isle of palms weddingsIf you’ve always wanted to exchange your vows on a beach with the sun setting magically behind you, then you should check out Isle of Palms weddings. The consistent weather and gorgeous natural surroundings of Isle of Palms, South Carolina is perfect for a wedding. Located only 10 miles from downtown Charleston, this destination will be accessible for all your family and friends while also delivering that perfect beach environment that you’re craving for the big day.

The Best Services

One tempting reason to plan Isle of Palms beach weddings is the quality of the local services. Many couples have thought of planning weddings abroad but have run into obstacles along the way. In Isle of Palms, you will be able to find a wedding planner who can take care of all the details for you. Other local services including photographers, caterers, florists, and salons will all be up to the standards you’re accustomed to.

Comfortable Accommodation

When you choose Isle of Palms weddings, you can be assured that your family and friends will have plenty of comfortable accommodation to choose from. Oceanfront Isle of Palms vacation rentals are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, allowing your guests to relax and soak up the South Carolina sunshine during the same trip as your wedding. Rentals also provide the extra space you’ll need to get ready for your big day.

isle of palms weddings

The Ceremony

The best part about Isle of Palms beach weddings will be sinking your toes in the sand while exchanging your vows. While the beach is the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony, it is also possible to plan a traditional church ceremony in Isle of Palms. Some couples choose to have their cocktail hour on the beach after a traditional church ceremony to get the best of both worlds.

Your Honeymoon

Another selling point for Isle of Palms weddings is that you can already be in the destination of your honeymoon the moment your reception is over. Isle of Palms is known as a sophisticated beach destination, offering everything from golf courses and shopping to dining and relaxing afternoons at the spa. After all the planning required to make a fantastic wedding, you will be glad that you don’t have to travel for your honeymoon.


Choose a luxurious rental full of romantic amenities and let your honeymoon begin on the same night as your wedding.