that dress, go ahead and enjoy a few splurges. Shopping in Austin is great too in case you didn’t get a few things from your registry.

honeymoon vacations in texas

South Texas

The most popular vacation destination in the state is San Antonio. If you’re the type of couple that likes culture and history, San Antonio will be perfect for honeymoon vacations in Texas. You will definitely want to visit the Alamo, as well as a range of other historic attractions, art galleries, and museums.

Part of the fun of vacation rentals is staying in too. Look for a rental that has some special amenities such as a soaking tub for two, Jacuzzi, HDTV, hot tub, or private patio. You are sure to make some honeymoon memories with these extra special touches. From a fireplace to a chef’s kitchen, look for a rental that fits with your interests as a couple.

More to Explore in Texas

Planning a honeymoon is a very personal thing. Some couples will want to hit the nightclubs of Houston while others might want to rent an isolated lake house in central Texas. From Big Bend Country to the Panhandle Plains, Texas is full of vacation rentals where you can spend some quality time with your new spouse. While beach vacations along the Gulf Coast might be one of the most popular options, don’t discount the opportunities of a more secluded getaway. After spending so much time with family and friends leading up to the wedding, you might want to plan some real alone time for your honeymoon.