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Are you tired of the same old romantic trips? It’s time to mix it up! Romantic vacations in California take many forms from bike tours through wine country to a culinary tour of San Francisco. Of course there are also beaches, dolphin tours, shopping, and Lake Tahoe. The diversity of options in this state is enough to make your head spin, but whichever one you choose will put a spark back in your romance. There is much more to California than Disneyland and Hollywood if you take the time to look. Choose vacation rentals as the ultimate cherry on top to a getaway for two and you'll be one step closer to adding some heat to your relationship.

romantic vacations in california

The San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country

One of the best places for California romantic vacations is the San Francisco Bay Area and wine country. If you’ve been disappointed with a lack of culture in the southern section of California, it’s time to head north. Here you will find art galleries, award-winning restaurants, historic attractions, and a city full of charms.

After exploring all the pleasures of San Francisco, head north to wine country. This area of California was designed for couples. You can spend your days touring wineries, biking through vineyards, soaking in hot springs, and indulging in spectacular meals. Californians here take their meals pretty seriously, so don’t be surprised if you eat some of the most memorable meals of your life here. Most restaurants feature local wines, which will help you decide what bottles you want to bring back home.

Lake Tahoe

Although not traditional for some travelers, Lake Tahoe offers another of the best locations for romantic vacations in California. Here you can soak up the mountain scenery at a cozy cabin. For some nightlife, try your luck at one of the casinos or spend an evening dining at one of the upscale restaurants.

During the summer, Lake Tahoe is ideal for boating, swimming, and simply lounging on the beach. Adventurous travelers will want to hit the hiking trails or bring a mountain bike along; make this a romantic excursion by packing a gourmet picnic and a bottle of champagne. During the winter, Lake Tahoe is popular with skiers, and the nightlife picks up during this season. The popular ski areas around Lake Tahoe include Northstar and Squaw Valley.

california romantic vacations

Los Angeles and Orange County

While there are many romantic vacations in California to choose from, the classic California getaway is to the southern section of the state. Whether you want to indulge in the nightlife of Los Angeles or the walk the pier in Santa Monica, there is something intoxicating about the atmosphere in this part of the state. The sunshine will be sure to brighten up your spirits.

From Malibu and Venice Beach down to Laguna Beach and Newport Beach in Orange County, there are many places along the California coastline where you can enjoy a little luxury. Couples will enjoy spas that have treatments designed for two people. Shopping, restaurants, and nightlife in this part of the state are all top notch. Just don’t forget to spend some quality time in your luxurious vacation rental as well.

More California to Explore

California offers a long list of romantic destinations. Many couples find it difficult to choose between the beauty of Yosemite National Park, the upscale offerings of Palm Springs, and the fun of San Diego. Each couple can find their perfect match for the romantic trip of their dreams in the diverse state of California. Your stay in California will be perfectly complemented with the perfect vacation rental. They'll provide the privacy you desire for a romantic getaway.